Taurus Sept2018 “Deceit, struggle, Then a RECONCILIATION 🤗❤️

hi Taurus this is your September 2018 love and relationship meeting and the first message card that I have for you is choices so um Taurus I'm feeling like some of you have some choices to make this month and it's kind of plaguing you it's it's hard because you don't know which choice to make I'm feeling like some of you you feel like you should walk away from someone because they're not acting the way you want them to act but on the other hand if you love this person and you want them in your life you just want to see some changes and you're not seeing the changes that you seek so you're trying to figure out sorry about that you're trying to figure out like what am I gonna do because you have one week over here is dark one wink is light and then there's a deception moon sitting up here so you know something is not right and you have you have some choices and I'm feel like the choices that you have to make are just really tough and you don't even want to make them I'm feeling like some of you are blocked trying to block them out for some reason I don't know why I felt like that I'm just sensing that some of you don't even want to deal with it because it's just too hard it's too tough you don't want to do it the next great thing I have for you is lust so for some of you your partner may be lusting after someone else or you or someone's lusting after your partner and they're causing a roadblock in the relationship some of you may know who this person is you may not but if your partner has walked away or turned their back on you I'm feeling like it's temporary that's what I'm sensing here I was getting the message from spirit that it's not gonna last because when you're not in this situation we are in a situation and it's just less that's all it is it's temptation that they want it from someone else or someone wants this from your partner or maybe this may even be you wanting this from someone else you know because these readings do go both ways Taurus but if it's not you feeling this way then it's your partner or someone filling the wait about your partner and there may they may be snatching their attention away from you this month but you know it you feel it and I'm just sensing like that you don't want to deal with it it's really hard for you because you're like I don't have time for this I have other things to do with my life like if you want to be with me then be with me or if you want to be with this other person then go ahead see you later again some of you are feeling yeah so you had to see and you have loyalty so you're looking for like somebody is definitely there's some deception here for some of you with a partner and you know it and you're looking for loyalty this is what you want out of them but you just don't feel like you're getting it you're like I'm not getting what I want this month and so I'm feeling like you want to like turn your back on the situation I'm not like you go back and forth on it like sometime you want to turn your back on it isn't time you don't sometime you feel like okay I have the energy today to entertain this so maybe I'll you know put it put it in my thoughts see what I can do about it and then other days you're like you know what I don't need one think about this I don't atone for this I mean I'm trying to do other things in my life and I'm not gonna put this to the forefront because somebody is not being loyal they're just not and like I said this is not you who's feeling this way Taurus your partner if they're cross watching they could be feeling that you're not being loyal and that they have some choices to make when it comes to you all right so those are the message cards let's just see what else we have because we have some jumping cards for you of course okay the hanging man the nine of Pentacles and the ten of cups there's a stagnation in the relationship or the marriage for some of you but what I see here is the nine of Pentacles it's right in the middle of the ten of cups and reverse so this could be a family situation this could be someone that you share a home with someone that you live with or someone that you're trying to have stability with maybe you're trying to move in with somebody you want to move in with someone but you just don't feel like they're stable enough and also because there's a man of principle in the middle I'm feeling like for some of you you're like I have my together I'm waiting on you and they're dragging their feet and they could be dragging their feet master-sprite' they could be dragging their feet because of this because there's someone else in the middle there's a roadblock there's someone who's trying to take up their time or their attention so they're not thinking about this right now their mind is not here you're fine though for the nine epistles you're like I have everything I need I'm working towards my goals I have my money and if you want to join me you need to get yours it's so we can have this so this can turn in the upright because it's in the reverse right now all right let's just see well here for you all right first two cards I have for you in the reverse and you have the Hermit all right something like some of you could be dealing with another earth sign verbal Taurus or a Capricorn and they're showing up in the reverse here you also have the Hermit card so either you turned your back on someone or someone turned their back on you but like I said I don't feel like it's permanent I do I feel like it's a temporary situation okay but in the meantime you also had the eight of Pentacles and you had the tower so there was a tower moment I'm feel like there was an argument there was some chaos here you guys aren't guests like you're not getting along with someone and I'm feeling things crumble they fell apart and now you're like you know what I'm just gonna focus on me I'm just gonna put my mind or my work my money my hobby whatever I'm feeling somebody you're working on something for yourself and you're like that's what I'm gonna focus on right now because I can't deal with this tower stuff right now major arcanas maybe you had some maybe a bad breakup but like I said I feel like it's temporary I don't feel like it's permanent I was like person's gonna come back around but I also feel that this tower moment may have had a lot to do with some secrets because you do have the moon card here and you have the stubbornness or so some of you could be dealing with the Pisces because of the moon card or you could be dealing with a air sign a Libra Gemini or an Aquarius / the seven of sorts but whatever the sign the moon card is about secrets the seven of stories is about the seat and you have to seat and here you have it again you had it in your message cards someone being deceitful you know it they may not be telling you outright but you know your intuition doesn't lie it doesn't because you have the moon car here that's telling you there's something being hidden from you there's more to something that you're not seeing but you're feeling like somebody is being sneaky and that's the hold up and you getting just ten of cups because it came out in Reverse as a jumpring card okay so they're sneakiness their lies and their deceit it's holding up progress and you're like what I mean I'm waiting on you so if you continue to hold that progress I have to make some choices because Wow I have to make some choices because I may not stick around I have choices and I may have to make it and it may not pan out in your favor is what some of you are thinking about your partner the next work that I have to use the high priests in Reverse and the three of wands yeah see some of you could be dealing with a fire sign also an Aries Leo or a Sagittarius and with this moon card and the Seven Swords and now with the High Priestess in Reverse there's definitely some secrecy around something or someone someone is not being upfront with you but you know it you fitly I'm feeling like some of you some of you are feeling it but you're not saying anything to your partner you're just letting them like you're just watching them that's what I see here with this because I see a lot of secrecy back-to-back so it's like the moon the seven of sources and the high priests is in verse and you're just watching and waiting some of you were waiting for someone to contact you