28 thoughts on “Student Debt in America and the Hope of Affordable Education

  • Just do what the foreigners do …. Come here get an education and leave the country before your loan comes do.

  • All "Public" (Government Provided) Education in the United States is truly Free for United States Citizens.

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  • I thought of a possible compromise, the government covers one year of tuition in exchange for one year of Social security benefits. In other words if you go for 4 years of college debt forgiveness by the government you will not be eligible for Social security until 4 years later than you would have been eligible.

  • Here is on great solution..require all universities to guarantee the student a job in their profession within a year after graduating otherwise provide more schooling for free or a full refund..This will hold the higher learning institutions accountable and in check.

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  • Boy. I bet college was fun. Now its time to pay. Wait. You cant pay???? I thought the college said you would make a ton of money. What happened? But they promised. Now all these kids are doing is trying to figure out how not to pay. Thank god the parents were not stupid enough to cosign the loans. Man. I chould not sleep at night knowing i cosigned my kids loan. None of them want to work. Who is paying there phone bill at 26. Who is paying there health insurance at 26? Are they still at home? Great job parents.

  • Can we also talk about how taking college courses in high school (dual enrollment) causes students to lose their scholarships because they're now considered transfer students? So, overachieving and getting an associate's while in high school can actually backfire as well. Not to mention the immense level of stress kids are under. I took a few college courses in high school, and once I graduated continued courses with that community college online. Then I found out that my credits would only transfer to schools in my state (even after talking to my advisor about other schools). This wasted a ton of time & money. So I took some time off to figure out what I wanted to do… Just to find out I'm no longer eligible for scholarships. I've seen a lot of students just in my small area having issues with this. It's not okay and things need to change. Thank you for trying to shed some light on this subject

  • Paying for eduaction is just an oxymoron. People pay taxes and also have to pay again for their education! It's sadly undemocratic!

  • SUNY/CUNY schools saved my husband and I. Debt free with a combined 110k salary (and growing!) Thank you John Jay college and Fashion Institute!

  • When are people going to admit that this college thing doesn't work anymore. Sure, maybe for a few smart people. It's your life, do what you want.

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  • In 2013, I got accepted to 3 schools. Two were expensive and one was free. 5 years, 1 degree, $zero debt. I wasn't sure if I want to be an architect, but I was very sure I don't want to be in debt, I took the free offer. Now, I just leave comments online.

  • If you include national debt, government liabilities, Social Security, Medicaid, currently each person in the US owes $272,405. Don't worry, as long as you work hard and interest stays low, you will have it paid just as you enter a grave. www.justfacts.com/nationaldebt.asp

  • Do yourself a favor get out of NY and any other states where the cost of living is ridiculous! Second don't take out any student loans if you don't have a concrete plan on paying it off in a few years. Finally, Student loans equals poverty!

  • They could go to suny maritime for engineering which is right in the Bronx and probably not as difficult to get into out of high school

  • I did ASAP in BCC too. My advisor was great. More than anything that's what helped me get through those two years in a major i had no passion for. She even (gently) stirred me away from my plans of attending an expensive private school upstate and into Hunter. Best decision I never made.

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