Halo: Covenant CSO Class Supercarrier - Spacedock

Halo: Covenant CSO Class Supercarrier – Spacedock

the CSO class supercarrier is the single largest warship ever constructed by the Covenant as well as the largest vessel to participate in the human covenant war the colossal vessels are primarily used as flagships for vast armadas as well as serving to coordinate planetary invasions and supporting military actions across entire star systems with Read more about Halo: Covenant CSO Class Supercarrier – Spacedock[…]

10 Advantages Covenant Navy (Halo)

10 Advantages Covenant Navy (Halo)

hello and welcome back to another episode of generation films my name is American Ben today we continue our best space Navy series but first please hit that subscribe button to notification bail it really helps us out and every time generation films gains a subscriber and alien invader gets tea-bagged by the chief I Read more about 10 Advantages Covenant Navy (Halo)[…]

UNSC Infinity vs Covenant Supercarrier (CSO Supercarrier) | Halo: Who Would Win