Studio Sessions: “Need Freedom” | Season 3 Ep. 2 | EMPIRE

Ready? All right. The song “Need
Freedom,” or in the show, “Free Freedom,” it felt like
joy recording this song. It’s definitely inspired
by every single thing that Marvin Gaye has
done, and specifically the “What’s Going On?” album. (SINGING) Too many
guns on the streets. And my heart can’t
take it no more. I think that this song
sets the tone for really what Jamal is going
through, and what Jamal is fighting for this season. (SINGING) Free freedom. The world is crying, no more
sirens from guns and violence. This year Jamal’s
music is actually more soulful and passion driven. He’s always been an
autobiographical writer, so, you know, that
certainly wouldn’t stop now. It was a great setting to start
the season of music off on. Freedom!

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