TAURUS ♉ January 7-13, 2019 •||• Dreamy Love & Reconciliation 💕

hello my lovely Tauruses and welcome to DQ Tarot I'm gonna be doing your weekly tarot reading for January 7th through the 13th 2019 so happy second week of 2019 guys I hope this year is starting off pretty well for you guys um check out your 2019 a reading it is up it's for the whole year I do one card per month it's a nice general overview for what is coming in throughout 2019 for you guys and if you want to book your own 2019 private reading to see what's coming in this year for specifically you and you know how you can best adjust to these things coming into your life and also how to create more abundance and success within your life and you know make sure that you're going on the right path here you can get your own 2019 reading in which I will go into all of that with you and it's gonna be you know a very long reading over an hour so if you guys are interested in getting a 2019 reading or any other type of tarot reading with me you can book a reading with me using all the information that I have right below this video in the description box all right without further ado let's get a 1 card for the week general energy for the week of January 7th through 13th for my Tauruses mister eating will not resonate with every single one of you so let me connect to the higher cells and the spirit guides of the Tauruses whose messages need to come through this week what is the general energy there's a spirit mother earth he's coming through Archangels just a general energy for my Tauruses verse 7 to the 13 28:19 and we are using my gustav klimt tarot deck just kind of was thinking about that for you guys what are we getting for the weekly energy for my Tauruses let me get justice reversed we could feel a little bit imbalance this week feeling like you know things are not going the way we want them to about you know I mean justice is also the card of a Libra so we could be dealing with a Libra who's very unbalanced right now we could be dealing with also on a stick of a you know this should end of a legal situation part of my French but you know this is not the best part of it this is you know something going wrong something like we have been treated in in equally or unjustly here justice servers is you know it's it's a negative part of you know I feel like there's a little bit of a loss here there is not um there's discordance you know there's also a lot of limited freedom type of feeling here and input an impact bility with conflicts and situations you feels like you just can't get comfortable you can't get balance you can't find you know that type of energy that is balancing and forgiving and it's giving us what we want here also again if we're dealing with a legal situation we could be dealing with the downside of it's been could be going wrong it could be put off or we could again be feeling like people aren't taking us very seriously at this time in that matter and they're not working for our best justice or people are not seeing things in the just on and adjust away at this time alright let's see what we get from Monday Tuesday for my Taurus it's Monday Tuesday what is coming in for my Tauruses for this week Monday Tuesday they will do it for Wednesday Thursday then Friday Saturday Sunday and we will do three cards for love in one oracle card okay Oh Radia Monday Tuesday for my lovely Tauruses what is coming forward what will be coming in Monday Tuesday for them oh we got the ten of cups a lot of emotional happiness emotional stability especially if this is within a love relationship or a family relationship here we're feeling very loved very cared for we're having a lot of support having a really great um it's almost like almost a celebration that we're celebrating with the people that we love here really celebrating you know the feelings between us that can that interconnectedness between us here I'm sorry about that let's check out sorry about that it's a loud morning let's see what we get now for Wednesday Thursday Wednesday Thursday for my lovely Taurus is don't worry we'll go more in depth into the cards and their energies and what it's bringing about this week after I pull all the cards out I'm gonna say Thursday for my Tauruses and we get the six of swords interesting because Aries actually had the same card in the same position different deck though in the middle of the week we have that six of swords so um if you guys have any areas in your chart or you're dealing with an Aries or you know it is your Sun Moon rising or your Venus sign or even Mercury Mars go check that out because it could give you some more insight into what we're going through this week but there is a sense of moving from one place to another this could also be travel involved here very sudden movements from one situation to the next it may be involving a person or having somebody kind of help us here but also be traveling by water or near water let's see Friday Saturday Sunday for my lovely Tauruses Friday Saturday Sunday and we're getting what are we getting here interesting I just saw the four of swords pop out with a bunch of other cards that'd be really interesting if that came out in the same position as areas as well that'd be crazy to me let's see just the weekend bringing forward for my lovely Tauruses wives here alright interesting so we're feeling like we're very stressed out by the weekend here it's interesting you never get 110 they're eating without the other ten see if there's a lot of emotional stability a lot of emotional harmony happiness good feelings about here at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week kind of feels like we're feeling very stressed out very like we've had a lot of stress on our backs throughout this week it feels like we're moving out of that though because the 10 of Wands in this deck even when it is upright speaks of you know the end of that we can celebrate that we have ended you know carrying all these wands he's not carrying them like they are like you know the person with the 10 of Wands card usually is and a lot of the other decks here the 10 of Wands in this deck is you know very much about get into that point of income and financial happiness here it also again be you know that we've had a lot of completed work we've completed some large amount of work we never thought we were gonna get it done here we've made have had a really busy week as well anyways so that's what kind of general energy I get here