Hope & Noah vs COZMO Robot Comic
Marshmallow People

Marshmallow People

man there is nothing to do oh my god I am so bored so yeah your face is pretty soft we need to get out of here anything go the honor isn't working you never come up with good ideas on the other what else can we go could do something that isn't stupid it's Read more about Marshmallow People[…]

Two Best Sisters Replay - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Two Best Sisters Replay – Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

C: Oooh fuck L: Hahaa L: Yeah you're a real combat specialist C: Your mom is a fucking combat specialist L: What? C: With my dick C: It was a real furious battle man! C: You should have seen it! Last for days L: Ooh C: Thunder lightning… L: Ooh C: Uhh C: There's a Read more about Two Best Sisters Replay – Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood[…]

Demian Feriy - Prosperity (Highest Ideal)
The Pact - 18 DAYS

The Pact – 18 DAYS

Arjuna Duryodhana what a pleasant surprise come let us journey to you know what we want Krishna what we're here to ask I know many things King Duryodhana but since I saw Arjuna first how may I help you brother I was here first you must tear me out must die if you already know Read more about The Pact – 18 DAYS[…]



Since this video's gotten a lot of attention recently, I decided to do a commentary for it through the subtitles (idea totally stolen from eggyolk2002 and his Infinity War video, which you should go watch if you haven't) All of the dialogue before the first fight scene was actually written before I saw Infinity War Read more about LEGO INFINITY WAR (Parody)[…]