28 thoughts on “Talking trade: Is there any hope for a US-China reconciliation?

  • China’s move in the South China Sea is a threat to world peace and their dishonest trade practices has challenged the trade norms in the free world. China cannot be allowed to use the SCS as a negotiating chip to gain concessions for whatever they aim to accomplish. Communism must be thwarted in their march into the free world. The Communist Party’s stranglehold on the Chinese people must be stopped for a real free world.


  • Why is the United Nations not intervening in the South China Sea issue. This is clearly in their sphere of responsibility. China has already stolen the South China Sea and that is very dangerous to world peace because in no way will America and the free world allies will be passive about it. The South China Sea is not a negotiating chip for China. Because China cannot be trusted to any peace treaty The only way to deal with them is to bring down the Communist Party that is the power in China.

  • Can China stand toe-to-toe with the U. S. in an economic and trade war?
    China is an export-driven economy. The size of the U. S. market gives the U. S. an edge in a trade dispute by limiting or denying China's access to it.
    America's control over dollar-based trading and the depth of the Treasury bond market gives the U. S. the advantage in a financial dispute.
    Investment by China in its roads, airports, trains, factory machinery, public -works projects, etc., that is , fixed asset investment, rose by 6.1%, the lowest growth this millennium.
    China has cracked down on shadow banking, such as trust companies and other non traditional lenders, caused a reduction in nonbank credit by $218 BILLION since April. This has starved vulnerable private companies of cash.
    In July, unemployment in China rose to 5.1%, up from 4.8% in June.
    Policy makers in China have recently loosened lending conditions so as to unleash another domestic stimulus. This spells the end of President Xi Jinping's deleveraging efforts. This is a MAJOR political defeat for him.
    If property prices begin to drop in China, then its currency and financial markets will have major trouble.
    Are China and President Xi Jinping feeling economic and financial heat? It certainly appears so.

  • Trump will claim victory anyway, just like on the new Nafta deal, where there were only some marginal changes. The growing deficit does not interest him. If needed he threatens with a default.

  • If China gives in to US bullying then the US will do it over and over again. So China will wait it out. US politicians don’t want angry farm state voters while China can wait it out. The US will cave first.

  • A world as to relate with a China or a country as a non relate with China a country as a relate with a other country.

  • China always pursue win-win cooperation. But USA wants lose-lose!

    History will remember: Trump stated recession (peaked in various areas–> then going down) in 2018!

    Yes, he may make records (stock, employment or+ unemployment rate, deficit, growth) in USA, but too short-sighted!

    Sustainable? may be very difficult!

  • Is there any hope for a US-China reconciliation? No , because this has nothing to do with trade, it's about power, so there can be no deal, and as soon as people realize what going on the better for everyone.

  • When is the United Shits Americunts going to accept the Reality???
    If this were:-
    2008 and before : China : We are sorry, We will just follow, listen and do whatever you guys (USA) want us to.
    2018 and in the future : China : Oh Pleassse, F1ck off and do whatever you guys want and like because No one Cares 😀

  • US like to accuse China steal and abuse the global trade system. The WTO rules were written by US and Europe, and the world play by this rule book. When China joined, she joined with very strict terms. But when US found that rhey are not winning on the rules they had written, they accuse and accuse but dare not let the WTO decide. Instead trying to destroy WTO by blocking the appointment of judges. US, a super power but acting like a cry baby. , dangerous thing is the baby has the biggest gun.

  • China vs US.

    If you've been paying attention, you know that China is on the verge to become the biggest economy in the world and they plan on doing just that.

    If you know the US, you know they just cant accept that fact

  • Reconciliation with Trump and the USA the WORLD Criminals? That Trade WAR was created by the TERRORIST Trump of the USA. I don't think CHINA will accept the reconciliation.

  • Its funny that European always wants a say at the table when they contribute very little in anything unless we count the misery they unleashed on the world during colonialism.

  • China wont stop until its Super Power, and US wont stop until its still Super Power so the solution till now…War

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