T.I. SHUTS DOWN Candace Owens

>>I am asking a question. Which period was America great that we’re
trying to replicate, which era was it? Tell me.>>I think, I’ll answer your question. I’m ready to answer your question.>>That’s Candace Owens defending Donald Trump
as part of a panel at the Revolt TV Summit. Rapper TI wasn’t interested in her defense
of Donald Trump, and things got pretty heated. Let’s watch.>>When you say make America great again,
which period are we talking about, the period where women couldn’t vote? The period when we were hanging from trees.>>I’ll answer.>>Or like the crack era, which period in
America are you trying to make America like again?>>Actually think that I will totally work
hard right now but I said maybe make Black America great again.>>Make America, we’re talking about making
America, that wasn’t the question. Which period was America great that we’re
trying to replicate, which era was it? Tell me.>>I think->>Can I answer your question? I’m ready to answer your question.>>Which era was it?>>What?>>Which era was so great?>>Here’s a thing you guys are forgetting. America was actually one of the first, slavery
was all over the world.>>Answer the question. Answer the question.>>America was, I’m not saying it’s okay so
why are you saying? America is one of the countries. I’m trying to answer your question but I can’t. I’m trying to answer your question. I can’t answer the question if I want to be
able to hear them. If I cant answer the question and you’re just
going to boo when I saw slavery was all over the world, which is a fact, why are you booing
a fact?>>Because you’re making light of enslavement
of people that look like us. You cant make light of that, that ain’t nothing.>>I haven’t even finished the sentence, how
am I making light of anything?>>You started.>>Okay.>>So, what she was trying to say and did
say eventually is that America was one of the first countries to, she said free our
ancestors. Nope, it was one of the last. So, it’s just revisionist history. And then, the question is why? Why are you doing revisionist history?>>Because that money is really nice, right? I mean, look, come on, are we going to pretend
like she is being influenced by the same influencers that have changed the political ideology of
individuals like Dave Ruben? And here is the thing, when you area grifter,
yeah, there’s an upside to that because you get to collect that money and you live a nice
lifestyle, and you don’t have to work as hard as individuals who are trying to put the truth
out there. But at the same time, grifters aren’t ever
able to back up their arguments, and then you find yourself in these awkward situations. Where you might get asked to do a panel, you
might get an offer where you get paid a lot to do a panel like this. I don’t know if she got paid for this or not. But then, you have to somehow defend the nonsense
that comes out of your mouth in your YouTube videos. And you can’t because the facts don’t back
up your argument.>>Yeah, I mean, I’m curious, I would love
to have interrogated her on that. So, was she referring to the Reconstruction
period, where for a very brief period in the South, after the Civil War, when the Southern
racists were thoroughly defeated? There was a brief moment when African-Americans
were allowed to own land, and start their own businesses, and we had a black governor
of Louisiana? I doubt she’s referring to that, okay. But you know what happened after that is Jim
Crow and for 100 years, then they robbed them of that land. They burned down their businesses, and as
TI pointed out, hung them from trees and didn’t allow them to participate in the political
process. So, that stretch all the way into the 1960s,
and in the 1960s, in the civil rights movement, the burning of black churches and we can go
on and on. So, it is an incredibly fair question that
TI is asking. What America are we talking about, and that’s
the whole point of make America great again, which is make it great for the people that
were in charge, the White Right Wingers. That’s what the reference is to. It wasn’t great for African Americans. Oftentimes, it’s not great for Latinos or
Asians, etc. And that statement basically says I don’t
give a damn about you. I don’t care that it wasn’t good for you. In fact, I’d like to return to a time where
it was terrible for you. And that’s why that analysis is indefensible.>>Yeah, it is indefensible. That was, even though, I enjoy watching people
like Candace Owens get their comeuppance and get confronted by people who actually know
what they’re talking about, that was pretty difficult to watch, right, because, first
of all, she immediately pivots to doing what people like her do all the time, which is
they start answering a completely different question. And I like the fact that TI was privy to that,
knew it was going to happen and held her accountable, held her feet to the fire and demanded an
answer to his question. And she failed to provide a real answer that
was backed up by real facts. And the thing that drives me crazy is that
in this society where people are hungry for resources and I get it. It’s tough to go out there and try to make
a living in the media. It really is but at the same time, think about
the damage you do in accepting the type of influence that she has decided to accept. Think about how many people you hurt through
pushing this false narrative and this revisionist history. And one other thing I want to note, Brooke
Thomas made this point off air, and I wanted to share her point with you because I thought
it was a good one. That panel should have had more black female
representation. And when I say that, I’m not referring to
the Katrina Pearson’s and Candace Owens of the world. I’m talking about black journalists, female
journalists who have gone out there, who report the news, who know the facts and could’ve
actually added something of substance to that discussion.>>Lindsay Evans, who is at ABC and did a
wonderful job as a moderator in that last debate might have been a good option. Look, it’s hard to put together panels. So, but we do have to keep that in mind. Another great progress was on the panel Killer
Mike, in that case. But Lastly, in Candace Owens, look, a writer
at the root called our anti ruckus. Joe was amused by and she really doesn’t care
about black or white. There’s only one color she cares about. It’s green and so it’s convenient that at
the time when she started taking money from right wing organizations is, when she switched
from progressive to being a right winger, and she doesn’t have any facts to back up
her so-called ideology.>>But she does get paid a lot of money in
speeches and these different organizations to go out there and say no, it’s mainly black
people’s fault that they’re not doing better. They’ve had every opportunity in America,
and that is a gross and inaccurate thing to say. So, it was way past time that she gets called
out live. So, I love what TI did there.

