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Many will agree that the “holistic healing”
work largely visible to us today is not headed up by folks of color. It’s mostly headed up by white folks, right? And it’s rooted in white, european history
and it does not honor in real ways all of the cultures and traditions that have been
influential and at its roots. The School of Liberation Healing and Medicine
is a space where we can share knowledge about suppressed black, brown, queer,
trans, two-spirit, gender non-conforming and non-binary healing histories. We root ourselves in a decolonial framework and center marginalized perspectives on health and healing. We focus on indigenous ways of knowing and
being and attempt to unlearn harmful western “scientific” supremacy and spend time honoring
our ancestral medicine and the medicine of our stories. Recently, we had the first Herbal Freedom
School program take place and it was an amazing experience to have so many like-spirited folks
sharing the space together and connecting with decolonial and ancestral healing. With a miniscule budget and less than a handful
of co-visionary work exchangers we were able to make class videos and do skype interviews
with amazing community healers and teachers and we were able to develop some awesome lessons
but this wasn’t without some serious challenges and lack of sleep. A lot more could have happened with a better
platform, better equipment, paid staff and more resources. With your recurring support so much more would
be possible. We’d be able to create more video-
and that’s class videos, interviews, and vlogs. We’d be able to create more podcasts and audio
recordings. We’d have more live and pre-recorded knowledge
shares . We’d have programming on a more navigable
platform for folks. And we’d be able to have more zines using the material discussed in the Herbal Freedom School program. We’re committed to accessibility and with
more resources we can get away from YouTube’s subtitles and purchase some decent transcription
software. And with more resources we can also afford
more online storage space to build the Liberation Library which will house some of the videos,
audio, zines, PDF articles- all of that. And last, but certainly not least, we can
contract some folks from our communities to help with web development and graphic design
and video editing and transcription. All of that. We need so much help with all of that. There’s so much time and energy that goes
into just editing, say, a 10 minute video- could take, you know, maybe 5 times that amount. So help us co-create this anti-racist, decolonial
space where we can share our histories and ancestral knowledge while centering indigenous,
black, brown, queer, two-spirit, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming communities. And get some great rewards while you’re at
it because you can get access to private posts about what’s happening behind the scenes,
upcoming knowledge shares, video clips of interviews and exercises from the program
to monthly e-zines, access to the zine and video library, seats in the Herbal Freedom
School program, there’s something for everyone. And you can always cap or change the monthly
amount you give or cancel your subscription. And if you’re looking for other ways to support- please consider donating items on the Herbal Freedom School Wish List. Or donating a one-time- or however many times you want- amount directly to PayPal at

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