hey Torres this is going to be your monthly reading for july 2019 I apologize that it is a bit late but this is going to be for the entire month of July so some of the things that come through have probably in the recent past they've already happened or they are about to happen so that being said tours I did meditate on your energy and it's very interesting what came through I'm right off the bat I'm getting that a lot of you guys have been on the defense just had a lot going on it's very interesting so let me just tell you what came through in the meditation so the first thing that came through in the meditation was like this person like I'm seeing the human throat and waves like literally waves crashing down and moving through your throat so I'm getting that there's there's a need to calm that throat chakra and throat your throat chakra is connected to communication and again we are mirror you retrograde there is a lot of miscommunication happening but for some of you there could be misunderstandings but I'm getting that there's like I'm hearing turmoil now but I literally in this meditation there's just less like great big waves moving through this throat and just crashing down like there's a cleansing and a clearing happening of your throat chakra or I need to okay but I'm really I I do see again with the meditation the meditations always symbolize to me what you are doing so I do see that you are clearing out your throat chakra taking that time to heal your throat chakra for some it could just be you know eating the colors of each of the chakras will help heal that so blueberries blackberries a great meditation is to look at the sky and just envision that the blue sky like literally going into your throat chakra or for some it could just be doing a meditation where you are visualizing these waves crashing throat chakra but I do see a cleansing of the throat chakra happening and then I don't know if some of you are camping because I see this person gathering like steak and putting together a fire but they're not actually making the fire they're just like collecting like twigs and sticks and they're putting them in a pile and then this might sound more of it because I thought this is more of it but it's kind of very peaceful I see you floating in a river or a lake or some kind of stream and you're just floating there and that could be you looking up at the sky and clearing your throat chakra or just taking time to bathe in Mother Nature but I do see it's like someone just just gracefully floating in this river and then I see I saw a tent so I'm deaf or something there's definitely somebody camping now this won't resonate with everybody but I do see like that there's a tent and then all the twigs are over at this campsite I do want to say campsite and then I see the stream that I was seeing this person float in and when I looked up in the meadow kind of this tall grass there's a deer popping its head out and I'm not quite familiar with the deer Spirit medicine but what I was getting is that like that's why I'm getting defends because they do know of deers that they the very observant of predators right and I'm getting that you're just like you're needing to take a step away from some sort of chaos okay because I am it's like this deer just it's it's searching for this piece this calm the serenity and then I'm seeing you like just floating this lake so I'm getting that there's this need to just have like a break like this calming kind of energy that you need to get back to not saying that's for everybody I'm for some of you tourists you guys are very calm which is why there might be some situation or person that just keeps like I'm getting like barking at you were coming at you and you just can't seem to catch a break and you're needing to just take a step back maybe take some time into nature maybe go on a camping trip by yourself or with family and friends and just relax just just I'm getting like grounding yourself because followed by that I'm seeing like there's a taxicab and then all this noise so for some of you you might be living in a very noisy area because I'm just hearing horns and honking and like traffic and I see this person like taking their luggage out of the taxicab and like go back up to their apartment looking up their window and just kind of like beating back in the grind but you've come back from taking that time you're now on a much more grounded space but defense was coming up a lot in the meditation like a kept hearing it and I mean I'm hearing it now so for some of you if you do feel like you're on the defense or maybe you have to defend yourself just know that you are protected you are being guided and take that time to to meditate and maybe clear out your throat chocolate so you can communicate in a way that's healthy for you and others yeah okay so Taurus that's what came through and the meditation just wanna see if it wrote down anything else um I hope floats was coming out this so that's a movie um for some of you that might resonate a movie came out in the Aquarius reading I've not seen either of these movies but hope floats might carry some weight for UK tour so we're gonna jump into the reading I will post all of the decks that I'm using below so let's jump into it and hope my camera doesn't cut out it did pre shuffle all the decks so spirit what message do we have for Taurus I'm moon rising for july 2019 spirit what message Taurus Sun rising for July by 19 spirit what message do we have for Taurus I'm gonna write July we meet you lash up a little spirit what message do you have for Torres some moon rising july 2019 see okay spirit mustered upper