Was Jesus A Socialist? - "Rebuking" PragerU

Was Jesus A Socialist? – "Rebuking" PragerU

what's up I'm Damon your local Christian leftist or whatever I am but I was looking through reddit today and I came upon this post and the subreddit radical Christianity free on reddit you should be on there too and somebody posted this Prager you video called was Jesus a socialist posted here from experian Read more about Was Jesus A Socialist? – "Rebuking" PragerU[…]

Unconditional Covenants - Chuck MIssler

Unconditional Covenants – Chuck MIssler

I want you to be sensitive to the covenants in your Bible and there are four of them that are unconditional there are some covenants that are conditional I'm not dealing with those I'm dealing with four that are distinctive because they are unconditional one of them is the Abrahamic covenant in Genesis chapter 12 Read more about Unconditional Covenants – Chuck MIssler[…]

This budget is for every section of the society, says Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad