Tarihin En Yüksek 10 Yapısı | Piramitler, Eiffel Kulesi, Dubai

Welcome to tarihsiz “without history” Today together, we’re going to look at the 10 biggest structure in history. 146 meter – long Great Pyramid of Giza built in 2500 BC. It’s 10. in our list! Eiffel tower which is estimated in 1889. With its 300 meter-long, 9th place in list. If you wonder why its name is “Eiffel” We only have to say that its designer’s name Gustav Eiffel. World Trade Center which it collapsed with 11 September attack. In 8th place with its 381 meter height Petronas Towers located in Malasia, in 7th place with its 452 meter height If you know that the each tower has 76 elevators You can feel comfortable if you wanna go up International Commerce Center in Hong Kong, despite its all ugliness With its 484 meter height, it deserves to be in 6th place in our list Tapei 101 tower in Taiwan With its 509 meter height and 101 floor, it was the heighest building since 2010 Its in 5th place. This building also knowing as a Freedom Tower With its 541 meter height, its in 4th place The most interesting fact about this building is 541 meter means 1776 feet And 1776 is the date of Declaration of Independence Abraj Al Bait watch tower is 601 meter-long and in 3rd place Its in Mekke And a hotel that 2 million people can stay in a year Its the highest paid building in history For second place of that list, we can put lots of Chinese skyscrapers But they all look the same so we’re gonna take the heighest of them Shanghai tower is 632 meter height and in 2nd place First place of that list is as you can guess Burj Dubai First building that constructed of steel on concrete With its 829 meter height, its gonna be in the first place for a long time As a bonus Great Wall deserves to be in that list not with its height but with its lenght It has built in 2000 years Its lenght is 8850 km Biggest structre made by human beings Today we’ve seen the heighest, the longest, the biggest structres of world In our next episode, we’re gonna take a look at Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Farewell, dont stay “without history” Subscribe us!

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