Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 5/6: This Country Was Started As An Act Of Political Protest

– Pause right quick. If someone wants to shut that dog up, we can grab some dog food and throw something over the fence for him if that’s giving you guys away. (crowd laughs) All right, Winston, do
you mind doing that? I remember when we first conversed, I talked about the importance
of getting you in the South. This is where your message needs to be and deserves to be heard. I want people to get out,
get off their asses and vote. I want people to understand
that our political process is something paid for in blood. As an American, as an American,
before we get to the fact that I’m a black man, the
Civil Rights Movement happened, people have died and courageously fought and walked across bridges in Selma, my own grandmother marched in Alabama, before we get to that,
this country is started as an act of political protest. This country is started as– – That’s right! – And I’ll be damned if I don’t encourage every friend of mine to
vote based on the fact that we should be honoring that. It should almost be like a religion to be a part of the political
process in this country because it transforms– – It strikes me that if you don’t participate in the political process,
you’re really crapping on people who gave their lives to
defend this country– – Absolutely. – in World War II and elsewhere. And obviously, this country
faces enormous problems. Obviously, the political system is decked on behalf of the wealthy. But that doesn’t mean
you walk away from it, it means you engage and fight back. – Absolutely, absolutely. It’s like I’ve had
people I know get cancer and I love ’em. Their decision, once you get cancer, your decision is your decision. There are some I’ve seen that
just recline into themselves and just, “I give up.” “Fight the fight, I’ve fought
the fight, I can fight ’em.” And there are other people
who get fucking angry. – Mike, you know why you don’t
have the right to give up? How many kids you got? – Four. – All right, so it’s not just about you. Because if you give up, what
happens to your four kids? What happens to my seven grandchildren? – Absolutely. – All right, so you don’t
the moral responsibility. It’s not your life, it’s your kids’ life. – Absolutely. – So, we gotta fight back. And here’s the very good news. After everything that
we have talked about, the vast majority of the American people, white, black, Hispanic,
they’re on our side. – I agree. – How many people agree with Republicans who wanna give tax breaks to billionaires and cut social security and Medicare? Should we take a long walk and see if we can find one
person who agrees with that? (laughs) And these guys may win the election because people don’t vote
and don’t pay attention. That’s what our job is. – The type of violence that I’ve seen, I played Mexico City yesterday and I totally pulled a cheat
card and I said, “Fuck Trump!” And basically, 20,000 Mexican
citizens (laughs) repeated it. But I just say that because
I feel like that in my heart. I’d even tell that to Jesus Christ. But beyond that, how dangerous is it that a man just got beat
up at his political rally? I mean, I saw two people storm your stage who were passionate and vehement about something that I
adamantly care about, the lives of all people. Black lives matter
because all lives matter. All lives matter; therefore, black lives, Asian lives, homosexual
lives, all lives matter. But you handled it with a grace and a tact that you didn’t have to. You could’ve been pugilant,
you could’ve been angry, you could have been
dismissive, and you didn’t. You stood there respectfully
and you listened. So, if no one else has said it, thank you and congratulations
because I appreciate you not demeaning those two young
women and allowing that. And I don’t know if you’ve
been thanked for that. But I saw Trump literally
almost incite that. Have we gotten too far? Is it going to get worse
because of the admiration for– – We gotta move very aggressively. This is what happens. You got a lot of people in
this country who are angry. And they’re angry because
their jobs went abroad, they don’t have any money to
take care of their family. They don’t know why they’re angry, why things in their lives are going badly. There was a study that came out recently, I don’t know if you saw it, it was front page of the New York Times. White working class
families, men and women, are seeing a decline in
their life expectancy. Did you know that? – I didn’t. – Their mortality rates, they’re going up. Unemployment is high, they’re doing drugs, suicide, a very serious problem. This is the white community,
not the black community, okay? People are angry and they’re frustrated. So, somebody like Trump comes
along and what does he say? He says, “You’re angry
and you’re frustrated? “It’s that black guy
there, that’s the guy.” – “Those Mexican immigrants.” – Yeah, “And they’re
criminals and they’re rapists. “We gotta keep ’em out. “Or, you know what, it’s the
Muslim across the street, “you know, that woman that
has the thing on her head? “That’s your enemy right there!” And you play on people’s fear and anxiety. This is the oldest story in the book. It’s the Jews and it’s the Irish and the Italians and the blacks– – It’s McCarthyism again. – Right. – It amazes me that people
run from you as though, “He’s a socialist,” but they
embrace Trump’s philosophy that’s a gratuitous fascism. It is fascist to run
identity checks on people, to essentially give them
electronic scarlet letters. That is Mussolinian, that is Hitleran. And yet, no one is saying, “No! “No! “We can’t do this.” It’s scary. You know, it’s scary,
Senator, it really is. – What’s scary about Trump
is, you see what happens, you got a lot of people out
there who feel certain ways, and then you see somebody who’s running for
president say this things. “Oh, Trump said that? “I can say that! “I can beat up the
Muslim in my community!” Right? “I can be a racist on
a college campus now, “’cause that’s the climate.” So, you’re right, it is scary. – What’s your advice to young Americans? What has kept you, from 1961 forward, what has kept you, from that college kid
who organized with SNCC, I still find that amazing,
what has kept you– – Why do you find it so amazing? – Because that’s not the
narrative we’ve been taught. I don’t find it personally amazing, I find it amazing I didn’t know you. I find it amazing 20 years ago, you weren’t already on my radar. – But that’s because, (Mike laughs) look, I’m known in my own
state, 98% of the people. Nobody in Georgia knows me. The television is not
particularly interested. – But I should. I’m from the activist
community, I should know you. In every black barber shop,
there’s two black guys and a honorary white guy. (all laugh) When I was growing up, it
was Martin Luther King, Jesus, well, black Jesus in
my shop, and Jack Kennedy, you know what I mean? So, in my shop, you’re really about to get the heralded position of the white guy. It’s gonna be like
Martin, Malcolm, Bernie. (laughter and applause) (hip-hop instrumental beat)

