SzigetOpinions (4K)

-So Hi guys my first question for u , where
are u from ? -Irish
-Irish -no Irish
-from Dontcastle (England ) -England
– Hi my first question ,where are you from ?
– I’m from Serbia -and u ?
-same -We from Ukraine
-So my first question, Hi where are you from ?
-Israel -yeah and u ?
-Spain -Oh nice, and u ?
-Spain – and yours ?
-Israel -Hi guys ,my first question is where are u
from ? -Well I’m from the border of Belgium, I’m
live in Holland -Nice , and u ?
-I’m from the border of Belgium too, I live in Hollnad
-yeah and u -me either
-So my second question is , what’s your firs idea or what’s your first word in this festival
? – Good …good
-Yeah yours? -freedom … freedom
-nice and your’s sweetie ? – fun
-trash trash and amazing -yeah and yours ?
-music and good atmosphere , really good atmosphere – My second question, what do u think of this
festival, what the first word u think ? – amazing , amazing
-and what’s yours ? – My first question, my first word incredible
– I think it is so hot – yeah and your ?
-Kygo -ohh
-wait, wait -Mumford
– What’s your first idea when you think for this festival ?
-I just lost my f***g voice -party till we die
-and your guys? -is the freedom
-LOVE -OHHH Love Revolution
-recycling -it”s awesome
-oh nice and yours? -creative
-freedom -well , that’s a hard question, I’d say George
Photography (its mine page 😀 )
-nice and what’s your word ? -one word for this festival?
-or more words -George Festival really really f***g nice
, that’s it. -and another question ,what do you think in
this country and in this city what’s your first word ?
-good transportation -unique
-the Danube -Budapest
-okay my third question is what do u think of this country and this city for Budapest
? -it’s beautiful
-what do u think ? -it’s old city, anchient
-and yours ? -historic
-very modern -incredible
-nice and yours ? -fun
-and yours -awesome
-Yeah the next question is what do you think in this country and in this city ,for Budapest
? – I loved it , we had been once before and
we had seen a lot but we have come today just for one day for Sziget
-ohh this day -yes
-So come just this day? -yes and that’s it ,and we love it
-and u ? -yes same I think Budapest is a great city
and yeah I like it here very much -very beautiful city
-yeah -I like green pops this is something strange
and cool -and bathrooms, spa
-My third question is what do u think in this country and in this city to Budapest ?
– What I thing or what I think ?
-What u think ? -well, ( some music )
– Okay and my last question is , wait I need to think , yeah what was your biggest experience
in this festival ? -Well , actually that’s quite a hard question
because I have a girlfriend, but she”s at home right now actually doesn’t know I’m here
and I met her other girl here and I fall in love with her ,she’s called Rosanna and I’ve
got to say to my girfriend now my relationship is over and you know you know how hard it
is right so that was kind of my biggest experience right here
-OMG -Because Donnyis my boyfriend and this is
crazy because yes the same thing okay ,Donny is my boyfriend and I’m Jade this my name,
he’s cheating on me quite well but I don’t know that because he wasn’t other island and
I dunno but I think it’s crazy because he was just cheating on me like not nice you
undertand right ? -yeah I understand
-okay so I was confused a little bit because of the beginning it was like saying I love
u so much and like a pfff and this moment I think f*** u Donny , yeah
f*** u like my relationship is over ( over) that’s
it . -Kygo
-and yours? -same that concert Kygo was amazing
-yeah -Kygo was amazing but Shawn Mendes
-yes yes Shawn Mendes , Shawn Mendes -and yours ?
-Oscar and the wolf concert I made eye contact with the singer
-So the last and the hardest question is yeah… -Can I get help? -yeah if u need help, so the last question
what was your best experience in your festival ?
-Right now, it wasn’t believable enough right ? Oh Mumford and Sons
-yeah and yours? -all the beers , I drunk. -yeah it is good and what was yours? -I’d like to say the green bars like Simpla
bars( Szimpla kert Budapest) -yeah and what was your best experience
-Mumford -yeah nice
-same to bathe in the rain -and yours? -wait in this is here and festivals
-What ? -festival or Budapest ?
-in this Festival -I think Slaves first rock concert when I
been to -and yours
-Stormzy was very good -and yours?
-the arctic monkeys -yeah yours? -Mumford and Sons

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