Halo Lore - Do the Covenant EAT Humans?
What Do The Covenant Eat? (Halo Lore)

What Do The Covenant Eat? (Halo Lore)

what's going on Halo fans Luke the notable here in this video we're going to be figuring out what the creatures of the Covenant eat now as you might imagine we don't have a lot of lower evidence for what the Covenant actually eat most of the Halo game lore and Halo extended lore and Read more about What Do The Covenant Eat? (Halo Lore)[…]

Halo Lore - Covenant Languages

Halo Lore – Covenant Languages

as a covenant with so many different alien species such as the sing Kili or the let go low or the young boy there's bound to be a couple language barriers so today we're going to talk about the sing Kili language and how it was mainly used for the covenant and how the translation Read more about Halo Lore – Covenant Languages[…]