100 thoughts on “Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 5/6: This Country Was Started As An Act Of Political Protest

  • Politics is a game of give and take. Politicians take bribes "donations" and make policies accordingly. What does the black community have to bargain with? this is the reason for the state we find ourselves in #drypoolemptyhand

  • I agree with Thomas Jefferson that the banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than a standing army, restore the creation of money to our Republic, and not the Federal Reserve. Stop being distracted by bi-partisanship. We need to come together and take back control of our Republic. Respect to all.

  • the ruling class are going to rob us from a Bernie Sanders presidency unless the voter turnout is so high that they can't deny him. young people need to watch this.

  • It is truly amazing to see such great comments on this.Bernie is a great leader, and has a great mind. we all know he is in it for us the people and not for the very few minority opulent.

  • It is truly amazing to see such great comments on this.Bernie is a great leader, and has a great mind. we all know he is in it for us the people and not for the very few minority opulent.

  • I love Bernie and I am so impressed with Killer Mike. He has so eloquently put into words the thoughts I have and the fears I have about the political shitstem. Thank you.

  • The Koch Bros. worth 82 billion stay up at night trying to TAKE OVER Social Security. so they can be the first Trillionaires .

  • Dear Killer Mike,

    I would love to recommend to your notice the works of Slavoj Zizek.

    I believe you would find great depth and understanding in his description of our modern times.

    Perhaps you could give him so exposure too!

  • These men are both educated; they know their history, recognise the patterns and understand (and call out) the games that are being played. They were raised with love and values of compassion and empathy which is why they are in this place talking now.
    Our children are being mind-controlled from birth by the media corporations to hate themselves, their bodies, to compete, to belong to separate groups of identity, race, religion, weight, gender, sexual orientation, but not a grand collective as Bernie and King call for.
    Above all they are taught to fear. Parents are made to work longer hours and find it harder to provide keeping them pissed off, competitive and importantly away from their kids so that the media raises them.
    The seed is planted so early in a child's minds, far before rational thought is developed and we need to break the cycle.
    Educate your children. Make them read not watch television. Boycott Murdoch press. Take your partner, family, children, whoever places and integrate, interact, then choose how you think based on your experiences not presumptions. And vote bernie sanders

  • God damn no wonder they call you Killer Mike, cause you kill shit if it's rap, finance, or even journalism, cause man I haven't seen someone interview a person this passionately in my life time. He's on point, stays on point, kills that point, moves on to the next, repeat.

  • Killa Mike is not only a dope ass rapper but a serious stand up kinda MAN!!!! We need more men willing to make that kind of sacrifice for our people. Thanks for putting in the work that matters.

