Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 6/6: Democrats Win When People Vote | Killer Mike

– [Mike] If you wanna
stop to get water, we can. – [Bernie] Yeah. – [Mike] If you need whiskey,
we got some in the back, too. – [Bernie] We’ll stay
with the water for now. – I truly believe in your ideas. One of my very conservative friends, well, more libertarian, Shelley
Winters was a black guy, he had a phenomenal show
here years ago on W-A-L-K. I talked to him this morning, ‘cuz I consult both sides. I have very liberal friends, I have very conservative friends. I’m a capitalist that’s backing
a socialist for president. I found that my politics is very mixed up, because, you know, it’s pragmatic stuff. But Shelley was saying, he said, “Mike, make sure that you
know that Bernie can win. “Make sure that, in your
pressing to get his ideas out, “that you’re not pressing to
make sure the ideas are out “in case he falls outta the race, “because he can beat Hillary, “and he can win this presidency.” Now, this is a friend of
mine who’s conservative. This is a friend of mine who doesn’t agree with all of my or your politics, but the ideas that you have talked about so greatly affect the
community we’re from. I can’t say he’s endorsed you, but he damn sure wanted to make sure that I provided people on
the other side of that camera hope that it can happen.
– Let me say, all right, let me say a word on that. What anybody who knows anything
about politics understands is democrats win when people vote. – [Mike] Yeah. – Republicans win, like
they did last year, when nobody votes. Obama in 2008 ran a brilliant campaign. Not only did he win– – [Mike] Yeah. – He brought in a lot of people with him. – [Mike] Absolutely, okay. – What I can tell you is… I don’t know how many people
we’ll have out tonight in Atlanta, maybe five,
six thousand people, okay? We have brought out hundreds
of thousands of people all over this country, we have
more individual contributors than any candidate in American history. More than Obama, at this particular point in the election, okay? So, when you look at… We are generating excitement, and the only way democrats win is when young people
and working class people start coming out and voting. I think we can do that. – I’ve spoken at MIT this year, I’ve spoken at Florida State University, I’ve spoken at Morehouse. I’ve been on many campuses this year. Every campus I have went on, there have been devout followers of yours, overwhelmingly, in my audience. Can I talk about something
we might disagree on? – Let’s do it. – I’m from the south, I like guns. I like guns a lot. – [Bernie] Mm-hm. – I own guns, my father
was a police officer and was a gun owner. He was a police officer,
also was a union steward, which is another reason I’m
so on the bandwagon with you. – [Bernie] He was a union
steward within the– – No, no, he was a union
steward with the gas company after he left the police force. – Okay. – [Mike] But I have two
cousins that are currently on the police force. – Yep. – And both are police union members too. So, I support you wholeheartedly
when it comes to unions. – Let’s talk about guns. – And I don’t wanna… But guns, and I’m not saying I digress. I represent a group of people
only 50 years into freedom. I represent a group of
people who are being killed by the people who their tax money pays. I represent a group of
people who are in urban areas because of poverty and
because of being ignored by government in places like Chicago. Certain areas have become
pockets of violence. Less violent than 20 years ago, but it’s certainly harder, if I’m a husband and a
father and a homeowner, to defend my homestead in case of things. What is your true stance to guns? Speaking to my community directly now, because we have a different
view of gun ownership where I’m from. – Okay, well, my state… Do you know how much gun control there is in the state of Vermont? – [Mike] How much? – None. Virtually none, okay? In my state, what a gun
means is you go out hunting, lotta people hunt. – Here too, absolutely. I got some deer meat in the freezer. – All right, let’s sit down and eat it. – We should. (laughing) – All right, so you got a lot of hunters, you got a lot of guys
who do target practice, you got a lot of gun shows, people into antique guns and stuff. – I know you wanna close those loopholes. – Right, so here’s the story. Do people have a right to own weapons? Of course they do. – Okay. – But what don’t people
have a right to do? Should somebody who has a criminal record or has a record of beating up his wife, should they be able to get a gun? I don’t think so. So, what you need is enforced and strong instant background checks. You got a problem with that? – I don’t have a problem with that. – [Bernie] Okay. – And Bill O’Reilly can’t
own a gun, so that’s good. (laughing) ‘Cuz we know what he does. – Yeah, all right. So, instant– (people laughing) This guy’s trying to get
me into real trouble here, I can see that. – I want you to be my president. – All right, all right. (laughing) And, all right, so you got
instant background checks. – Gotcha. – Now, question, this is
where we may disagree. Some guy walks down the street with an assault weapon, military weapon. Does he have a right to have that gun? – [Mike] I say yes. – I wanna– – [Mike] And I’m gonna tell you why. – Okay. – I really believe the
part of the Constitution that says that’s our last
