Success is Clear: The Lifestyle and Tremco Residential Windows Team

Lifestyles is a company, we’ve been in
business for 30 years. We’re one of Canada’s largest summer manufacturers, a
medium-sized window manufacturer We have our own dealer network as well as
our own retail outlet that we install all over Ontario. On top of using the EnerEDGE
product for our sealed unit manufacturer we also have an extensive retail network
so all of our installers are using Tremco product as well to do the actual
installation inside the homeowners house The good thing about dealing with any of
Tremco’s products is you know there’s a quality behind what they’re offering. The
EnerEDGE product has performed exceptional under our new usage, no
supply issues and everything is readily available whenever we call for it. A couple
days, we order it, pick it up it’s no issue. The EnerEDGE product was a
straight drop in for what we were previously using, so less headaches, less
aggravation and any time when you’re in a manufacturing process and you don’t
have to address any of those issues it’s it’s a wonderful transition. So more so
than any other competitors that had approached us, we decided to go with
Tremco as we wanted to team with a partner who could bring us forward in
the future

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