Surrender, Devotion & Liberation – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Guruji, Devotion and Surrender are said to be signs of intelligence. But both Devotion and Surrender are beyond the intellect.
Then how can they be its identifying features? See, truth is not of one type alone. Truth has many facets. So you can both prove and disprove any principle.
Take any principle; you can prove it as both, correct and incorrect also.
Both are possible Think about it! If you feel it is right then take it or else leave it. Discuss this with your own intellect When you do so, you will find that from one side it will appear to be right
and from the other side it will appear to be wrong Guruji, how does one become totally surrendered to God (Saranagati)?
Please explain in detail. Wake up and see that nothing is yours; nothing that you have belongs to you, then you become totally surrendered (Saranagati) Or, see all that you have received, even when you were not deserving of it then
also you become totally surrendered (Saranagati). Thinking that, ‘I did not deserve so much, yet I have received so much’
makes you totally surrendered and gratefulness automatically wells up in you. Guruji, even after meeting you I do not feel satisfied.
I still desire to meet you, again and again. How do I fill myself up with you so completely that
I never have the desire to meet you again? Oh! I don’t know how you can do this.
Till today I have been seeing this happen with everyone; it is a sign of devotion.
If you look at it in one way, there is no fulfilment in devotion if you look at it in another way, nothing in this world can bring you
as much fulfilment as devotion can bring you. There is no end to it, because devotion itself means a love that never diminishes. So, it is a thirst that is never quenched and it is a love that never ends! Guruji, when there is One consciousness alone that exists,
now and ever since we know, then how was man created from it and why? There must be some reason. The consciousness got bored of being by itself, all alone! So it thought, ‘I will become many.’
That one consciousness has this thought and everything came into existence. Now whether this is right or wrong, you decide!

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