and then some of you are just watching this partner you're like I'm just gonna watch you and I'm just gonna see what you do and I'm just gonna you know put everything together when it's time and I'm gonna let you know how I feel the next two cards I have for you is two swords in the aid of wands so someone has some choices they need to make it this is not uterus and this could be your partner but the two swords is someone being at a crossroads not knowing what they want to do not seeing things for what they really are trying to make a decision and I'm feeling like whoever you're dealing with you know there's no action with this person right now you may not be talking to them or maybe you're contacting them and they're not talking to you or vice versa but there's no action so with the temperance card being here and the four swords you're needing patience okay you could be dealing with the Sagittarius for some of you but you know the universe and spirit is telling you that you're gonna have to practice patience with this situation you know and I'm feeling like for some of you it's not easy you're struggling with it because you have the fourth source here which indicates someone needing to Hill someone needs to process something someone needing some time out some wrists I'm some time alone just to think things through because they're not sure what they need to do they need to make some choices they're not sure where they want to go what they want to do things are so dark for them on one hand because I'm feel like somebody we were thinking about something that someone did to you or you may be living in the past this choices cart is also sometimes someone living in the past because you have the Dark Queen here and then you have the light one here so it's like you want to come out of this situation but I'm feel like for some of you don't even know how you're struggling to come out of something that someone did to you because that deception moon is right there and is sitting right over head and you're like how can I move past this it's not gonna be easy you're gonna have to have patience and also I'm feeling like you know for some of you you're looking for a balance situation you're fine this situation is not balanced as uneven I'm tired of doing all the work okay I need this partner to come into this relationship or this marriage and help me out here you know definitely so that this ten of cups can turn around because you got it in reverse you wanted any up right but it came out reverse and you need someone to come in and do their share because this is not a balanced situation the next card that I have for you is the five the wands and you have the king of Wands so some of you are definitely dealing with fire signs here and there's a lot of conflict Aries Leo Sagittarius and with this king of Wands being in Reverse don't like some of you are dealing with someone's very narcissistic player type person wants to do but they want to do but they don't want you to do what you want to do or they feel like you should be sitting in the house waiting on them while they're out playing around that type of person some of you could be dealing with this king of Wands is here it's in Reverse they're not showing any passion towards you there not being charming anymore like they were when you first met them you know they may be you know being really selfish right now and because of it it's causing a lot of conflict okay the next two cards I have for you is the eight of cups and the queen of cups it's like you think about walking away from the situation tarz but you don't because the eight of cups is in the reverse you may be saying to yourself I can't take this no more I need to like get away from this but you're not ready you're really emotional over it though some of you could be dealing with water signs cancer Pisces or a Scorpio and they have you extremely emotional or they could be extremely emotional over this relationship or this marriage / the eight of cups has a zimmer verse so it's like you want to walk away but you don't want to walk and you're tired of nurturing and trying to offer love to a situation that's stagnant or that's not working out the way you want it to the next request I have for you is the devil Wow in the death card two major arcanas some of you could be dealing with the Capricorn and some of you could be dealing with the Scorpio definitely and there's some temptation here but I'm telling you this is where the lust comes from like either someone once your partner or your partner wants someone or they wanted someone and they're trying to get over that situation and it's hard for them because the death card is here in the reverse and they haven't let it go either they haven't let it go or you haven't let it go it's something here that someone needs to let go and they haven't you also could be in a toxic situation Felix's like wow I see this double car in the death cart together definitely you could be dealing with a Capricorn or Scorpio right but I also see that someone needs to leave a situation alone and they can't but I feel like if it's external to you Taurus doesn't have to be but that's how I that's why I feel like that's the message that's coming across for some of you not for all cuz it's a general reading I read for 39,000 people so this may be someone's message and then for others this may not be your message you know take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind but I this is how I see it with this devil's car like they know like they're with this last part like they know this situation is not good for them and I feel to be quite honest with you I seriously feel like they're they're gonna let it go but with this Hank man being here they're struggling that's why things are so stagnant it's like they're moving slow their stuff they feel stuck in a situation like this death card for some I mean feeling like it has already ended but in their mind they're struggling to move forward and that's what's holding you guys up because you need that ten of cups with them and you're ready you're like I'm ready I have what I need or this could be your partner saying this to you I have what I need them bring in my end of whatever to the table whatever I have I'm bringing it to the table I'm reading on you very hard to deal with tena wands very hard to deal with a burden I'm feeling like everything that has happened for you you're carrying these wands and everything that has happened you're carrying it on your back you're just struggling with it you're trying to walk up a hill it's very very hard it's a if it's like a burden you have the judgment quiet here so I do see second chances for you and whoever because you also have the knight of swords so I feel like somebody is gonna come in and speak some truth or either you're gonna get some truth or someone someone is coming in to say how they feel or either you're gonna tell someone how you feel because you have the knight of swords here could be air sign Libra Gemini Aquarius but if not you know you have the judgment here in fact there's gonna be a second chance for some of you you also have justice some of you may be dealing with the Libra and where you once felt things were unfair and you weren't getting your needs met I feel like it's gonna happen but you have to have patience in this situation because someone is definitely stagnant for the hangman major arcana someone has stuck on something and they need to move themselves forward and they haven't done it I see them coming out of it though I do see them coming out of it yeah so you have the judgment I mean yet the judgment and you have justice okay so you can't get anything better than that at the end you know something's gonna pan through for you but I'm feeling like in order to get here Taurus to get this right you know this person is going to have to come out of or you're gonna have to come out of stagnation being stuck okay so those are your messages that I have for your September 2018 loving relationship meeting Torres I just want to say thank you for coming to my channel and watching my videos you guys can follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter for the energy of the day I do piccata quite often and quotes okay also you can follow me on instinct oh if you have a question that you want answer and I will see you guys next month bye

