Support Energy Freedom: Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, we’re a hardy lot. And
with our weather, you have to be. But we never let it stop us.
And if the forces of nature won’t stop us, why let political forces stop our state from growing and prospering? Ever since the 1920s, we’ve been denied
a choice in electric providers. And now, with the initiation of net metering limits, we’ve
been blocked from experiencing the energy innovations and savings that come from distributive
generation or energy efficiencies. Why? Because the utilities are afraid of change,
and what that could do to their revenue. How can we as a state let utilities raise
their rates when ratepayers reduce energy consumption?
If we continue to stand weakly by, high-energy prices will continue to rise and continue
to erode business development and growth. How is that a sustainable economic solution?
From the breweries to the cheese industry, to the football field, we understand how healthy
competition spurs growth. And right now there is no completion in the Wisconsin Energy market.
Our current situation does NOT work for an innovative, clean energy future.
Tell your state senators – Wisconsin needs to change.

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