defense against tyranny. I believe that if you’re
involved in the voting process, that’s your first defense against tyranny, to be actively and politically engaged, and I definitely believe,
because I represent a group of people that’s
only 50 years into freedom, and I also represent a
group of people where, if we judge by the last two years, it’s okay to shoot ’em down in the street, whether you’re an officer or not, based on the Zimmerman
case down in Florida, and I don’t want the people I pay to be able to own something I don’t. And I do also know this
about assault weapons or military-grade weapons. The AR-15 replica that I
can buy from a Wal-Mart is not the same thing the servicemen use. It’s not fully automatic, I don’t have, oftentimes, the
magazine capacity they will, and more likely than not,
I’m not gonna be engaged in a situation where
I’m actually using it, so I don’t see the need to have it. – Okay, well, that’s what we disagree on. – Okay. – All right? – Respect. – All right, next one,
the gun show loophole. – Yeah. – All right, I think we ought to end that. – I can’t get mad at
you for straw purchases. – That’s right. – I can’t argue with that. – So, the gun show
loophole is a way to avoid the instant background check. – It is. – And then you got another one, is with the strawman situation. You go in there, you’re perfectly legal, you buy 20 guns–
– 20 guns, absolutely. – And you give ’em out to– – I can understand closing
the loophole, absolutely. – Those are my views.
– Absolutely. – That’s it. So, we disagree on assault weapons. – We do. – All right, that’s fine. Now, I think what I want to do is to– – And let me say this. That doesn’t jump me off your boat. For people who may see this conversation, that’s not enough to get me
off the Bernie Sanders bus. And I’d just like other
gun owners to know that. – Right, right. So, I have gotten
criticized, as you may know, by my opponents, than
I’m a hack of the NRA, and all of that stuff, and that’s– – [Mike] And I’m an NRA
member, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. – Okay, so that’s where we are, all right? – They didn’t send that question, either. And I’m not a fan of Wayne LaPierre. More of a fan of Colin North, the black guy they got over there. They got a great token black guy. (laughing) He’s a lawyer, he’s young,
he’s smart, he’s progressive, he probably, maybe secretly, voting you. I hope he is So, I mean, thank you for your honesty and your candidness on that, because I know that’s
another one of the things that people hold up to try to get people to be afraid of you, and after
I read up on your stance, I pretty much knew it was
liberal enough for me to say I could still go with this guy, because what happens if
assault weapons do get banned, at the end of the day, still
one of the only countries in the free world where citizens
are allowed to own guns, and that’s something, as
I do travel through Europe and places like that, that’s
one of the questions I get. I get two questions, I get, “Can you guys own guns
for real?” and yeah, and then I get, “Do you know Gucci Mane?” You probably don’t, but
kids always wanna know if I know Gucci Mane. (laughing) I’m glad to have you here, I’m glad to have you in this city. I hope that this city with
the legacy of Dr. King, I figured you already went. We’re looking at the top of
Ebeneezer Baptist Church there, not the historic one but the new one. Reverend Vornach may
be running for senate. He’s the only minister
whose church I stumble into a couple times a year, because
he preaches the same thing that you are doing
politically, social justice, and I’d be interested
to see more preachers from our community talk
about social justice. I think that during the Bush years, somehow they got caught
up in federal money, and I think that without the black church, the black community,
politically, is suffering, because the black church
used to serve as a place where organizing happened,
and organizational tools were taught, and again,
I hope the black church kind of gets with your campaign also. I hope they see that the
things you’re talking about are the things that the
Biblical Jesus talked about. Look at your face! – Oh, now you’re goin’ into another area. – But it’s the truth of it. You can’t call yourself,
and I’m not a religious… You know, I’m the guy
in the back of the room, smokin’ a joint, saying,
“I wonder if anything “is really out there.” You know, I’m the guy
that’s watching as much Carl Sagan as probably
my Christian neighbors are watching Joel Osteen. So I can’t promise you that I have faith in any of the three major
Abrahamic religions and that, but I do know the philosophy of Jesus has so touched my community– – Do unto others. – [Mike] As you would
have them do unto you. – That’s about it. – So, I hope the church from
my community gets behind, because what you’re
preaching, social justice, is what they’re talkin’ about on Sundays. – Well, all right. – I know you’re hungry, I’m not
gonna keep you here all day. We probably should grab food, I hope, and keep talkin’ on some candid stuff. – Okay, this was great. I really enjoyed it. All right, look, we’re gonna
continue this conversation. – Thank you so much. – Thank you. (“Blockbuster Night Part
1” by Run the Jewels)

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  • Make sure if you want to vote for Bernie for president
    you vote for Bernie in the PRIMARIES to beat Hillary.
    Register to vote.

