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you're pretty clear on socialism you were you are very clear and very funny about the green new deal on on how this is clearly just socialism it has nothing to do with with green energy or anything else correct yeah the green New Deal is the most radical dangerous destructive policy proposal in modern American history it is a socialist Trojan horse without any question at all and just the idea that these Democrat politicians every major Democrat political candidate for a president is talking about to implementing socialism in this country through the green New Deal it's it's tragic and it would be a massive failure in this country as well we have to explain to them why socialism is so dangerous how its killed murdered killed exiled or imprisoned 167 million people over the past 100 years we have to explain to them why it's dangerous so that we don't end up with socialism I believe we're going to win that war but it's a war that we need to fight and right now we're in the midst of it just because the UN and Al Gore thirty years ago claimed the world would in long before now she's using that as a launchpad to to promote socialism to American but but it's I'm not surprised that whole democrat party has taken this on I mean Bernie Sanders literally won the primary in 2016 it was stolen from him by the elites but now every major Democrat candidate that I know is signing on to socialism yeah every single job in the oil and gas industry every fracking job all of them would go away all to accomplish this pie-in-the-sky goal of eliminating climate change in 80 years this is actually not about green energy it would be impossible to to switch the entire electricity generation system in the United States over to renewable energy in just 12 years and I think Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders and people like that know that this is really about socialism this is nothing more than a socialist Trojan horse but to think people an American or US Senate and yours house are saying we'd be better off if we're in bins away we'd be better off on our social system we're here to this that day say no freedom is always a better solution than government you know you don't owe the government anything your money is your money your wealth is your wealth your property belongs to you do we want to be remembered as the generation that destroyed America is that who we want to be then this is again this is our moment every generation has had to face it this is our Revolutionary War it's our war of 1812 this is our beaches of Normandy there's no one shooting at us but the war is real we have to decide who the hell are we we have an opportunity to save America or we have an opportunity to destroy it I hope we don't destroy it let's not screw it up you

13 thoughts on “Support Heartland's Stopping Socialism Project

  • Why are conservatives so lost when it comes to simple definitions? They couldn't; explain capitalism vs democratic socialism vs socialism vs communism vs any -ism. They are driven by fear. Stop listening to the organization that told you smoking was good for you.

  • Ex-KGB agent of propaganda, Yuri Bezmenov, had been talking about the Trojan horse of environmentalism and cultural subversion since the late 70s early 80s. Look for his interviews here on YouTube.

  • A screwed up handful of people tricking you into thinking the alternative to far right wing totalitarian government is socialism. This is a diversion from the reality that they are funded by people who have no concern for YOU. Only themselves. Look at the money trail.

  • I'd consider supporting an anti socialism project if the Right wakes the F up and acknowledges the science of climate change, and makes realistic science based program to end fossil fuels ASAP. When Heartland has to deny science, as it does, to defend its viewpoint, it on its way out.

  • We need Thorium reactors for a new safer nuclear alternative.
    We need to move away from feed lots and grain fed beef to grass fed beef on intence rotational grazing, sylvopasture and smaller regenerative farms.
    I'm far more concernicus about toxic chemicals in the water then co2 in the air.
    Solar and wind power are cute but in real life they leave a lot to be desired.

  • You guys are so lame. Telling people socialism has killed a bajillion people is not going to make them dislike AoC or Bernie. All you're doing is telling them no instead of offering them an alternative and offering something that can stand as a bulwark against socialism. You can't even explain why free markets work, Crony Capitalism is a greater threat to Capitalism than socialism exactly because it discredits and defames Capitalisms reputation in peoples minds. People's lived experience don't match your rhetoric. Actually make a articulate argument for Capitalism instead of one against Socialism and don't be afraid to jump outside of the 3 x5 index card of allowable opinion in D.C. Just. Be. Real.

  • Why do you hate entrepreneurs? Workers owning the means of production, that is what socialism is and that is what business owners are or have. You want everyone to be a wage slave?

  • Have you guys watched Jordan Peterson go through an IQ test?

    Our factory jobs got outsourced, and people keep getting told the more immigration the better. Just go to college. Not everyone can major in stem like Ben Shapiro keeps saying. Republicans helped neoliberals bring about socialism. Now we have all these people who went to college, got brainwashed, and wound up with tens of thousand in debt. Socialism is their only way out. Did you guys help to this?

  • We need to fight the same battle here in the UK. Our government is hell bent on implementing socialism rather than Conservatism with a little "c" !

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