Sweden, Stop Protecting Communist Criminals

they're Swedish friends Sweden as a global leader in protecting and advocating human rights and he had a Swedish court ruled against the extradition of stefan mechanic a former Stalinist judge who sentenced anti-communist resistance fighters and dissidents to death last year a polish Court issued a european arrest warrant to bring him back in prosecute him your courts ruled the charges presented against him a subject to a statute of limitations but mr. McNeill is not accused of just any crime he is suspected of having committed 230 crimes bearing the hallmarks of crimes against humanity and according to international law crimes against humanity are not subject to limitations in the past Sweden has extradited people to Poland in 2010 you extradited new Nazi leader and as hog strim who orchestrated the theft of the infamous Ashford's death camp sign why then do you refuse to extradite Stefan Mitnick a man accused of crimes against humanity who is 17 from 1945 to 1989 Poland was ruled by a brutal communist regime the Communists knew that in order to impose their ideology they had to eliminate all opposition which in Poland was substantial during the German Nazi occupation the poles had organized in a vast underground state with a large resistance army loyal to the pro-democratic government in exile as the Soviets advanced in 1944 they immediately began to persecute the soldiers of the Home Army Polish soldiers were deported to gulags sent to communist jails or simply murdered the leaders of the Polish underground state were deceived into a meeting with the Communists despite repeated warrants of safety 16 prominent polish leaders were abducted and taken to the USSR where they were tortured for several months before being sentenced in show trials several of whom did not survive Soviet presence in Poland tens of thousands of resistance fighters and partisans loyal to the government in exile were faced with communist jails gulags death sentences and so they retreated deep into the forests of Poland to continue that doomed struggle many of them fought well into the 50s the very last of them use a frantic perished in a firefight in 1963 a whole 18 years after the Second World War had ended these indomitable men became known as the cursed soldiers the Communist apparatus hunted them tirelessly and persecuted them mercilessly Stefan Mitnick was an active and willing participant of that apparatus in 1947 he joined the Communist Party then in 1950 he volunteered as an informant to the security services in 1951 he was assigned to the Warsaw regional military court where he started working as a judge the following year he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant he worked as a judge to 1953 and in that period he participated as a judge or presiding judge in numerous trials of captured and soldiers as a judge he participated and presided over numerous trials of the anti-communist resistance before the trial started however the prisoners would be subjugated to some Stalinist style justice this justice included week-long sleepless interrogation sessions during which prisoners were viciously beaten fingers and ribs would often be broken fingernails ripped out teeth knocked out prisoners would be humiliated they would be dressed up in German uniforms mocked and insulted sometimes their eyelids were burned with cigarettes some were waterboarded with gasoline others had their genitalia crushed all were repeatedly and violently beaten these were just some of the torture methods employed by the security services in order to break prisoners both physically and mentally Victor Pulaski one of the men who was jailed and tortured by the communists for several months had during the war been the only known man to have volunteered to go to Auschwitz where he spent almost two and a half years gathering intelligence in organizing a resistance network however he described his years in Auschwitz as childsplay in comparison to what he endured the hands of his Stalinist torturers in order to break prisoners the Communists would often torture the prisoners families one of pilots keys co-conspirators today's puja he was subjugated to listening to his wife's scream as she was being tortured in a cell nearby his she was beaten so severely she had a miscarriage the communist jails are so brutal and violent that the resistance fighters would often rather die fighting than be captured alive in order to spare themselves the pain of going through the justice system their last bullets would often be saved for themselves this was communist justice and Stalinist judges and prosecutors were aware of the conditions in the prisons they often participated in so-called interrogation sessions this was the justice system that Stephanie niek willingly served over the course of his career as a judge he was involved in tens of trials against Polish war heroes he sent many to their deaths and even personally participated in the execution of major Andrew Tchaikovsky these are the faces and names of just some of the men that he sent to prison or to their deaths the executed soldiers desecrated bodies would be dumped in unmarked pits to this day tragically many of them had not been found exhumed or given proper burial stefan mechanic stands accused of 30 crimes against humanity this former judge who served in the very darkest days of Stalinist terror Karki lives a peaceful and quiet life in Sweden and claims that his career as a judge was merely youthful naivety and that he was an unwitting tool in service of communist terror like far too many communists he is not faced justice the people he sentenced their families and loved ones and the British nation as a whole is being denied justice Sweden a nation at the very forefront of human rights should not be a safe haven for communists communists just like Nazis should not be exempted from justice communist totalitarian crimes cannot go unchecked or unchallenged and their perpetrators untried in the past your government shamefully refused to extradite Nazi war criminals do not repeat this mistake by refusing to extradite Stefaniuk you are becoming complicit in communist crimes against humanity dear Swedes dare Sweden please do not deny Poland and the Polish nation the justice that we deserve and seek

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  • Haha what the fuck does sweden know anyway.. fucking feminist country.. I support you poland, also in your fight against the totalitarian EU!.. all the best wishes from Denmark –Great Dane!