50 thoughts on “Taurus Sept2018 “Deceit, struggle, Then a RECONCILIATION 🤗❤️

  • I don't "lust" for any hungry hippo. I was just offering my friendship to this person and they stepped on me.

  • Wish we could get more readings for SINGLES. We don't want any Exes back. Definitely not thinking of them.

  • Thanks again for the reading I’m putting so much effort I just have to be patient you have my like👏🏻

  • I’m a libra Cross watching this a week after and my Taurus was the one with secrets 🤷🏻‍♂️But I’m not giving up.

  • Def think it was somebody else lusting over me instead of the opposite. Everything was crazy on point though, it kinda freaked me out but I love it. Thank you. Patience!

  • Accurate AF! Twin flame is a libra sun, Taurus moon & I am a Taurus sun & moon. Yep his karmic Aries on/off gf created major unnecessary drama end of March, I had to distance myself from him even more because SHE is a narc & I dated one so I know the red flags! She’s become so desperate she blocked me from his Facebook & his phone. Had confirmation that she had something to do with that from 2 different sources in ONE day. I don’t have “everything” I want per say, but I have a lot more balance in my life, as well as decisiveness with my goals & money is ok right now as well. He hasn’t even figured out which direction he’s doing. The only thing I’ve “held” onto is how triggered I was from realizing he’s dealing with a narc. One more connection between us & I went through it for 7 years, it’s mentally & emotionally depleting & exhausting, took a lot of time to heal & grow from…anyone who is on the twin flame journey, understands how hard it is to get your twin off your mind or out of your energy. Multiple times a day thinking about them. I have to keep myself VERY actively busy in order to not think about him.

