Studying Pre-Med at Covenant College

if you think God may be calling you to serve Him as a physician in medicine then covenant might be just the right place for you to pursue that calling in the biology major we have a concentration that is specifically designed for pre-med minded students it's called our biomedical concentration and it's designed to equip students in the cellular molecular areas of biology that provide a foundation for so much of modern medicine this concentration would equip you well to take those particular portions of the MCAT than the medical college admissions tests that juniors our seniors take as part of their medical school admissions process our chemistry department also offers a biochemistry concentration that pre-med minded students are drawn to and that provides for those quantitative minded students a rigorous direction and an education in chemistry and biochemistry that provides a good background for medical school as well but in fact there isn't any particular major that pre-meds must take you can take any major available at the college and be well prepared for the medical college admissions tests by good advising that allows you to make sure you take the prerequisites that are required so any major is possible along with medical school prerequisites medical practice today is an increasingly complex proposition both technically and ethically and Covenants majors as well as our extensive set of core requirements will equip you to navigate these complexities well in the cult your calling in the future historically our junior and senior pre-meds have had an 85 to 90 percent acceptance rate in the medical school so if you are interested in pursuing this calling before god we would love to talk to you about how a covenant college education might move you further along in that

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