100 thoughts on “T.I. SHUTS DOWN Candace Owens

  • Candace married rich she doesnt need the money. TYT are in the media to make money as well its a BS argument. Do you think Candaces life has benefitted from being conservative? half her family and friends probably disowned her. 80% of the black community and democrats hate her.

  • Did you feature the actual answer to this question from Killer Mike? Because his answer was profound. There was a time when black America was allowed to flourish. It was short lived. But it happened.

  • I get it… Since slavery was suppose to be going on all over the world THAT MAKES SLAVERY OK AND THIS MAKES AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?? Suddenly this all makes fuKKKin $Nce… 8ULL$H!T!!!!

  • When A crack dealer gang banger… is able to rap freely and make millions about killing his own people… and then freely try to become an activist..and then lecture everyone about race…America has progressed faster than almost every country..america has had horrible times in our history but has had amazing times as well.. no one in this thread would pick a different country that they actually want to live in….🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • That b–tch is stupid,we still kiss as and will do anything for a pay check.its all about getting a buck she's all about her . she's not black she just look black. Like some of these officers.

  • Ift T I didn't think America was great move, let him try doing his rapping in some other country and see how far it will get him,he's so stupid he's got everything he wants he wouldn't have got that in some other country

  • My God the young Turks only showing a tiny glimpse of the whole discussion!! Wow talk about choosing a clip to manipulate the public… that is not un-biased news reporting!!!!

  • History is full of crime. And, not the whole populace was involved. There is such a thing as concentrated power that creates all the rules. However, you are right no black person would want to return to the past in America. However, before the 60s the black family was intact and moving upwards despite living in a racist society a better place than they are now. They were doing better economically (on the whole) and they were married and religious. Today the black family is sadly on the decline. Single motherhood and the sexual/drug revolution of the 60s has caused enormous harm to everyone but in particular the black family which despite living in a racist society was admirably moral, intact, employed and heading towards good. And, you may want to prefer to be black then because today your own mother can kill you before your born. And, abortions are widespread int the general community but also the black community.

  • I'm not saying she is right. This is a perfect example of how WE ethnically as a PEOPLE make the mistake of thinking all individuals are the same. TIP is RIGHT cause I was just thinking about the silly nonsense of MAGA majority of white America chant.
    Candace Owen is Family to US but not your PEOPLE. Dont get over emotional LET HER Crucify her ownself. It'll be a much smoother Ride towards OUR political AGENDA.

  • Lmao these people's are idiots!!!!!!!!! Ti is so ignorant and all the people in the crowd are just as bad. Smh you guys wouldn't even let her speak. Poor black people, you guys follow these losers. Trump 2020!

  • Listen: I absolutely despise Candace Owens, but T.I. didn't "shut down" shit. He, like a lot of people who don't seem to understand how to debate in a reasonable manner, just spoke over her and kept interrupting her by repeating the same question. At least let her elaborate on her bullshit before you start to throw it back in her face. It makes you look just as bad. Peripheral route processing is what "won" it for T.I. in this case

  • Blacks have every same opportunity that all other races have.. quit making excuses. If they didn’t then how come so many blacks are successful?

  • Damn tyt…. not to complain again but y’all need more black host on this show. This was a black topic and y’all tried to all lives matter it. Also I don’t agree with her but yeah slavery was all over the world and it still happens today for black people. So let’s focus on the diaspora and not just US slavery.

  • TI didnt shut down anyone…he just didn't let respond. Either he's stupid enough to believe the leftist lie that America wants to return to slavery or revoke women's voting rights or he doesn't believe them and he's only using leftist talking points as an argument. Either way he's disingenuous, over emotional and argues like an insecure woman, not a man secure in his beliefs.

  • T.I is bullshit. He knows if he let her talk he can't answer her. So tries to shut her up by his macho words. And that crowd was so unreasonable. They don't want to hear any other opinion.