taurus too many cards spirit message do we have for Taurus Simon rising july 2019 okay Wow queen of swords so what did I say with the throat chakra so this is definitely in a recent past or this coming week somebody's communicating their truth okay and like I said being on the defense the queen of swords male or female energy it's just energies rape this is somebody who has been through hell and high water okay you've had a lot of transformations you've had go through a lot I am hearing abuse whether it's abusive relationships are just like abusive situations I'm getting strongly it could be in the workplace for some of you and now again I am getting strong you have cleared at that throw shocker because this is coming from a place of compassion but like speaking the harsh truth like this is reality and you may not want to hear it but I'm gonna say it is the best way I can that like you hurt me so it could be communicating with somebody it could be family it could be in a relationship friends or coworkers even a boss perhaps of like you know I went through this this is what's been done to me and I'm now communicating that but there is there's definitely a sincerity being spoken whether it you or this has already happened or you're doing this this week there's there's an honesty and it's kind of like your commanding respect which is beautiful thing I love the queen of swords is by far probably top five and I I want to say like number one favorite card because it just embodies such such strength like that strength that is tourists not noticed by many okay a lot of people don't know what it is you've been through because you carry yourself with such grace and this is just I'm getting you speaking open and honestly about what it is that you know has hurt you or caused you pain in the past or like it could even be you offering healing words to somebody but I do see and it actually never knows this before I usually only pick up on the butterflies and the transformation but inside her cloak is the Stars so that is the heavens you're embodying this heavenly energy of knowing your place and knowing what it is that you want and not being afraid to speak it just a very powerful commanding presence but with such compassion and grace okay a beautiful beautiful card spirit what else do we have for a tortoise some moon rise about okay victory beautiful so we have the six of Wands coming out this is you being victorious okay so whatever it is that you are planning on speaking on whether it's to others just it could be you at helping others through your own experiences right speaking out maybe you've never spoken about what you've been through before you're finally speaking out about it and sharing your truth and being victorious this is you being applauded and with the white horse being purity okay harnessing that life force energy horses to me are a very symbolic because there's such wild free creatures and when I see any of the figures you know on them especially the white horse that is like you've you've harnessed it right that pure energy and again like I said the queen of swords is truth it's that harsh reality of like somebody needs to hear this and you being very victorious the sun is shining for you for some of you I am getting that there could be Lee when your chart you might be connecting to a Leo or even an air sign Gemini Libra Aquarius and for the fire signs Aries Leo Satch but if this is your energy it's like you're being victorious okay and if this is somebody else this could be a fire sign coming – coming – 10 – like say you know what yeah and they were kind of backing you up I'm hearing Savior so either somebody could be your Savior that can get a little if he um I hope I don't offend anybody with that but or this is just you you could be somebody Savior like you know I'm speaking your truth does help others in it especially yourself we need to be honest and not only with ourselves but with others but I do see being very victorious and being applauded okay I do see there's like there's this celebration of Taurus again like I said people didn't know what it was you were hiding right that close it's like they they didn't see that you were caring all that um and once you see I'm just tourists once you speak that truth six being connected to the lover so for some of you this could be speaking their truth within a relationship as above so below and again I'm going back to sorry if I'm repetitive but it's like bringing that darkness and what you went through bring it to the light so as above so below and finding that balance of masculine feminine energies of the dark night of the soul and your light if that resonates with anybody okay let's keep going Taurus definitely there's a victory coming with a review or somebody else workplace family relationship just yourself what you're putting out there to others letting others know there's definitely a celebration coming from you being honest okay spirit what are the messages we have the Taurus summon rising july 2019 please tourist Simon rising spirit initiation Wow okay so we have the four swords jumping out so that is taking the time to arrest arrest and reflect and mercury retrograde is a time to reevaluate re reflect readjust revise it's all day going over you know what it is that we want to do and how we want to move forward of everybody fears mercury retrograde but it's honestly it is a blessing to a lot of us because it gives us that time to rethink where it is that we want to go with the for this is stability this is home so for some of you it could be creating or taking time to to balance out that home life and again for some of