Teach Our Children: Education for Reconciliation (2:00)

can you read science do you know the truth do you know that the future is all of the youth let's teach your children the real history of Canada the institutionalized racism that has oppressed and dispossessed indigenous people not just of our lands and resources but of our identity we cannot continue to invest in our societal ignorance of such a huge part of our history tell the young people I can do a better chance of changing somebody by talking to the young people there you also have the right to know this history that help them understand what's going on around them today you need to make it a priority there's no choice but every single Minister of Education no matter where you come from is implementing the real history of Canada's Kallang colonization we need the support of parents and auntie's and uncles and grandparents to advocate with your school boards and with your ministers of education and with your provincial governments and with the federal government to say we need honest curriculum in our schools I truly believe that real change is in front of our eyes right now starving for the truth it's time to feed our nation we got a lead the way for our future generations you

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  • I am passionate about teaching the truth and real history of the colonisation, and systemtic repression of our beloved Native Peoples in Canada… ( .Fur Trade,…. Residential Schools,…. Child and Family Services,…. Education, …Mis-guided preaching of some past and also some present day Christian Churches…(.of the innate truth and goodness of Native Ceremonies, Spirituality and Culture…).All have played a part in the colonization and crushing of our beloved Native Peoples. Yes! this history needs to be told to our young people, that the 'Winds of Change' begin to blow in our Land, and start transforming and generating  New Life ! Freedom! and Justice! for all Native Peoples and for ourselves as well…I believe in divine intervention, and that with good will and hard work we can all participate in the birthing of a new tomorrow! Sister Mary Jeanne Davidson,SSND

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