TDC Destination Dispatch – Internal Elevator Passcard Reader

Our elevator dispatch system combines security
with convenience and comfort And it’s as simple as
TOUCH TRAVEL TAP To begin… TOUCH your destination floor on screen. Quick tip: Be sure everyone in your party
touches their floor, to prevent overcrowding Then, TRAVEL to your assigned elevator
The dispatch system will select the elevator that will get you where you’re going as
swiftly as possible. Travelling to a secure floor? Visiting after-hours? Just tap your pass card in the elevator, to
get moving. Every individual will need to tap their pass
card, to keep each floor safe and secure. Have your card ready to tap! If you don’t tap before the doors start
to close You’ll need to press the doors-open button
and select your floor again. So remember: TOUCH your destination floor TRAVEL to your elevator And TAP to get moving And destination dispatch takes care of the

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