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hello is that Taylor Swift yes hello Taylor how are you I'm so good it's great to talk to you yes now massive news your new video that you need to calm down has literally just dropped how are your feet are you feeling me you like social notifications must be going absolutely off the chain right now yeah it's insane like I just turned it for my my phone and it's on silent but I just looked at it and it's literally this like so many tags and yeah it's crazy when you keep so many secrets because this is the kind of video where we have so many co-stars in the video and you know so many people who dedicated their time to this but keeping a secret like that is so difficult when there's that many people and it's such a big endeavor so I'm just like I can't believe that like all those secrets were able to be kept until the moment that it dropped and it's just it's so rewarding when that happened well it's absolutely amazing people are going crazy for it one thing we got to talk about is you dressed as fries Katy Perry as a burger that's a sentence I didn't think I'd be saying on Capital FM to Taylor Swift how did that come about well good for a while she sent me a really nice note and an olive branch to the like an actual olive branch through my tour when it started the reputation stadiums for a while ago and from that point on we've been on good terms and then like and then we saw each other at a party and walked up to each other and hugged it out and talked about things and then saw each other again hung out at another party and it was just like something felt so much lighter about about my life when things became really good between us and you know she and I had been fine for a while and like really on good terms but we didn't know if we were ever gonna really tell people about it or we wanted to make sure that was solid between us before we ever made you know made the public aware of it or whatever so I came up with the idea for this video I wrote the treatment for it and I sent it to her we nervous when you sent it to her you like elda hope she goes for this well yeah I mean because I I definitely wanted her to know that everything like I wanted her to hear the song first I wanted her to read the entire treatment I wanted her to know everybody who is going to be in it and just we everything about our scene has been like stuff that we agreed on and talked about and kind of brainstormed like with the with the costumes we wanted it to be a little bit cheeky like we didn't want it to be too I don't know the rest video is so surreal and in this sort of imaginary like colour-pop vibrant sort of fantasy world but we we thought the costume would just be kind of a funny way of making a symbolic visual of sort of like two people who belong together so it wasn't some sort of big grandiose poetic metaphor it was literally you were like this would be quite good banter in it no we actually you know when I talked to her about it she said this would you know she and I really wanted to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness and the fact that you can grow up and you can realize that if you had just communicated with each other more it probably would have been different and you know I think that beneath the costumes that's the message underneath all of it is like we really do want people to learn from things that we've been through I think that's all you can hope to do when you're like learning your lessons in public now we're in London at the moment Taylor you spend quite a lot of time over here yeah I love it there you can't fund it I you know I started calling it that when I was like 18 when I first came over and yeah because it's such a fun place to be I love it do you whenever we go to London on tour it's like the best crowds it's amazing do you have a Easter card I don't have one but I know what they are my friends have oh okay very nice so you just you just steal theirs and use those get the old underground for free yeah exactly exactly now at sailor I was just having a quick look at your insta as your new video job and I know is that you have a hundred and eighty million followers but you follow zero people how does that work okay so basically I found a couple years ago that I found that you know social media sort of started to feel a bit like the media's way of monitoring my every move yeah and like I'm started to realize that like if I didn't wish one of my friends a happy birthday on Instagram oh there was literally the article saying like I'd like you as a person birthday party with them and because I hadn't posted I kind of reject this idea that if you didn't see it on the internet it didn't happen yeah that's true so I just it was kind of my way of like not allowing my life to be controlled and monitored by social media and I think we're all like I think we're all kind of taking steps to try and figure out like how how to not let it take over our lives and our feelings of validation yeah with our lives yeah you can't have like a memory and take a picture of it and then spend the rest of the day looking at the comments for that one snapshot of your day I think you should there's like the presents for your maybe your whole day yeah no absolutely I'm Taylor I'm willing to make you a bit of an offer though would you maybe consider making me the only person you follow you know people would you know you never know what what articles they would write about us you know maybe radio oh yeah yeah I'm gonna be honest Taylor I could live with that radio Rob Howard I'll follow you back and lastly Taylor last little things so one of our favorite things from you last to me was this little bit oh no hang on that's right ignore that Taylor hang on one of our favorite things was spelling is fun that was a joke okay well with that in mind Taylor we're going into the bridge and the bridge is like girls are ain't no I in team so it's like lots of spelling but well Taylor it's now made its way into a radio feature so we're gonna do because spelling is fun we're gonna do a spelling test okay first up can you spell banana choreography I want you to try and spell Antarian ISM okay it's the longest word in the English language I say the letters than it is to type know what I means yeah it may you absolutely smashed it you're true to your word spelling is fun Taylor thank you so much for talking to us today it was incredibly stressful for me I gave that allows me Taylor and remember if you want to follow me radio Rob Howard I broke out in a full sweat and my whole face is flushed okay okay okay well you going to spot that out and I will have a lovely day you as well Thank You Taylor thank you bye you

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