Freedom’s Sound – Full Video

Freedom’s Sound – Full Video

NARRATOR: From small villages in sub-Saharan Africa to the bustling cities of the Asian sub-continent, from Latin America to China and Eastern Europe people everywhere are striving to improve their lives. People seeking the same things: opportunity to learn, an identity and ownership that allows them to prosper, a chance to earn a living for Read more about Freedom’s Sound – Full Video[…]

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening 2 - Hologram (Synthesia)
Hope - Time To Say Goodbye (Acoustic cover)

Hope – Time To Say Goodbye (Acoustic cover)

When I am alone I sit and dream And when I dream the words are missing Yes, I know that in a room so full of light That all the light is missing But I don't see you with me, with me Close up the windows, bring the sun to my room, Through the door Read more about Hope – Time To Say Goodbye (Acoustic cover)[…]

Contentment - Daniel Gottlob Türk - Piano Repertoire 2