  • I like Killa mike for the same reason I like Bernie…Both are real, honest and challenge the ideas but respect the person.

  • I really loved this !!! so much honesty and truth !!! I just wish that all communities of people could just come together !!!! I totally agree with what was talked about !!! America needs Social Justice !!! Awesome Conversation !!!

  • This Killer knows his shit. There should be a world where a person like Mike could be Bernies right hand in the white house. Or even The president.

  • Make Killer Mike your Vice President Bernie!!! That brother is more than intelligent enough to get the job done!!!! Bernie/Killer Mike 2016!! 🙂

  • i can't even imagine hillary in that barbershop chair talking to mike. just thinking about it is already so damn awkward.

  • these two men conversing have made smile I in a way I haven't in a long time. I see hope for true progress in Americas political system, societal philosophy, and cultural diversity. Hopefully this land can truly become a free home for everyone. I say this not only for my sake but all of my boricuas in Puerto Rico who can't vote. Change is possible!

  • As a Canadian being able to sit back and watch this election unfold without having any bias, you guys in the States really do need Bernie Sanders. Dude is real, no bullshit with him. It's not some sideshow or some battle of who loves God more, like the Republican debates always end up becoming. He is just a guy he knows what the fuck is wrong and how to just fix shit. Killer Mike nailed this sit down. Just a super smart guy interviewing another super smart guy. Great job, Mike. Do the right thing, USA. Get out and vote.

  • Awesome …..loved every minute of every part of this sequence… Mike, your a true man… Mad respect…. I've never voted once in my 40 yrs, but Mr. Sanders now has my vote …

  • In Canada we can own guns, just harder to obtain and the guns we can obtain are in no way automatic and mainly hunting oriented. You can still get pistols and other weapons off the street if you go way out of your way

  • i just dont get americas obsession with guns. arent all those statistics about gun-related deaths in the US reason enough to ban military grade firearms? people own rifles for hunting everywhere, you just dont need big firearms.

  • that was priceless when you were talking about Jesus and the look on bernies face lmao but he understood loved this and shared it i think everyone should watch this

  • I worked for Sallie Mae consolidating student loans and was privy to the horror stories of student loans, our young people would call crying that they were not aware that all of loans these loans come due upon graduating, this is so wrong, we are the only country in the industrialized world that does this to it's families and to make matters worse we kill them with healthcare premiums that other make other people cringe and wonder how in the world does America find it in their collective hearts to destroy the very tax base that provides the politicians jobs with great pay and a every conceivable benefit known to mankind and turns its back on the very people "not the rich or wealthy who shelter their dollars elsewhere and do not pay any taxes at all" that have given so much.

  • This was a terrific 6 part interview and I watched every one of them. I have to say that I really loved it. There were a lot of topics covered and this should tell a lot of people watching this of who Bernie Sanders is. Listen to what he has to say. He is always focused and on target on all the issues. He never wavers. Thanks for sharing this Killer Mike…

  • Sign to get rid of superdelegates! It undermines democracy and our voice as Americans.

  • These are the kind of interviews Bernie Sanders needs to get more on major new stations. Unfortunately the establishment wouldn't want that.

  • These are the kind of interviews Bernie Sanders needs to get more on major new stations. Unfortunately the establishment wouldn't want that.

  • Excellent, excellent conversation. I hope Sanders is your next president. It would be beneficial to the world. Killer Mike as the VP or in the presidential cabinet? I have no idea of your political capabilities but you seem to be a masterful visionary and communicator. Traits necessary in the field. Think about it. Now I'm gonna go and listen to your music.

  • That was really ace. I get really inspired and motivated when I listen to intelligent, thinking, real people speaking (I do not like the hunting AT ALL – but that is not going to change my thoughts on your intellect, thoughtfulness and ideas – I will just never come hunting with you). Good work. When Bernie smiles, I can see it is real love.

