Suspect wanted in chase and shootout that wounded innocent bystander

we have new information now on the man wanted in a chase and shootout with deputies that happened over in North Houston an innocent woman standing at a bus stop hit by a stray bullet channel 2 was learned that this is not the first time that the suspect Devon banks has been involved in a shooting or Phil Archer is live downtown with the details well just months before that incident last Friday banks was involved in another shooting he wounded him in during a robbery the victim survived and banks was given a second chance by the court at freedom now the question of course is should he have been allowed back on the street Devon banks is on the run after he and two accomplices allegedly took potshots at a couple of precinct four deputies a stray round wounded a woman at a bus stop police caught his two friends but banks got away he’s still at large he is a violent individual he is to begin to be considered armed and dangerous just 19 years old it’s not the first time banks has been involved in a shooting he was already on probation for wounding a man during a robbery last year outside a North Side truck stop but he didn’t get jail time in that case instead he was granted deferred adjudication a plea deal giving him five years probation with the promise his criminal record would be amended if he successfully completed probation a deal rarely offered to violent offenders here we are less than a year later we had the same similar type activity except this time he’s shooting at the police and and then the midst of that an innocent bystander get struck State district judge Kelly Johnson a former prosecutor approved banks plea judge Johnson told us judicial ethics prevent her from discussing the case the courts assistant DA who also agreed to the deal was unable to tell us exactly what went into the decision channel twos legal analyst Brian wise says every case is different though and that a judge or prosecutors worst nightmare is putting an offender in a position to offend again this is a situation where this judge had access to a pre-sentence investigation and information that none of us had access to this may have been the exception rather than the rule once Banks is recaptured he won’t likely be back on the street for a very long time because he violated probation he can be sent up for the max up to 20 years in prison without chance of appeal but for now he remains armed dangerous and still on the streets somewhere reporting live downtown I’m Phil Archer KPRC Channel 2 News thanks for the update Phil turn

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