you you could have been in a very chaotic home life and that's what you're finally speaking your truth awning and gaining victory over others that might have done you wrong or treated you wrong and taking that time to rest that mental break right you're still carrying you should we still have one sword down here that's like set in stone it's like to me this is like you have you kind of put all your swords out there right with the queen of swords you spoke your truth that's all these swords it's like okay I spoke about that I thought about this and I spoke about that I can put that up there and now you're just taking time to meditate and reflect on um possibly one last thing you want to get out there or how you want to move forward and I but I am getting stability not being needed I'm getting that you you're creating it for yourself kind of looking at that start that wish fulfillment and I'm getting such a peaceful like calming of like you know you're on the right path you can see it now like with that victory and this could be you taking time to take it all in of what's happening and just how you want to move forward but I am getting strongly there is a stability it's a very solid right it's like cement can't get any more solid than cement I don't think and you're just thinking about that wish fulfillment like you have that star you you're seeing it and I'm getting you're meditating on that wish but something's blossoming okay and it could be again within your family home life it could be moving maybe once you have gained this recognition it gives you the opportunity to move and you're just contemplating about that move but I do see something blossoming with a wish with that star there and you're just kind of taking time to reconnect to your spirit to your higher-self about what it is that you want to do with this last sword okay and swords are thoughts okay twice well should we have for tourists some moon rising I do see about the six list for a completion happening here okay so you're definitely moving into a cycle spear where the messages do we have tutorials I'm moon rising July 2018 here what message do you have for tourists summarizing for july 2019 sees measures to be tougher towards some moon rising for july 2019 please hold my camera doesn't cut out sometimes okay spirit tourists i'm moon rising for July 2018 okay fine great oh wow we got two cards okay so we have the five of swords followed by the knight of Pentacles which is um very interesting so the five of swords that doesn't keep to me that change is happening and you are leaving something behind okay and with the knight of Pentacles this is like I said you are moving towards stability it's very slow moving this could be another earth I'm moving towards you but Taurus I am getting that this is your energy and when I see the knight of Pentacles everybody knows I can get that that's whatever it is you're working towards it's protected when I see the knight in his armor and a very it's like a very solid footing but jumping back to the five of swords we're going from the fourth swords to the five of swords and again a very victorious kind of energy with this card some people some see this card as being smug but I get this this is leaving something behind that that wasn't serving you anymore okay so leaving a group of people of naysayers who maybe thought they had the upper hand on you and you're just kind of walking away like yeah you think that but wait till you see what I'm doing here because you're walking away from people who maybe didn't think that you could do something or doubted you right like I said you carry yourself in such a way where people don't know what you've been through what you're capable of because you compose yourself with almost a composure like you have such a self composure about yourself that's the right wording and it's like when you're not looking watch me go create the stability for myself that you thought I couldn't and it could be within it could be within home it could be you starting your own project your own business leaving people at work who were just you know like I said I was getting a lot of Defense there could have been people in your environment whatever it may be could even be in a relationship maybe somebody thought that you were never gonna walk away once you spoke your truth you got up out of there you were victorious you then meditated on what you were gonna do and you bounced to create your own stability you're like I don't it's not that we do need to be you're on others but it's like not around negative energy that's gonna weigh us down so with this five five meaning change rate I'm in a choice needing to be made I do see you making that choice to walk away from people who weren't serving you and create your own stability that is very solid okay and protected it's just very slow moving so but tourists you guys are the bull so it's you're gonna be taking your tourist my camera died but as I was saying you guys are the zodiac of the bull and I'm just seeing with this and again being Mercury retrograde it might seem slow but it's slow and steady paces and you guys have a solid footing it's like with every step it's a solid move towards towards that financial stability and or again it's just I'm getting you could be creative project but something that it really fills your heart space okay and you're moving towards it and it's protected this pentacle is definitely protected and it's this is one of the most solid horses in the deck so do not doubt yourself okay the choices you're making are the right choices for you in this journey this time so I'm just gonna go ahead and pull an