  • Police should arm themselves accordingly to the situation. Do you Really need more than a handgun to deal with our own citizens? Maybe just keep the M16/nightvision/grenades in the trunk of the damn car so it's there if u need it like maybe make that a rule? CoD: BlackOps doesn't get to be real life too!? No. We have SWAT team for terrorism already in place. Terrorists are not in our back yard, our own American citizens happen to be in their backyards most of the time. Common sense man…

  • I've cried twice before this interview has came to an end, and I'm not even from the States! oh USA, how I wish you were'nt so god damn relevant

  • I agree with Mike on most things and think he's a great activist, but I have to disagree with his view on gun control. I understand his argument, and as a white middle class guy I definitely cannot begin to understand what it's like to be scared for your life because of racism and crime. However, I am also from the UK where gun laws are very strict, and I know that our country is better off for it. Not only are there fewer homicides and acts of violence, but we also have very very few cases of police shooting that invoke any controversy. I'm 18 now I think I must have been around 14, possibly even younger, when there was last a controversial case of police violence against a black man. In America, such incidents occur regularly. In addition to this, I cannot remember there ever being a school shooting of any sort and this is due to the lack of guns. The fact of the matter is, by removing guns you remove the ability to commit gun related crimes, thus reducing the need for protection.

  • Thank you, Killer Mike. Excellent interview. Fills me with hope, watching two intelligent, mature men discussing relevant issues. I am a Swedish citizen, living in Denmark, and I strongly believe that the American people could benefit enormously from implementing some of the "socialist" policies the Scandinavian countries implemented in the mid-1900´s, or even earlier.And I agree with many other commentators; if I could, I would vote for both Bernie AND Mike 🙂

  • This says something about mike ( maybe more about me cz i havent even heard a single track of his), but ive been watching him and only heard about him through political interviews, talk shows etc, but the fact that ive heard of him and listened to him and only heard him through non-musical expression, shows that he is…i dont know how to verbally describe it actually, but a lot of rappers think they are doing a great justice talking about importnt and un-talked about things, and they are (not commercial/mainstream rap), while he is doing both, rappin his message while also literally walking the walk not just talking the talk ( proper activism)…Plus he is so fucking smart and just wired…maybe its the trees he be burnin hehe : D, but hey big ups to him, he's like a younger cornel west and i think even better and even more on point and broader. I love the man and i havent even heard a single tune, but i feel that i need to and want to now…Peace

  • "this is great" ~Bernie Sanders .yeah ! Really Great – this interview was so clear and honest I hope it is being shared throughout the southern states while Bernie is there now.

  • Bernie doesn't like having a lot of money, and he doesn't. So YOU shouldn't want to have a lot of money. Remember that.

  • January 20, 2017 is my birthday. I couldn't ask for anything more than seeing Bernie Sanders nominate Killer Mike for the Supreme Court…

  • To see a real conversation as meaningful as this is inspiring. This election was feeling so hopeless until I saw this. This gave me energy, hope and excitement. I really hope more people see this!

  • I liked his point about if the police have assault rifles then why shouldn't the people have them, but that leads to people saying well I want a predator drone or a tank, but it would also be interesting if the police weren't afforded assault rifles either, that's a good argument, in Britain not even the police had guns when there was a ban, all in all great interview Mike, I loved this whole convo.

  • Having a genuine conversation like this gave Bernie a sense of humanity and "personability" that I've yet to see from Hillary. I'd like to see her just sit down and have a candid convo like this. A big reason younger voters support Bernie isn't simply because we're all "Revolutionaries", it's because we can easily discern between someone who is genuine and someone who isn't.

  • Thank you so much Mike for doing this! This kind of exposure is what Bernie needs! Hopefully people who are undecided or plan on voting for someone else will see videos of Bernie and end up voting for him!

  • Great interview Mike, love your style brother and your intellectual curiosity is infectious. Have you checked out what Chris Hedges has to say about the issues you explored with Bernie? I would be very interested in your take on Hedges. peace, love and harmony form Québec