  • Communist Sweden won't give up one of their own.
    Don't worry Poland, give it time. In the next couple of years the Muslims will ravage Sweden beyond recognition and hopefully deal with Stefan Michnik in a manner befitting his crimes.

  • Stefan robisz doskona艂膮 robot臋 … !!! Warto przy okazji powiedzie膰 偶e Wojskowe Biuro Historyczne w Warszawie jakie jest otwarte od dopiero kilku lat dla og贸艂u, ma w swoich zasobach rozkazy dzienne wi臋kszo艣ci przedwojennych jednostek wojskowych i po zdigitalizowaniu tej bazy i stworzeniu wyszukiwarki mo偶na by odtworzy膰 gigantyczn膮 cz臋艣膰 naszej wielkiej historii walki o wolno艣膰 . Niestety nie ma kto tego zrobi膰 bo to jest wielka robota i trzeba czasami ledwo widoczny i wyblak艂y tekst zapisa膰 cyfrowo…. Dzisiaj mamy w Polsce ca艂e pokolenia kt贸re mia艂y dziadk贸w i pradziadk贸w bohater贸w walcz膮cych w wojnach jeszcze podczas Zabor贸w, p贸藕niej w I W艢 a ostatecznie w Kampanii Wrze艣niowej II W艢 i potem w AK… Jednak ze wzgl臋du na zeszmacenie si臋 z komunistami wcze艣niejszych pokole艅 nikt m艂odym ludziom nie przekaza艂 do dzisiaj 偶e maj膮 za sob膮 tak膮 pi臋kn膮 histori臋 walki o wolno艣膰 …. To jest tragiczne…. bo dzisiejsi obro艅cy lewactwa uczestnicz膮cy w takich partiach i stowarzyszeniach jak KOD, Partia Razem, Biedro艅…. nawet nie wiedz膮 sk膮d pochodz膮 i jakie maj膮 historie u swoich przodk贸w….Precz z Komun膮…. Precz z Oprawcami Katynia…. Precz z Okupantem Sowieckim

  • Ch艂opie w艂a艣nie obejrza艂em Tw贸j filmik o post-prawdzie, czy prowadzisz mo偶e patronite, albo mo偶na wp艂aci膰 bezpo艣rednio na konto ? Je偶eli takie materia艂y maj膮 powstawa膰 to ch臋tnie w miar臋 moich skromnych mo偶liwo艣ci zrzuc臋 si臋.

  • This is exactly what happened in Albania during the communist regime from 1945-1991/2. There is a great number of young people today joining the communist parties and movements, calling themselves Marxists and claiming that what happened after WWII in many countries in Europe and outside (ignoring what is happening today as well) was not the real communism. They claim that they are going to bring real change fighting capitalism. No one even mentions and accepts what happened during the communist regimes and ideologies silencing millions of victims worldwide.
    The killings in Albania, after brutally torturing physically and psychologically were devastating considering the small population of only around 2 million and something. The majority were intellectuals, writers, artists, political activists, etc. The saddest thing is that in Kosovo today there are many young people who memorate Enver Hoxha and what is called enverianism, which was as brutal as stalinism.
    History tends to repeat itself if forgotten 馃檨

  • Michnik is a Jew like 100% of the management of the UB – the communist system in Poland – Tell the truth! Generally, all genocide committed on the Polish nation was carried out on the orders of Jews and made by Jews! Jews are criminals, not victims!

  • Panie Stefanie dzi臋kuj臋 za patriotyczn膮 postaw臋.Jest Pan wzorem do na艣ladowania w tym co Pan robi.Niech Matka Bo偶a chroni i broni Pana ka偶dego dnia.Chwa艂a bohaterom. 艢mier膰 zdrajcom ojczyzny.

  • Dla zainteresowanych mieszkaj膮cych w w Szwecji.
    Stefan Michnik Szwecja Goteborg 41 -323 Doktor Allards Gata 4b lgh.1103 pierwsze pietro trzecie drzwi po lewej stronie Nr telefon贸w kierunkowy na szwecj臋 +46 0708715822 domowy +46 031 3802393

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