Oracle from the mystical wisdom deck see what message comes through spear what message do we have for Taurus Sun moon rising for July 2018 spear what message do we have for tourists sun moon rising spirit Taurus Simon rising to life clinging to these what messages do you have to Torah Simon rising Wow a couple of jumping Rado a wholesome more it was a few too many spirit message do you have first tourists I mean rising ok knowledge seek knowledge um so with the seeking knowledge again this is just revising re editing rethinking and carefully making those steps towards you towards your goal okay I do see your sacral chakra here you know what that I'm the red hair boy stands out to me in this fog of Swords um like this for some of you might have red hair but or be dealing with somebody who has red hair but I am getting the sacral chakra so that's your creativity right your expression and even with the Sun yeah so for some you could be dealing with a fire sign Aries Leo Sagittarius that I'm getting that this is your energy I'm really grounding and opening up that sacral chakra energy to allow those patents to come through and even the root chakra right right below that you have to get that open and balanced in order to to express the creative creativity that you want to express and I am getting that you guys have something you want to share with the world or with others because this queen of swords and all this studying and all this knowledge I am getting that's like you're thinking and possibly editing revising about how it is that you want to go about sharing this information that you have to others and it could be you wanting to go and create a business for yourself where you are mentoring and teaching others because you've been through so much like when I see this card it's like there's there's so many I want to say portals or openings or these are just experiences that you're reflecting on that you've gone through for some of you could be writing a book or just our reading up on how to I'm getting write your own book write your own story and we are all are we are all writing our own story but I really see meditating on your own experiences okay and you might be this could be self-help books you could be reading a self-help book or reading self-help books on on how to go about I am getting mentor for some of you so that that definitely could be the business that you're going into or hobby a creative project but there's definitely a learning aspect that's taking place there's something opening up to you right there's this fire in the book and even connect it to the to the High Priestess there's the book of knowledge secrets and an opening and exposing those secrets okay so and there is a passion behind that there's definitely a passion behind what it is that you're wanting to attain and even we have the staircase here right ascending to a higher plane of knowledge of wisdom to shared with others right because that's what you know we're we're meant to share with others from our own experiences come on but I am getting Story storytelling um I'm gonna get in for some writing a book this could be you revising what it is that you've written I'm going over it right again your key retrograde going over what it is that you've already written down or spoken about I'm seeing children as well so for some of you could be working with children and storytelling to children catering to children self-help books but see with the seek knowledge yeah it's just I'm getting I'm getting you're trying to go trying to learn how to go about something with your own experience as I am seeing that all these images here are like you going over all your experiences right like I said with the butterflies all the transformations that you've gone through and for some yah-ha how to go about writing about it or telling it okay so I'm gonna pull one more from the journey of love Oracle and see what other message Spirit has for you hold my camera doesn't die again I didn't charge you for that long what message do we have for tourists Simon rising july 2019 teams spirit what message do you have for tourists Simon rising for Simon rising July okay really if you lit up that heart space so we have the spiral dance of the goddess it's angel number 29 for some of you that might resonate it could be eleven one plus one is two so definitely like I said the High Priestess because two is connected to the High Priestess that that knowledge that book of secrets and the book can either be open or closed so you might be deciding if this is a book or a chapter you want to close or if you want to open it and and speak about it but I am getting that there's something you want to tell but the spiral disk of the goddess guys I'm just seeing a swirl of your heart chakra and compassion like green to me is not only abundance so this is monetary gains okay that I am seeing you get through compassion I'm moving towards that light it's like what I'm what I'm thinking up here is through all your experiences it's like you're going back and you've healed okay but that queen of swords it's like you've already healed you've gone you've gone through each chapter of your life and healed whatever aspects might have rape and blocking a certain chakra or or kept you blocked and it's like as you went through and healed each one of those experiences you're moving towards closer to your light right the light within but this is such a part of compassion and abundance I'm picking up the Empress with this card as well but whatever it is you were definitely gonna have solid financial gains okay and I am seeing that there's there's something from the heart