Student Researches Communist Ideology in Shanghai

I'm in Shanghai and I'm doing a project on
Chinese laborers, interviewing Chinese white-collar workers especially in major
cities. I'm trying to figure out whether the party rhetoric or the official
ideology of the Communist Party is still influential among Chinese people. Do they still believe in these ideologies? These interviews take place in coffee shops or
restaurants or casual settings. All of my findings, they're actually quite
different from all the previous research and I really want to get my ideas and all my
findings out to the public. I'm planning to do a senior thesis and maybe also write some articles about my project so that I can show the world how
China's changing. I received funding from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity
Program. They also helped me to navigate the process, to help me to find contacts,
and also provide suggestions in terms of research tactics and I'm really grateful to the
program. After my undergraduate studies I wish to go on to law school and pursue human rights issues. I feel like there's
still a lot to be done and I think with this kind of education background that I have,
with all the opportunity that I have, I hope that the work that I'll be doing can change people's lives in China.

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