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Minerva - Strife Guide

Minerva – Strife Guide

hello ladies and gentlemen a ski here for our TV with a hero overview and build for strife today let's look at Minerva Minerva is a largely melee assassin hero who's very adept at bursting down targets quickly and stopping her foes from making the escape well she's able to dispatch a single target very Read more about Minerva – Strife Guide[…]

FFXIV: Cloud Strife Hair Preview

FFXIV: Cloud Strife Hair Preview

hello and welcome to another video here with me me only for final fantasy xiv today i want to take a brief look at a brand new hairstyle this is exclusively rewarded for players who enter contests and competitions run by square-enix themselves and my dear friends a raffle on Ragnarok server was one of Read more about FFXIV: Cloud Strife Hair Preview[…]

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