space that you guys are moving towards okay it doesn't have to be something towards monetary but I thought it's what I'm picking up it's kind of like a tornado right it's just swirling swirling you're getting closer and closer and nothing that you don't see your light but it's like that light is going to I'm getting like burst it's just for some of you may not be able to see your own light within but you are slowly starting to unravel and weave and see everything that you have to offer and that those experiences didn't make you they just how do I want to sit it's like they they didn't they didn't make you but for the highest good okay it's like we had to go at you had to go through those experiences in order to be able to help others okay from your own experiences if that makes sense but idea I am seeing some form of of helping others through your heart space through compassion and shining your light weaving your own experiences and it is the goddess but again male or female is just a feminine energy there is a feminine energy with the oral cards I'm picking up feminine energy but then it's like up here it's very masculine so you definitely could be finding a balance within those two for sure but your experiences are just I'm telling you it's like I'm getting a swirling you towards your own life that is going to create monetary gain through like helping others okay and and it doesn't have to be helping others it could just view if this your own personal journey and making you feel abundant of Taurus please don't hate me my camera cut out once again this time I just cut out eating a die I'm just going to read what it says in the book for the spiral dance of the goddess and then I will wrap this reading up for you guys I do apologize please nobody hate me so the spiral dance of the goddess says from a point of light unfolding we become a soul and then incarnate into a sacred body and our lives become a work of a work of divine art a speck of heavenly presence manifesting itself through dimensions of time and space and into a life on earth made manifest the extraordinary fact of your existence is a divine happening as though the light of the Moon is dancing not only upon the water but inside of it your ancient light is dipping into the mud of the earth this is how the soul becomes a divine human in the making as you sense yourself moving and shifting from light to dark and back again from knowing to unknowing you are weaving your consciousness your into sacred expression manifesting your soul essence into the form of your life threading through the light threading the light through the darkness without even realizing you are doing it you are gently impregnating the matter of your body of your life with light your body and your sorry let me just flip the page this is a long one your body in your life become luminous radiant and you assist others even if just through your presence as I was saying you guys are definitely there's some sort of help involved here it sounds wonderful and it is yet it is not always an easy path as the light travels through darkness pain and suffering can arise in waves best to be present to it trust that it is not permanent it is not a permanent condition and wait for the spiral to twist from dark to light again always moving closer and closer to the purity of the center and expanding outward ly and eternally as though you are being inhaled by the divine filling cosmic lungs as they reach far and wide taking in all of life this message of the orthis message from the oracle to you is that you are growing you are bringing more of your light into form you may be meeting obstacles in yourself and in the world but this is because you are bringing through the light if there was nothing happening there would be no obstacle bless them as signs that you were proceeding and empower them no more you shall be and all else is divine timing so as I was saying guys there's definitely some sort of aspect of you you helping others just through your presence or you are teaching others because you've experienced things and like I said it was not an easy road the queen of swords all these butterflies are painful experiences that transformed us it's like I always look at the tree the butterflies as each tower moment we went through in life okay and what we learn from it and what we took from it but you guys have held yourself again with such composure composure in such a grace and I now see you using using your truth to assist others which is beautiful so Taurus I again I apologize for the camera cutting out that is going to be your July reading for 2019 and I will be posting weeklies next week so stay tuned for that if this resonated please let me know down below and if not I just definitely asked you to call upon your spirit guides and your guides to lead you to the message that is meant for you that what you're meant to hear okay because they will without fail always give you the message that you're meant to hear whether it be through song synchronicities messages through could even be a commercial okay you just hear something you bump into somebody you meet somebody at the right time who says something to you they're always guiding us and sending us messages so if this did not resonate just ask your guides to lead you to what is meant for you okay thank you so much Taurus and I will see you next week bye


  • Thank you dear Soul! It is a beautiful reading and your energy is appreciated💝this is confirmation which I wasn't even expecting and thanks to you I hear it loud and clear! Blessings upon blessings to all of us🙌🙌🙌

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