Sublime Doughnuts at the Chase for Business Bizmobile

[lively instrumental music] Kamal: I’ve always been interested in baking so I studied baking,
went to Baking School, I was working for
a big manufacturer and I saw a doughnut shop that was going out of business and it was like, “You know what? It’s time to see if I
can start my own dreams.” So it’s just me and the doughnut shop and slowly but surely people started writing about
the little doughnut shop and we got a lot
of good followings so we could open up more stores. The core of Sublime Doughnuts
is all about being happy and that’s kind of our goal. We want people to
always be happy. We’re not in the food business, we’re in the happy business. No one comes here to eat,
they come here to bring joy to themselves or to spread joy amongst other people. We’ve got a YouTube page
where we try to turn a lot of crazy
things into doughnuts like meatloaf,
chicken and waffles, lemon pepper chicken we did, which was delicious. Garlic bread made into a doughnut, that’s fun. And I heard the
Chase BizMobile’s at the Gathering Spot so
I’m gonna head over there and see how I can build
my YouTube channel. So I signed up for my
consultation and I met with Francisco who’s an
expert in social media. Francisco said think
about things that are similar to doughnuts –
coffee, ice cream. The idea would be to run campaigns that involve items like those and hopefully they would find those items and then they would
see our doughnuts and they would like
our doughnuts also. Thanks BizMobile, it was
great getting a consultation. It was also great bringing
our doughnuts out here. [truck zooms away]

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