what a lovely day no hands-free on that cup now it's a bad habit man I yell it relatives I yell at everyone uh yeah it's everyone's excuse and you know somebody even I know it got out of a ticket because of that but the rule is when you're in the car and you're driving no phone nice car man nobody say anything about speed you know I've been really trying another approach man I mean I I know I get off but you know you got it let it go they're not bad people they're just doing a bad thing so put it that way you know I was in prison for something you know a little bit of herbs two years of my life I never shut up about it and you know like that's a that's a minor thing but it could become something very major when you you kill somebody and I was in a car accident like that so you know I know you drive around with kids in this car and you're texting and driving I'm listen please got to keep your eyes on the road I'm I'm almost killed like 30 times a day all right please I try to be nice when I'm not nice I take someone's mirror with me and I'm not kidding you serious bunny oh boy yeah to Moscow Moscow throw the equities at Samoan sitting here there is that Samoan see the photos exist demo company big shower don't be Sonia hey what if you wreck it the same what these copies while you're fascinating is live you are fast I think I want to do it as our never you're right away is it put your phone down texting with both hands the moment they see that camera where they stop and she's still texting unbelievable God that was fantastic just full-on texting with both hands god that blows me away driving with her knees texting with both hands can't wait for that law to become in full effect in Minnesota August first can't come soon enough find you guys okay okay okay I saw the place on the outside okay no problem yeah I'm alright alright no problem I'm a disgrace a little better the best bit is British 2% and ever been up there I go I am the best the position of all people know but not typical of Lucknow and respawning yes I am finished again Oh beer animal well I'm going even I'm be a minimum of the lens and then I will just pay the minimum beer oh well Wow [Applause]



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    [04:40] ➤ Khool Breezee Rhyder – GSX-R 750| Harley Rider has close call with Driver in pickup truck on Highway 78| Ramona-CA –
    [05:09] ➤ Stevie Doos – Motorcycle Vs Pedestrian –
    [05:20] ➤ Ninja Turtle NYC – Biker Vs Taxi Driver Mirror Smash –
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  • Why in every polish conversion the 2th word is kurwa can anyone explain me this I mean if a guy who can speak English don't say maybe fuck you all the time

  • 8:30 Rather use the whistle instead of the break? You'd risk injuring her just because you want to show she's in the wrong? What the fuck is wrong with people these days 🙁

  • I watch this for site seeing in other countries because here they don't get to choose the only places nice places.

  • 1:58 No brakes? When it's convenient for bikers they play the 'I'm on a bike be careful, you could kill me' card, but when they are faced with a problem some would rather use the accelerator than use the brake…. all because they want content…. some are so hypocritical it triggers me

  • Texting with both hands makes sense… you can write it quicker and get your hands back on the wheel quicker… simples…

  • the last one was from the Philippines, I died laughing because he said to them “gago” which mean he was cursing at them

  • I txt all the time when I drive, in city or highway, but I know what I am doing. Never had an accident or any tickets not even a parking ticket 21 years driving

  • all countries have a funny language and easy we have a Russian it is difficult and rough hard and we have in Russia for such a ride stupidly in the face of beating or mate swea

  • So what I've learned, if I want to be a biker,
    1) Make noise when someone goes near you, despite it not being a problem if I'm driving a car,
    2) Do not use the brakes, just hit the cars or people in the way,
    3) Yell at people and follow them over trivial things like being near you while driving,
    4) Breaking mirrors are ok because you're on a bike

  • So to be clear… john mitrix is speeding so the car doesnt see him.
    And then he doesnt touch his brakes at all and just revs his way next to the car. Then takes his right hand off leaving no brakes or acceleration while screaming like a teenage girl mad at her dad

  • 9:30 stop me like that and then put hands on me Ill fook em up! Wannbe fake ass asian Police! Man i hate fake ass trying to act a cop ! MAn get the faq away! Go back to school and study to cop! Then you can stop peolple and Say the law! If not a cop stay the fack away!

  • I have never seen anybody that is the biggest crybaby's .
    If you are that scared then don't ride sissy boy!! Get a bus pass..

  • 10:11

    I know it's fucked up, and I don't know the situation, nor do I speak gibberish.. But when I see people gang up on someone, I want to beat the shit out of every one of them

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