  • 1807 – Britain ended slave trade across their colonies with their Abolition of the Slave Trade Act but they went the final step in 1833 when Britain passed the Abolition of Slavery Act that ordered the actual step of slavery abolition in their home & the colonies. Spain had already ended their slavery in 1811, even in their colonies. The US to end their slave trade 1808, but we had to fight the civil war to end slavery itself in 1865.
    France enacted anti- slave trade law in 1826, but finally ended slavery in the 1840s along with Denmark. Portugal & Brazil ended slavery the next decade, the 1850s.
    This means America was one of the last to end slavery long after Britain & the rest of the European states ended slavery.

  • Okay you biased idiots. I'm unsubscribing. And I encourage others to do so..
    This channel is not honest journalism. It's all about pushing left political agenda and creating a false narrative. Die suckers

  • TI has always been a jackass, Candace has always been a genius. Jackass audience too, liberals will never listen to facts, they just get all emotional.

  • BAD is good. Vampire brooklyn lol IJS 😂😂 this woman so white washed.. this reminds me of when that one black chick grows up in the white neighborhood but goes to a public school 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Give me a break. She has no facts and it’s all for money. That’s what you say when you can’t accept that a progressive moved right. I wonder why you always hear about folks on the left moving right but never from right to left? Actually I know why… it’s because their beliefs and arguments are almost always rooted in facts and progressives are all about feelings. It’s also why Steven Crowder’s YouTube channel is growing at a much faster rate than TYT.

  • She needs to say more then I think because she’s not dumb just blinded by the money like you said, but why not jump on trump band wagon and get paid to cover his lies.

  • Idk who TI is? But Candace is leaps and bounds ahead of this joker both mentally and morally. This channel really is a joke!

  • This is bullshit at its finest. They accuse Candace Owens of revising history yet go on to revise history.
    Jim Crowe and the KKK came from the Democratic Party not “right wingers” like he lies @4:12.

  • This bitch talking about the world had Slavery like yeah we know but in what time was America great that’s all we trying know in what period time before the europeans invaded American and took the land form the Indians that’s like a example

  • You guys are entirely missing the point. Making America Great again is not simply about racial equality. It's about our standing in the world community, it's about our economic strength, it's about more jobs for people of all colors. Your simplistic notion that it's just about the way African American have been treated is, as I said, not the point of Candace's point. By the way, she never got to actually finish a sentence in the clip you used so you wouldn't know what her point of view actually is. Why don't you do this: Seek first to understand. Then express your point of view.

  • Rapper TI only cares about his point of view, and not seeking the truth, which is usually found in the middle between two points of view. If he'd shut and listen, he might learn something. So might Candace. This isn't dialogue, it's for ratings. Even you and your channel are after ratings even though you criticize Candace for being about the "green." Be honest, please.

  • The Truks suck and TI is a thug! If you follow this crap, you’re just as delusional as TI and this Truk show! You aholes need to tell the truth, STOP PUSH THE LIE! You know that the Democrats are the ones who Hold down Minorities! You cause the damage! STFU

  • Ana, Cenk was listening to a particularly different song…AND U GUYS HAVE MADE MY FRIDAY…Ana that b-word doesnt deserve a comeuppance

  • STFU! The show is for naive children. The NERVE of referring to Republicans as historical revisionists. The Republican party formed to fight the two twin evils of polygamy and Democratic African Slavery. Republicans ended slavery in America (and Western Civilization by example. Fat dude can deny it all he wants ). The Southern Democrats, after losing the Civil War and their slaves, opposed the Reconstruction, supported Jim Crow Laws, founded the KKK, and then opposed the civil rights acts as late as the 1850s. The historical revisionist Dims attempt to hide their crimes with the ”Big Switch” hoax. The Big Switch was one man. Strom Thurmon.

  • You don't win a debate by bulldozing someone. The idiot was so afraid of her logical answers, he couldn't shut up and let her answer.

  • Cenk, you’re a real piece of shit. She had the same views on YouTube before she became famous. Don’t accuse her of doing this for money.

  • You all f.o. she's smarter than all of you put together.. stop acting like America is shit. Seriously, you don't like?? Get the fluck out.

  • Search for “ revolt summit 2019 “ in YouTube search bar . Watch this show for yourself .
    The Turks edited this to look completely opposite than the truth .

  • You dumb asses again take shit out of context. She beat him over the head with facts and you chose the only time he talked over her and disrespected her as a woman. Dumb asses.

  • TI go rap something.. You had no facts, no stats, no data.. Nothing. You screaming down on a person on the panel without gaining knowledge or bringing sense to the table.. You threw a tantrum and called what Candice said bullshit.. Nah man. What are you 12 years?

  • This channel and show is named after the people who systematically exterminated the Greeks, Assyrians, and Armenians of the Ottoman Empire because they were Christians and were the intellectual and financial pillars of the Ottoman Empire. They inspired the Nazis.

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