Strife (PC) (1996) (Rogue Entertainment) (1/2)

ah I got word from Mesa that you'd be coming I have a way to get you inside the power station but it's on the risky side all right I stole an ID from the corpse of some fool who fell into the reactor coolant pit blat instant deep fry tell whoever asks that you're the replacement worker for mr. crispy it's just dumb enough to work oh and you might want to check out the storeroom that's right above us mm sounds like weapons we can always use more firepower nope stop show me your ID badge oh okay sure go ahead have a nice day who are you only clearance level two personnel are permitted in this area about time you showed up go talk with Tetrick in the core oh and take this keycard don't want you getting shot on your first day if you don't get to work you'll get shot anyway move your tunic the almighty programmer is so paranoid of infiltration that he's locked up the computer core how am I supposed to get my work done the only way in is the suicide run it's a surefire way to get killed but that's not important right now go down the lift if you're so inclined oh you're glad I'm in hiding if you know what I mean let me be quite clear if this terminal locks up again the coolant level will drop and we'll all have to answer to the programmer if we survive who cares nobody listens to programmers anyway I don't mean to sound alarmist but if they keep pushing the power crystal this hard I've got a flaw and then shatter and that boom just a thought

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  • Murders 2 guys and a bunch of robots with an electric crossbow

    Worker: "Who are you?"
    Player: "I'm the replacement worker"
    Worker: "About time you showed up"


  • Shame people don't know more about this game. Also, I searched up "strife" on YouTube, & the first result that had anything to do with this game, WAS ON THE 8TH PAGE!!
    Even worse, that ONE result was of THIS video. The first result that was about this game & that wasn't this video WAS ON THE 12TH PAGE!!

    Man, talk about being buried under garbage.

  • I remember reading about this game in PC Gamer or something back when it came out in '96 (!!!)…I was like 11 yrs old at the time…concept always seemed intriguing to me and I never forgot it.  Both this game and the 1996 point-and-click horror cheesefest 'Harvester' are burned into my formative memories based entirely on reading about them in a magazine, lol.

  • Hmm… I recalled this being a fantasy game. I guess that's what comes of only remembering it was an fps game with a crossbow in it. 😛

  • HUGE DOOM II and Hexen and heretic and Duke Nukem lover and player…but we could never get into Strife for some reason.

  • I downloaded it from Abandonia two nights ago, and I am addicted! 🙂 I love games, which involve good story, role playing/"every choice matters" and challenging (everything that games these days lack) and this game definitely reflects that.

  • sooo. this is worth playing?????. Becuase I love Doom and Quake and Duke Nukem and Blood, I've heard about this bit never really ever seemed to interested to try it because I never looked it up.

  • The female sidekick contacts the male character over radio to convey important mission updates and provide comments on what the player sees and hears in the world. It's a very common design approach in modern games, too, so I'm a little puzzled as to why so many viewers don't immediately get this. Maybe it's because people don't expect to find such a modern concept in such an old game.

  • …except I can't, because the developers won't let me. The main character in this game both sounds and talks like a man, so "imagination" doesn't factor into this at all.

  • @VTS1337
    Ah, right. Though, I don't think retailers were responsible for the bad sales of SS2 (and SS1 sold quite ok, for a title of the mid-90s). I once read a pretty long article about the production process of SS2. Things got really complicated due to lack of budget and it seems like a miracle the game got teleased at all. I think the game didn't get the advertisement it would have needed.

  • @VTS1337
    Now you confuse me, I'm afraid.
    You think System Shock suffered from a lack of originality?
    Can't see how I would agree with that. Both parts seemed like a refreshing break from the FPS mainstream to me. Even the dimmed down unofficial sequel BioShock was a game experience nicely close to SS2 (despite its simpleness).
    There was much room for improvements, though.

  • @VTS1337
    Yah, I did too.
    Especially when most other FPSs never try to break up the retardedly repetitive gameplay of this genre. Like it's forbidden to mix genres or to do anything original.

  • It's been a while since I played it, but isn't there a Subtitles On/Off switch somewhere in the Options menu?

  • Even though they featured less character interaction, "Dark Forces" and its sequel "Jedi Knight" seemed like the better science fiction games (of that time) to me.
    Their overall design was more polished and didn't feel so awkward.
    Also System Shock was a more compelling game, even though you never met a single living human to interact with.
    Still, a pity there was never a more advanced Strife 2.

  • My personal opinion is that Strife suffered from a bad design. All the used elements were good on their own…but as a whole it just didn't feel right.
    It neither had the intense battles of Doom (dozens of enemies on-screen at once), nor the beautifully atmospheric settings of Hexen (leaves floating in the wind, foggy swamps, etc).
    The science fiction theme wasn't used well: Ordinary weapon effects and a map design that didn't fit the setting/plot.
    But I always applauded their attempt.

  • yeah, i noticed when i played strife again, it was a long time ago, so i didn't remember much from the game

  • You don't actually play as a girl (the voice belongs to your sidekick). Still, a female character in an important active role in an early FPS is definitely unique, so I get your point…

  • Good point about Hexen. In pure technical terms, I think you're right about Hexen being the most advanced and upgraded version of the Doom engine. When it comes to actual gameplay elements, Strife adds dialogue/NPC interaction and inventory management to an extent that no other Doom era game came close too. So I guess it really depends on how you define "upgraded"…

  • CyberMage? I'm amashed to admit I hadn't even HEARD of CyberMage. Definitely need to check that out…

    (In case anyone's wondering about the sudden deluge of uploaded videos from me after an extended period of inactivity, it's simply due to the fact that, at present, I don't have access to a computer with recording and uploading capabilities nearly as often as I'd like to, so I need to take advantage of the time I got…)

  • Yeah Cybermage is great. I think I like Strife a little more (as a FPS anyway) because the weapons seem to pack a little more "oomph" but I think Cybermage's story is better. Both were pretty revolutionary; which is significant considering the often stagnant genre.

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