but I let go right into each of the cards here with a ton of pups um again we get this we get this sense of real just like love and happiness here there's a lot of emotional frivolity it's almost like we're celebrating we're having a good time with people we could again be falling in love feeling a lot of emotional connection to the partner with you know again we could be having it for married this could be marital harmony but I do feel that whatever situation Raymond especially with our friendships and our connections we're gonna feel very emotionally full about every we feel very um just amazing we're maybe sharing a lot of like stories a lot of our love with others at this time you know we could be having a really good give-and-take within friendships and relationships whatever it is there's a lot of harmony and create creativity to it almost like a fantasy love type feeling here so we're gonna feel very emotionally happy vibrant at the beginning of the week the six of swords here again is that moving forward type of energy here we get there's that there's travel or you know it could be moving towards a new situation a new path forward here sixes are always indicative of us moving on our desired paths that is meant for us soul it's almost like a soul path typeof a 'number for me sixes they indicate you know connectedness within our past lives and our future lives and where we are meant to go it also again to me indicate success also indicated that our higher selves are very present when these cards come up and they're directing us in a specific direction here so again we could be thinking about moving or we could be moving traveling moving onto something different again the six of swords also can indicate instead of physically moving but like mentally and emotionally moving on for his situation and putting our focus onto something knew in the future we're leaving one path behind them moving on to another one I'm actually gonna pull clarifier like I did for Ares just because I think it's really interesting that you guys kind of ended up with the same cards this week and I'm actually gonna use my Aquarian Tarot to clarify this kind of clips six of swords here where's the sticks of sorts my choruses this week look at the five of rods interesting so there is conflict there's competition we're rising above the competition here again we can be feeling a lot of competitive energy when this card comes up here I'm feeling like people are trying to bring us down and I'm like we have to compete against a lot of people here however with this emotional backing the beginning of the week it does feel like you know we're taking this we're moving forward with it and feeling very confident about ourselves underneath it all there is a sense of competition there is a sense of you know we're fighting for what we want here you know there's a strenuous competition for material gains and recognition you know this could be that we're trying to make our business affairs improve here so again if we're very focused on money in business which I find tourists are right now and I've been finding a lot in your readings that were very focused on money business success we're feeling like we're there's a lot of competitiveness year yeah it does feel like we are coming out on top the 10 of Wands at the end of the week to me especially in this deck it's not a negative card it's very positive and it talks again a lot about you know any kind of financial success here we're overcoming some obstacles overcoming difficulties overcoming stress and we're really completing our work and you know enhancing our self-confidence through whatever we have been through so just feel like we are coming out on top and whatever sort of situation we're feeling that there's competition in this week we're coming forward we're also our again we're leaving any sort of negative feelings we had about any sort of you know oh I can't do this if we had any self doubts any self-confidence issues we're leaving that in the past and we're moving forward and saying hell yeah I can do this okay let's see what love what is I'm coming in for a love for you guys to sweet I'm gonna use my experience Tarot for that love for my Tauruses for January 7th through the 13th 20 my something illicit 2018-2019 it's gonna take a while for me to get used to that all right let's see tortoises for love and romance what is coming in for them the week of January 7th through the 13th are we getting here Monday Tuesday for in love what is coming in for them what I want to pull this morning we get the king of cups interesting possibly a Scorpio cancer in Pisces there's somebody very significant very emotionally mature they're showing up as very emotionally abundant and mature they've been through probably a lot emotionally and they're now ready to really give us that love give us that message again if we don't have a significant other that is one of these water signs we're having somebody show up in a you know love situation that is doesn't have to be a male but this person is very emotionally stable very calm almost feeling they don't feel like you know deep waters like you're looking at them and yes they're very common emotionally stable but there's a deep water there and you know that there's a depth to them type of energy there alright let's see when it's a Thursday for my horses for loving romance and we get the six of cups there's Reconciliation love a solely energy again this is my soulmate card like we could also be thinking about nostalgic way about a love from the past and this is not a soulmate coming in I often see the six of cups of reconciliation so you could be having a reconciliation or a water sign come in this week to try to reconcile with us Wow and at the end of the week here we at the page of the cup page of the cup is the page of cups here a little fish peeking out there like hey what's up I want to go on a date that's the kind energy I get here so if we're a single I really do feel that there's a significant water sign in our life this week could be a pisces could be a cancer could be a Scorpio with that king of cups energy this person can be coming up very strongly excuse me and then at the end of the week here they could be trying to you know see where this um you know reconciliation is really taking us here or starting something new the page of cups is you know testing the waters he's sending messages like hey I like you I really do and you know that's why there's