Team Prosperity: Back Office Meeting

hey this is team prosperity come with you would have another video part 2 this video is relating to your back office there's a lot of you all that have not got a chance to speak to or have a meeting 101 wits to discuss your back office with you so hopefully be able to be more imperative for you so that you understand three steps you need to do in order to get started and understanding your back office these three stuff is very very crucial for you to learn and to get started indoors to start this business of you're keeping the industry so let me go ahead and jump right into it so that we can I can go over it and you maybe see exactly little talked about so again this is Tameka your business coach this is mentor sponsor of your TT my spirit alright let's get started okay so right here we log into your back office the first thing you will see is your name to get your picture on here you have to go to my account so this be the first thing I would recommend you to do is go to my account my account is where you are able to see your profile your profile tab the very first one is point to show your name is going to have a place where you can fill out your name address phone number there was a male rather your content evening phone number so this you know your name your email your profile picture and your phone number it would be on your six websites if it's not your picture it's going to be one of your contact or all of them come in your six website so it's very imperative that you give the information so that show you website as well as all the English information that the company needs so that it's in a hold of you so that way the first half the second times are Auto Workers your auto orders just I have these blank just for training purposes but your auto order is where if you want to which is not mandatory but if you want to order products for yourself you are able to do so and you are able to order any other products because again this is your products however these products is not free but you would get a commission for any products that you order for yourself a lot of it with us is because they want to try out these products and so that they can be a witness to what they're actually telling people to order so you like a lot of people use their own products versus going to your local drugstore for aspirin can have a shake it goes your own product here you get your headache for back pain if you hit your foot what happened however least you know that your product is plant-based is non-gmo where it's coming from and you'll have side effects as well as well as all the difference these naturals like citrus and since they have in it or just a walls you also have River cheesecake flavors to a baby so versus a store you know only a pharmacy that as aspirins all chemicals in you know ibuprofen or what have you kind of drugs it would have all these side-effects and you don't know where these chemicals coming from so yeah people use their own products and you also get a commission for your own product so it's the win-win secondly you a lot of entrepreneurs just like yourself they buy products you buy several different products and use it as samplers to show their clients or to get potential clients to buy more or to become their clients so this is for like marketing purposes and to reach audience because a lot of people like speed or free stuff like to hold a product that likes melech what I meant to try the product before they actually buy it sometime so sometimes even you got other said you know you can just tell them what it is and they just go right in and order it for themselves so however the case may be you can definitely order these products for yourself so that this is what this is here at this page I'm gonna stop here and if you ever get lost inside of your back office you know where to go to get back to the front page let's go to your dashboard your – where's the homepage is here am of your business your dashboard here was shown two or three important highlights from the company tell you these but not to miss what you need to sign up if you haven't signed yet as well as regional meetings they have it once a year these are regional meetings I have seen videos are hyped it's almost sighs football filled with millions of CTF entrepreneurs from all around the world 11 countries in here come to this one facility to just party like you have so we have our team team high spirits right they have their teams and I'm telling this highest top ranking team they give chicks to in front of all millions of people in this industry and fronting the platform a stage and they get Awards you just give a recognition to the hard work that they have done in business so it's height it's a lot of fun you get so more better by saying leave just watching the video hand me a little bit so I haven't went yet I'm just waiting till they have one little bit closer to home I mean we're happy to go or west coast this one here is on the bottom of the 13 so I'm going to Connecticut area definitely gonna take it so if you just want to fly out there go for it um tickets here it's not free to go some events but you can afford your tickets click there and if you my information my tickets or make it a hotel and things like that in that area so it's not always be some kind of notification up here of your dashboard homepage of your CRM so the first thing again then will want to be my accounts so your my account is what I would tell you to start there and structure not all those forms and tabs in there my accounts also not only doesn't have the product page I mean a profile page I want you to also finish up but I also have auto order page if you want to auto order your products that's the option marketing subscription you have your billing information there I'm liking your orders of your customers orders and how much you're getting paid from that so kinda like the commission but it's a different part of your money part nw9 is definitely important sees every fill out so you have a business already