Secret Societies - Devil Worshippers

Secret Societies – Devil Worshippers

and there are so many theories about this we are bombarded with this we see people talking about the Freemason order the Illuminati the international bankers the Zionists alien consciousness even some groups are coming up satanic type groups new age type religions all of these coming up and what we find in most cases Read more about Secret Societies – Devil Worshippers[…]

The Secret Society of the Illuminati

The Secret Society of the Illuminati

this week on BuzzFeed in solve we're covering the Illuminati is it a real thing what the hell is it it's not a thing all right approach it with an open mind let's get started great shockingly the Illuminati actually has a very real historical foundation in 1776 in Bavaria Germany Adam vice helped a Read more about The Secret Society of the Illuminati[…]

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