this whole energy between us here this is really nice energy honestly the king of cups tennis represents a min of you know divinity maybe even business or law but this person is very it's very emotionally responsible very responsible very mature this is a very mature and very considerate of others type of energy here this person is a very very decent person and so this is somebody that is interested in you at this time or this is your partner there showing up very strongly they're showing that very mature very stable very emotionally connected and they're able to really communicate their emotions well at this time they're really on top of it they're like the ascended level of a water sign here six of cups again it's about you know reconciliations for me also again about soulmate love coming into my soulmate relationship having a significant soulmate relationship come back around or reconcile with us so again if we have had a breakup in the past with somebody or even thinking about somebody from the past this could really indicate a water sign from our past coming back up here there's a certain there's a type of almost like dreaming Estelle juh to this week here especially with the six of cups in the center it's also again reflecting you know we might be reflecting on the past here are things that have you know relationships that have you know past aspire that we've broken up with or have not worked out can can also indicate a desire for change within a relationship and desire for a reconciliation again with a past lover or reconciliation within a relationship coming into a new sense of understanding with this person a new sense of love it's like we're starting off the year and even if we are coupled this person is coming off very differently our relationship is feeling very different very strong very emotionally um it feels very emotionally stabilized very much emotionally and growing like we haven't matured it emotionally we have reached a new level here we're coming into a new understanding of each other and a deeper connectedness the page of cups at the end of the week here is another wonderful card for you know just really moving forward emotionally within relationships communicating our emotions this again could also be if the person thoughtful artistic or young person that are willing to really help you out here they're willing to put forth effort and help you out if they're not you know somebody that you know is directly like um you're directly interested in this person can be helping you out with your relationship may be a different water sign or a friend if we're having trouble or you know we just need some more insight here however I go and I really think that this is you know a new and this is the burn of a new period and love here it's immunise it's almost like this we're just getting to know each other again type of feeling we're just falling for each other all over again type of energy we're in a relationship and if we're not again this feels very much like we're falling in love with somebody were falling in love with a situation again and it just feels like almost even if we don't know this person we might feel in our hearts of heart in our heart of hearts here that we know them in a different way like me but we might feel that we know that we might feel very connected with them because they are so late or maybe again we've been a lover with them in a past life when the six of cups comes up okay all right let's pull a Halloween Oracle by Stacy DeMarco for you guys for some advice for the week a device for my Taurus is for January 7 through 13 2019 advice for my Torrance's advice for my tortoises when we get ancestors interesting ancestors the love and legacy of our DNA so he's been coming out quite a bit probably because we're at the end sorry the beginning of the year here and I feel that you know the veil is always very thin it starts and beginnings oh yeah beginnings and ends of the year is about us because you know we have a lot of family and stuff that wants to come back down and connect with us so we're thinking about them so not a surprise I'm walking their footsteps they're whistling inside me remains I am unique yet carry a legacy their blood runs in my veins should the ancestor heart bring itself to your attention know that you are ready and able to action your birthright of power you have the support of those who came before you there may be challenges or struggles but you have everything you need to overcome them you will prevail so whatever you are facing at this time know that you are being watched know that you have guidance and you know the backing of your ancestors and spirit guides your higher self here at this time we are ready to action the birth rate of our power here we're ready to come into a new period of spiritual and emotional growth here a lot of a lot of intense spiritual growth is coming in in 2019 and if you guys don't aren't aware of that again go check out my 2019 reading for Tauruses as that it talks a lot about you know the growth and what we're gonna be going through this year which is really big and intense as Taurus I just our Uranus is coming back into Taurus for the next seven years and it's gonna shake everything up okay so whatever we are afraid to move forward or whatever we believe there will be a struggle and moving forward in it will be a struggle we will be able to succeed and get what we want here and really it you know action the birth rate of our success action our birth rate of power here so go for it you know whatever you're trying to go for whatever you're trying to tell yourself you can't do it this time or believe like I wouldn't be able to do that or create that you can all right remember that taurus is 2019 is a new year for that and it is really allowing us to manifest and create exactly the life and the success that we want all right Tory says thank you so much for all your support if you guys haven't please subscribe and share it really helps the channel and when I get to 10,000 subscribers I will be doing a huge giveaway and again if you want to get your own 2019 or any other type of reading with me I have love readings etc 20 minute readings on all sorts of things career love whatever you have any questions about so if you want a book a private reading with me all that information is right below this video in the description box thank you guys so much and have a wonderful week

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