Stronger Communities – Taking the next steps on our reconciliation journey

Reconciliation for all Australians is looking at
the history of what’s occurred in this country, and rectifying that, so in the future we don’t have to go through the same issues
that we’ve been through before. Woodside is a proud Australian company,
and as such we have a voice: to promote equality and unity in
the communities that we work in, and in our everyday business. One of the most encouraging things in recent years
has been the way industry leaders have taken the lead in informing and
educating the Australian people about the reality of Aboriginal collective identity. I think the next steps in reconciliation
for all Australians is to definitely not forget the past, but not dwell on it as well.
I think it’s time to move forward. Woodside’s taking many steps including stretching ourselves to move to the next step
on our Reconciliation Action Plan. That Plan actually has Woodside
getting in and making a difference; it’s moving beyond actions to
actually measuring differences and holding ourselves accountable
for those differences. I think we’ve taken big steps in reconciliation,
but we’re far from there. I think there’s a long way to go, and that takes
all Australians to actively participate lifting the awareness and improving
our understanding of the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. I think we need to have a collective energy
together to educate each other, to understand each other, and build stronger
relationships and hopefully friendships that make it easier for our
younger generation to come together to move forward – as opposed to always having
to think about what happened in the past. I believe it’s really important because it’s my history, it’s our people's history, and
I think it’s something to be proud of. It’s important to me because I want
to look forward to the future, for my kids, my grandkids, and so on. I believe it’s about time now
that we walk together as one.

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