  • my friends tried to get me to listen to run the jewels and i couldn't get into it. i haven't really liked any rap since the mid-nineties, but ,and i'm a 46 year old ,blue collar,white male punk rocker ( not spiky hair and a leather jacket punker, fuck the establishment and fuck your rules punk rocker) i really have enjoyed this conversation and killer mike sounds like me when i explain a lot of my political views( ie- killer mike is a punk rocker). i'm a left wing progressive who loves guns and doesn't even remotely trust establishment politicians, democrat or republican. i'm terrified by this new trend of name recognition presidents and politicians, the nepotism of it all disgusts me as much as the publics seeming hunger to buy into it.. hillary straight out scares me, less than the insane asylum that is the GOP now, but she's too beholden to too many people for me to trust very much and as much as she tries to play it off, she reeks of white entitlement. i'm well aware that i'm writing run on sentences, but if it's good enough for hunter thompson it's good enough for me. anyway, just downloaded both run the jewels records, killer mike, i'd love some whiskey and we need bernie sanders like a guy with the clap needs to go get that shot. GET THE FUCK OUT AND VOTE!! NOT JUST FOR BERNIE, BUT IN EVERY ELECTION!! LOCAL ELECTIONS ARE IMMENSELY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY! RISE ABOVE AND START A POLITICAL REVOLUTION TODAY!

  • Excellent interview Mike – when I get down to the ATL I will make a point of visiting your shop, and get my cut tight end up, and engage in good conversation.

  • Everyone needs to see this. I feel like this series opens everyone's eyes to what Sanders is really about and not what he's portrayed to be about

  • does it really take youtube to get a decent interview with a presidential candidate?
    i'm not a us-citizen but like many others i fear for the world if donald trump is elected. i actually didn't believe that it was possible at all, but like sanders said, this is how all the big dictators got into office. it's the same mechanisms that hitler exploited and people apparently never learn.
    i really hope that stuff like this will make a difference. if trump is elected the usa will be a threat to the rest of the world, will become isolated and thrown back. it's actually scary to think about it. and i don't understand why so many people don't see the writing on the wall here.

  • You had me until the guns and God stuff. Haha

    I completely agree with you that if "they" have guns, then we should too ("they" being police officers and "the government" generally). But what if they didn't have guns? That's the whole point. We don't need guns. We only need guns to protect ourselves from other people with guns. Anything else is just recreational.

    I get that people like guns, but that just isn't enough for me. For how much damage they do, they just aren't worth it. But if we were to get rid of them, of course it would mean for those in power as well. The gun isn't a safety blanket, no matter how much you'd like to think it is. Gun owners are wayyyyy more likely to be the victim of a shooting than non-owners.

    All of this aside, I commend you for introducing Bernie Sanders to the black community in true sincerity and compassion. I hope you are able to change some minds and get some people to realize that Bernie Sanders is really the only candidate we should be backing. He is the candidate that I have personally been hoping for my entire life. So, thank you for doing this.

  • I just have to say this for the record…..Bernie Sanders is the MOST QUALIFIED candidate to lead the United States of America!……VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!……I too had no clue who Sanders was until recently, and it's crazy that he isn't talked about more because the man is a pure genius! I also had no clue who Killer Mike was either, but I find him very informed and highly intelligent! He definitely should consider getting into politics as well!

  • I really loved this discussion. I can't really understand how so many people think of Bernie's ideas as "out there". Being an idealist does not automatically mean that you lose touch with reality. Here we have a politician who sees so many things that are wrong with a country and tries to find the best solution to fix them. As he says himself realizing that change will take coordinated efforts from the American people and it won't happen in a day. Isn't it better to have someone as president who understands the big issues and is enthusiastic about solving them than someone who does not want to risk stepping on people's toes to gain votes? I'm not American so maybe my opinion isn't even relevant but it seems to me that Bernie is not just a politician, he represents an opportunity to set the country on a better path.

  • I want hours and hours more of this, now that Bernie is deeper into his campaign. Mike and Bernie, in a barbershop, telling it like it is. Please happen?

  • This is an impressive interview, all six segments. Killer Mike, you are cerebral, informed and conscious. I would really like to see more barber shop interviews. You would be doing us all a powerful service. Thank you so much! I am proud to now be a subscriber. 🙂

  • This was seriously so beautiful to watch. Killer Mike, you are a great reviewer as well as a great man. Much respect. And if this doesn't convince people that Bernie is who we NEED as a president, idk what will. He literally wants everyone to be happy.