  • Im the CAPRICORN inbthis reading and my TAURUS is the one with others. My Taurus began ignoring about the last week in August and on throughout the full first week in September. He began looking at me sideways, stopped complimenting me, and began cgecking out "other chicks in my face"… On Fiday 09 07 2018, I blew up at our job because he got in a co-works face and began to flirt like I never existed. Once I blew up he removed himself. I left and did not return home until Sunday evening. He finally texted me, stated its an "issue with my phone" and gave me some random mans name! My reply was, did you check and see the time stamp of a reply from me? Or this guy? What was said? I got nothing! I am 54yrs old and this Taurus man moves in after me not living with a man 18 yrs. I am too mature for mess, too calm to allow my peace to be disturbed, and patient enough to wait to see what comes out of this. He finally arrived and moved half his belonging out at 4am. Drunk… I want to know why he created all of this Just rama just to make an exit? Did he really see some meesage and got rid of it? Because things turned around 360 degrees for us. Did he just creat this diversion so I wouldn't follow? He even blocked me from his Face Book accounts…

  • Thanks for the reading, it's something different from what I was looking before. But like you say it's not a personal reading but something may have sense.

  • It already panned for me. I know now what she is really like. I thank GOD I didn't get to involved or lose anymore than I did.

  • Piss on that Temp as well ! Shit the trick cheated!A fricking narcist, NO! NO!Hell to the No!No! NO!!!!Bye!Bye Bitches!Once a cheater is always going to cheat! Queens We need to stand for our values!! Sweeties!! We are not pet peas nor are we slaves!!All I need is finance and a ride! I'm ready!!!I'm not living that way at all.Bye! Bye! Bitches got more in store betters days ahead!

  • Yep! He is a Gemini sun Pisces moon.I know he is messing around guess what am doing.dating others.am not waiting around for no man.

  • He's a Taurus, I'm a Pisces, he's not being honest with me about something. I feel he's in a relationship or something. Either way something isn't right and it's not fulfilling. So now I'm focusing on my health and my other options. I'm at my wit's end, I've had to let go even though I love him. He already knows how I feel, I'm yet to know how he feels and I'm tired of trying or expressing my love 😊

  • I turned my back and I'm moved on a long time ago. I realised that, it's not worth my effort to waste my time on a narcissist that, will never change in a billion years. Sad thing for them is the day will come when they will be all played out.

  • My cards.
    Taurus woman is the liar and cheater.18yrs married and she has cheated several times and flaunts these men at me. Threw the cheating bitch out they can have her. I deserve better and detest people who cheat.not always the man who is the deceitful one.started divorce proceedings for adultery fed up with players and liars and yes im a Aries and no some of us aries men get labelled when we don't deserve it. I hope karma is really severe and she gets what she derserves.

  • Yes their stagnation because of a legal matter that has never been addressed between an ex-husband and myself involving money and I feel my reading is suggesting that I will get Justice and that Justin will prevail thank you for reading bless

  • Yes the relationship that's out of balance is mine with my adult daughter who has left my home to go live with her widowed father who is a narcissistic personality and they are Aries and Leo seems very accurate reading for me I have choices to make thank you bless you for all you do

  • It's so true, she lies to me a lot and she is turn her back on me to live with that other women. Leave me in my deepest pain.

  • a few key areas of my life showing here. I wish I understood the spread as the cards reveal themselves two by two.

  • Fire Sign Ex-Boyfriend Slept With My Water Sign Sister In My House! And This Has Been Going On For A Little Less Then A Month!!!!! I Kicked Them Both Out And They’re BOTH STILL LYING…He’s Always Been A Player/Cheater!! Turn Of Events , He’s Calling To Come Home But Each Call He Makes He Reveals MORE & MORE Of The Situation During Each Call In Order To Make Amends & I’m Just Allowing Things To Un-Fold Because I’m COMPLETELY EFFIN DONE WITH BOTH OF THEM!!!!!! Thank You!

  • spot-on have a narcissistic Sagittarius ex baby mama and I have just recently broke up with a narcissistic Scorpio who literally I just wanted me to stay at the house while she ran around on me all day and then come home and lay next to me at night what a b**

  • Cross watching Taurus is cheating and lying so cold I just made the judgement call to end the relationship

  • Yassssss girl this person I was dealing with was DECEITFUL & NARCISSISTIC!!! And all I asked for is Loyalty. Is that too much to ask for? I think not. But for some people I guess it is. SO I'M KEEPIN IT MOVIN! 🏃

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