Teaching assistants dispute update – November 30 2016

I am pleased to say these talks have been
positive and productive and an agreement has been reached which means tomorrow’s ( 1 December)
industrial action by teaching assistants in Unison has been called off. We are clear that an equal pay risk exists
that needs to be addressed. However it is also important to properly examine aspects
of the employment of teaching assistants which merit further review given some of the information
which has come to light recently. We have agreed to undertake a review of teaching
assistants’ role, function, job description and activities within the breadth of school
activities, to establish whether current job descriptions adequately describe the role
being undertaken. This review will not re-open the single status
agreement currently in place. The timescale for its completion is by the 1 September 2017. To enable this to take place, as an act of
good will, we have agreed we will suspend the dismissal and re-engage process while
the review is undertaken within the timescale above. This is a very complex situation and it has
also resulted in us having further discussions with other recognised trade unions. We look
forward to working with these trade unions on the way forward and very much appreciate
Unison’s decision to call off tomorrow’s industrial action.

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