established and since f o RC BT industry this is what you call your business formation here if you have a seat cord or so purgatory escort partnership trustee or LLC however you call your information there on your business this is address the phone number count number an API end of your business if you don't have that yet okay just put just let's create a numbered sisters your w-9 form for your federal tax information with IRS so this is what every every company has this and spits out your imperative and inside and don't forget to save next to the top here of your profile you finish your profile Auto order which is these are optional auto order my subscription yeah Billy you know my orders just in sedan see if there's anything apply to you but it talks about a lot of the money part to your w9 is very impaired to do that so which you don't this here back to – or like I stated before very good loves goes click on dashboard take you right to the main page the many pages where again used to be three notifications from the company you see a green squares in the middle you see your micro thought here or your field of interest in your right side your screen which remember ID number your username that you made up your profile section or your my account my account your profile section your website your capture page and landing page and source or form so first thing in my account click on there and all information that lies to you and that you want to do number two click on your money the money tab is where you see your commission it's a separate form for that a whole different form so you feel like all that information because you want to get paid you have a claim that safe tomorrow your Mozilla want to order from your site I was paying I were trying natural products versus web right box or ball let me go to now you want to make sure you in paid because you would get paid the very next week if I had to speak in the next week so miss your electric Commission page make your where you want your money to go to them as a bank account savings account it was PayPal however whatever is all in that form me tell you all the Commission needs to do just fill everything make sure you squared away everything on that tap so that you will get paid that you get paid and also you should be able to see the Commission once you like when you start having customers you should be able to see the Commission on that page as well as your my account page how much should be making how much you did make over all the year and a month of money wise of your commission and also residual income you'll also receive no mirror as well how much your easier to come you made all that so first you get my accounts then one money tap square box number two and last but not least training then weekly training is important they reside training is because you can't do anything else after filling all your forearms until you learn how to train so with training started welcome town these training videos are very short they're not long at all some of you for 20 minutes others might be for four or five minutes they are very informative I would definitely say but in each of these four tabs at the top there are some tabs underneath them so welcome past one two three four taps we've got your plans nights binary porch or a arch your desk on account receivable training these goes into detail very very crucial that you get into means training on these training alone here just training by itself first and we in the business have been other business but cost some money I have seen people spent hundreds of hundreds of dollars getting trained into an industry that they're just getting started in and it wasn't for free at all like there was spending money on that and you're getting is for free so do not take advantage of it I'm gonna start tab you have again the Welcome which is a different welcome here I mean how the tour of your back-office goals and white some detail so that's why I'm not really going to detail too much because this tour right here what's it's the nut and cranium at all you know to share how to share your product dissented and rolling people elevating your team duplicate all right here so these videos here have a pen and paper ready and start to get the this is the juice beginning a sauce sauce right here people now learn as you go we want to know to serve behind a CTL phone before you begin go right here oh very good here you got your checklist a tool that's help with your memory jogger how to present in a row because a lot of people get in this business come from different separate industry so don't know about customer service about how to market to clients the opening segment of clients and open sales presentations and evening closing a sale client and doing a three-way call and a market a mobile phone or a map on calling or b2b business calling like is these these right here these training videos here teaching all the venom in some they also teach you your products you have to have fun acknowledge so that you know are very intuitive and smart and telling your your clients about your products so doing very impaired so very very crucial that you learn all of this stuff here a lot of people have nots and leadership skills you know so teaching leadership skills as well as being an entrepreneur and what to do behind the scenes for a Z in a client's and I mean like I stated before close and open sales pitch product knowledge everything everything you means to know is right there laid out so but you go through each time one by one first one here second it says people annoy so your finishes all these videos again make sure you ever can't paper out because this is good stuff one great thing I love about all these videos is in is free so you can go anytime go and read look at these things look at the videos and to really just get it you know so that's what I'm talking about it they're eager that office is always available but don't waste time I'm looking at these videos will start to learn it so that you can be very successful in making money and getting