Students Life : Stressful Strife

hello I am Sandhya Dooley an educator teacher and a school administrator since last 20 years vacation is over and as I administrator I see the thought of child school is going to restart each child will come back to the routine again they really feel a little odd about it when I was working with residential school we were surprised to see that when the school reopens is to rush and come and run and say ma'am we are so happy to come back it was so boring to be at home and here we have a complete routine back to classes that was their thought few students also come and speak up something different they just say that madam it is so difficult to sit for five to six hours on one bench and when we make little movement a teacher claims stop sit straight don't make moments listen here don't shout listen so many things the feelings of all the students it's really more important today to understand how the student is feeling in the school the education system what we are inculcating in them moving ahead to more activity-based learning that's great but then is this activity-based learning is helping the child that's also a second part to understand it so in activity-based learning they are still sitting on a bench and just doing certain activities the skill development is not happening around this child has to develop the skill with different different experience and this experience has to be created in school and the skill based learning has to be again created according to the syllabus today the education in India has literally become a rote learning we don't want to create students becoming clerks we're just not learning exams learning and just writing the paper and just thinking that this is the person things that I'm getting we want creators the creators who will create new professions in India and make the nation proud about each child that's more important each school should come up with new ideas of skill based learning I just remember when I was in CBS see Kendra Vitale coach in my su PW sir had brought a block where we used to make chalks I was in standard seventh and we used to make socks of plaster of Paris he taught us how to make that in that and we used to create make those chalks and distribute in each classroom with the wooden plank used to file the wooden blocks we used to stick those cloth to it and make duster out of it and wish to really feel happy creating this so skill learning is more important today just sticking to a bench and this reading the books is not going to help a child the child has to perform the activity which will help them to understand the education just living on the smart class of course willing improve the perception today we see that most of the schools have the smart class which is really nice where the perception of 80 students in the classroom or 60 students in the classroom which can divert to any direction when we talk about maybe an aeroplane or maybe anything but when we show it on a smart class it becomes easier for all students to understand and the perception becomes a little more clearer because when they view certain things so all the sensory organs seeing listening listening to a teacher that helps them a lot seeing a video also makes or creates the perception more clear to it but then what I believe that these all sensory organs like touching performing that experimenting that when we are talking about Ohm's law when we are talking about you know add current when they perform the experience join the wires make a bulb to glow that performance helps them can aesthetic as what we talk in the education language so these all helps the child to understand more better because each child is a unique and they will understand things in their own way coming next to also when we talk about as a sensory organs and taste in primary education it's really very much necessary that a child learns cooking that doesn't mean that they have to start cooking making rice and all this thing cooking is something which helps the child to complete that sensory organ so when they create something then when they make something first is they will understand what they are going to make let us take an example of pancakes so if a teacher is teaching the child how to make pancakes they will be listening that first the recipe they will understand performing the child will themself perform it and when they taste it there exactly they use all their sensory organs and this helps them to trigger their neurons in their brain this triggering gives them an excellent experience which is for the lifetime and they increase their knowledge so there are certain activities which has to be taken into consideration and added in the syllabus so that each child start learning in this pattern and become or add a more creation to their own life by all this skill and exponential learning this is needed and not just coming and sitting on a bench and just reading books continuously and just writing something know continuously which is not going to help them it's really very necessary today in our education system to develop in such a way that whatever they learn what is that takeaway home whatever they learn when they move at their home they should understand the child's life today has become more tedious than that of their parents the parent may go to office for an 8 hours and come back but today we see that the child they start early in the morning let us stick Phi to 6 o'clock they get up in the morning they get ready go catch their school bus reach the school sit there for another 4 fires again one the way the come to tuitions there again they have to spend two hours and then they reach home so it's more than 12 hours that each child is spending in a day and what is the result after 12 hours it's a is it a rote learning only I just asked a question to one of the child what did you learn today he said I learnt Newton's law so I just asked him what did he learn in that Newton's law so tell me in the Newton's law so he was confused and then just he answered after every action there is a reaction so I just asked him what did you understand what does it take home what did he understand in that so little confused so today's education is it really helping a child to understand and that this depth of what Newton has tried to say when he talks about the laws of motion as an administrator I just feel that the change is required and the change has to be done and it has to be done now it's high time that they wrought learning happening since long when the British had come to India we don't want to create our students as a Clark we want to make them new creators they are the future of the world they are the future of our nation we want them to become something what they can understand them selves and create something new also we want to connect it to our own culture to understand own culture and the humanity what is the use if the child is learning many things and at the end after eating a popcorn they just throw the paper down they don't understand the values and it has to be thrown in a dustbin and if on the way if a child's see that someone has fallen down and they just don't want to rush to help them they have senior citizens around and helping them out these all things are really important today in education this thing should be added the values the basics of Education the humanity so there is really a need to change certain things in the way the education system is running today there should be skill based learning there should be experience alluring given to our each child please think over it and demand demand for this change in education thank you

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