  • Killer Mike, you NEED to run for office when you have finished rapping. I'm a white non-American and I'd vote for you if I could.

  • Is it true that in the US voting takes place in the middle of the week and you don't even get time off to vote? I've also heard that the places to vote are not always easy to get to. In Australia voting is compulsory, on a weekend and there's about two or three venues per suburb.

  • Playing this series with Run the Jewels instrumentals low in the background is pretty dope. Run the Jewels ft. Bernie Sanders

  • Killer Mike hit the nail on the head with the fascism comment- Practically made me jump out of my seat at work while listening to this.
    It's something that's been bothering me the most with Trump's run. Why the hell is it so easy in the media to paint a socialist as a "crack-pot communist"- even though NOTHING Bernie is advocating is close to those fears, but another guy runs for the same office running very publicly on fascist ideology, and NOBODY calls him out on it.

  • Someone needs to make a gif of that legendary fist bump around at 0:47 – 0:50. I could feel the Bern through my monitor.

  • killer mike, helping get bernies message to the black community has just earned you a new fan! ill be buying some of your music right after i finish watching

  • “Then you see somebody running for president saying these things and you go, ‘Oh, Trump said that. I can say that! I can beat up the Muslim in my community. I can be a racist on a college campus now because that’s the climate.’ So, you’re right. It is scary"…single dumbest statements this socialist has said so far

  • I'm actually thankful Trump is running for President. It's waking people up from apathy. People are now giving a shit, because Trump will ruin the world. I live in Aus, and I don't vote (and it's compulsory). I don't vote because I cannot choose the lesser of two evils. With Trump VS Sanders, it's clear who to vote for. If there were a situation like this in Aus, with a candidate like Bernie, I'd start voting. Until then, my conscience will not allow me to vote in a corrupt system.

  • Whats funny is Trump didn't actually say any of the things Bernie is saying he said. He is doing whats called SPINNING because it's easy to do to people of lower intelligence. Which is all Bernie is hoping to gain because he knows smart Democrats and Smart independants and Republicans have ZERO chance in voting for him.

    Sadly for him and thank god for America, those people don't actually vote.

  • This man represents something so different than most politicians, even in the countries where there is a social safety net. He is motivated from his heart, not his ego.
    The American people are lucky to have such a candidate <3

  • Proof that age, race, etc doesn't have to divide people. These two are on completey different ends of the spectrum, yet they're totally vibin

  • Trump never said any of that shit, glad to see Bernie is willing to bullshit his followers just like any other member of the establishment. He's always placed the blame on the political class, which might be why Sanders seems so worried.

    Keep telling yourselves Bernie's not like the rest, L O L

  • Im glad killer mike is showing bernie in a setting that a lot of americans can relate to, bernie NEEDS all the help he can get

  • Man, I love Bernie. Hopefully Hillary will choose him as her VP so that at least he is still on the ticket.

  • Organization and ensured voting opportunity for the next election is vital,
    is there a mechanism for the homeless community to vote//? Not criminal, just homeless?

  • Mike, you're right! Why are there so few people that are saying that the shit Trump is trying to do is fascist. I been pushing this point for a while, and it gets nowhere. Also, I'm at the point now where I'm tired of seeing folks point fingers at one side or the other. We failed. All of us. The whole damn country is at fault for putting Trump in the White House. And regardless of what he does, you know what we're going to end up doing once he's out? We going to pay him lots of money every year for just being a former President. I'm not mad. I'm concerened. I'm not out to blame. I accept responsibility. We can protest Trump's election all day, but there is no such thing as not voting. To not vote is to vote for the winner. And alll those that didnt vote, voted for Trump. Hoping that next election people come out and actually vote so we can elect a real winner. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed these talks with Bernie.I wasn't fan of him but after Trump, shit, I'm starting to think Bernie has point. Peace.

  • Look at you Mike🤦‍♂️! His family probably owned ur family! He takes 🇺🇸 tax💵💵💸🇮🇱‼️ but he will not give ur black ass reparations! Fucken fool! Did his wife give u some 💵💵 from her scam 2 speak highly of him!

  • fuck yeah!!!
    killer Mike's scratching his head, wondering why he's never heard of Bernie, I'm scratching my head wondering why I've never heard of killer Mike, I'm losing my shit hearing killer Mike bring up Nome chompski. I'm POUNDING my subscribe button!!! 😄

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