  • As a 31 y.o white male from Texas, I'm Angry. I'm poor, constantly struggling with financial security paired with stable employment, and scared. I'm scared when i watch the news and see groups of other angry people being fed hateful rhetoric. I don't want to say Trump rallies, but yeah Trump rallies. Putting aside my own Problems with this and living in Texas while considering myself a progressive . I'm fearful that if Bernie does not win the election we will at best have a stagnant 4 years where most likely the slant of wealth inequality and separation-creating rhetoric will continue to grow. I don't think Bernie will be able to get all these things if not most of them done, but what i do believe in is that he will help shift our way of thinking to start acting together, we can be different in many ways, be it wealth, color, religious beliefs, and sexual identity, and still be a group invested in the betterment of our nation and humanity in general. We are in fact, all humans. At least I'm pretty sure we are. Forget The GOP's choices, I'm speaking of Hillary, the republican candidates are a non-option in my mind, of course Bernie will get push back on anything progressive he proposes, but Hillary will too, and I just don't believe that she will stand up to the same amount of resistance, to which I'm certain there will be. She is a politician who has had her life planned out for years. In my perspective, I feel she has been in this line of work for a while with the main focus on the career and not what the job actually means. to represent the individuals who essentially hired you. To listen to their wants needs and concerns and then give every ounce and hour of effort to trying to address them.

    You rock Mike, TY to you both for sitting down and having such a real talk. Sorry for coming in so late, better believe I did early voting on the primaries though!

  • I just love this! It made an expatriate proud to be an American and want to find out how to vote from Germany. I also more than once had a tear in my eye, because you were speaking from my heart.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • I wished I was an American so that I could vote for Bernie, but then I remember I would have to be American.

  • The US plays a huge role in the world's politic and economic dynamics. I am not an US citizen, in fact I haven't even being there ever, BUT just because of the effect that the choice you "Americans" take when you vote will have on my country, I feel in the obligation of inform myself about whats going on in your country and share that info. Listen to this guys, they know what they are talking about! Dr. M. Mairena Veterinarian, Costa Rica

  • having a assualt rifle out and walking down the street i would say is fine aslong as it is slung over you back with the barrel pointing up to the sky or down to the ground so there is virtualy no way a accidental shot being fired and killing someone

  • I am just happy that Bernie had such a good time with Mike, hopefully they do more interviews and stuff.

  • Thank Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders. Corporate media portrayed Bernie negative in favor of Hillary and Trump because both are puppets of the rich. And the rich owned corporate media.

    Love both of you from an Asian man.

  • I am so sad I just discovered these videos, I wish I could have shared them during the primaries. So many well articulated points.


  • We voted for Bernie, and then the electorate college overturned the vote of the people in the interests of the corporate machine. Corporations are not people my friend.
    "A Report To The Shareholders / Kill Your Masters"

  • 1. Your friend is NOT a conservative !!!

    2. Atlanta – stop voting for rich straight white men ! they are corrupt !! vote for bernie… a rich straight white man !

    3. Your own songs talk about not trusting what politicians say ..haha ..but Bernie -yes – he's different know it !! haha

    4. Bernie preach that high earners like YOU mike need to pay for lazy druggie unemployed bums lives with your hard earned money … lets see you give all your money and be equal to other non successful poor people that you don't even know !!!

    5. religion ? jesus? haha the left hates religion !

    6. mike- real a book !!!! stop being so gullible….you being scammed on your own show …hahah !!!

    7. if you making money off this youtube video make sure you give everyone in your community a piece of your earnings… its social justice right ? equality ,… go ahead and pay for everyone else's groceries…hahahha

  • John the Baptists and his disciples were egalitarian gnostic reformists, they viewed the Abrahamic deity, a culturally appropriated lesser canaanite warrior deity chosen for its isolationist properties, as the Demiurge, the one keeping the illusion of the physical realm, that which not only the cathars later viewed as hell or rather purgatory and even the error in translation which is the current bible only calls "hell" – earth, as a prison away from the higher divine knowledge and true pure aspect of god beyond the physical realm.

    Then after the fact came Paul, a former warrior, viewed the political landscape and the divide between the original gnostic origins of the philosophy and the crumbling Roman state and rebuilt the tool (religion with out the philosophy) into one of power, the hierarchical Roman-Catholic church as a control mechanism of fear and shame, "Paulinism", while discrediting and eradicating traces of the original egalitarian philosophy and its followers.

    Egalitarian (equality) Gnostic (knowledge) Reformism (change) – that's what is missing from Religion, or rather philosophy with out the conviction of the hierarchical doctrine.

  • can someone grab this dude a blunt a row of strong women to do some nasty goodness… Bernie, you are the man and Killer Mike Bravo.

  • I just watched the 6 parts america elected the wrong man for the job Bernie really has everyone's best interests at heart and cares he wants to make changes for the greater good of all

  • We need to get these circulating again I think 2020 might be his year! Feel the BURN 2020!

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