clients and members and your team's squared away as an entrepreneur light training then how super cybers on Saturday training here you see different videos here and on these three type of training or over an hour long so have a Saturday you set aside about an hour and a half or so but if these training is extremely should be good we also have have it where they have live replays as well so just really you order to be successful in anything you have to be taught and really understand and learn your product on a product like back your hand learn how to do your business like the back you're here but this would be this is your business this is your bread and butter you have to know how to do this seem to be very successful so training again would be the third step in understanding everything about your back office and just the business of stuff so again let me just recap first thing I recommend is my account go through all your mine calcify everything except surge you fill out secondly your money that's very important who wouldn't want to know about their money getting paid and all the good stuff so go there secondly I'm third training training it go through every training wheel as soon as possible as soon as you can it's understanding getting that training get it down pat and you're gonna be ready once you're done with that Oh real watch out you're renting wait to make a ton of money in this business again you are gonna ground breaking industry where this this is projected for a magazine to go into twenty twenty to twenty billion dollar industry CBD market so you had the ground breaking of it all I mean skill I mean one do what you can to grow and and be successful in your entrepreneurship in your business yes this is your business as a team your business for somebody not by yourself so this is one great thing I love about being in this industry being courtesy tearful I see so many other community companies they do not have any of these stuff but website alone let's go here my links is for your website it and again your training would go through all of this but you have six websites one well site would have caught you a couple hundred dollars well on to then you have six mention I'm a six websites from another company you'll have to pay for by yourself um not only just for the up key you know it's continue to maintain it when information is and probably not even services look like that but it's not free they also give you a social media marketing where you could just click and see your social mean – boom boom and the blog is already done for you all you have to do is click there and it's done I mean really so and before you can post it to me remark on social media platform you could you it this is about good night use every good night rest and this is the blog they already have done for you and you see a video on it if your clients anybody want to see a video on it or people's a ledger page and really supposed in to the point then also see previous videos I mean two previous blocks farther than this but I mean it's so simple this is for anyone that's just in habit I'm so we can black out that day or people who just not good at blog they're there they gave me the salsa here like look at this look look it's just to get this right here will cost hundreds hundreds of dollars like to incorporate that and just you're already done for it you'll have to pay a freelancer to do it for you and it will cost you some money right there and on a day to day on on an individual basis like they just those individual blocks yeah it's people's making money just blogging so just imagine just having this all for free like oh my god then I have the social social is where it's for a social networking I'm sorry no social network social platform these are just the pictures so if you just want to use any of these pictures and put it onto your Facebook Pinterest Instagram or Twitter click on it one of those and you just write about it what you know about that protocol or just a literate iseman about it and how to help you and things like that and it has tons and tons of picture in his goes on and on and on just pick any of these and use it as your marketing tool for your social platform so it's just a little bit right there and it just it's like it's so many so much I'm the back-office that you have to know about but I'm just telling like individually these websites and sort of platforms and social and blogging all that thousands of dollars like all of this together thousands and thousand dollars if you have done it for any other company so how this for free do not take advantage do not take a branch because it's free you didn't get it get it and get like just just work we're real reason was get into this business if it was something like me I once had freedom you know I want to be my own boss I was underneath a lot of nasty bosses who is very controlling manipulative very tedious I was over shoulders trying anything and just always thought they was just the cream of the crop has held her Bible boss and I don't like their boss instruction like honey was real you know how many bees as a boss and I want to be underneath those type of people I'm switch clicks so much that it just like really did I'm away from my children all day as well as in a rush hour 90 fire in a this highway getting going to work it's just ridiculous and since the traffic all over the day for what you know I want to make as much money as I want to without how I miss Scylla to reach and something that it no you know as well that time my freedoms do everyone and where the trouble my family you know awful want just tiny lost on me I don't want to have any of these hindrance hindering me from getting these that I want I got a this is for the freedom for time family or the money for the musician income so that not only would I be good my finally good with their kids I want to go travel or about any money I my money still be coming my bank account you from home or not cuz I'm still doing this business is my business I make my whole schedule my whole time so no lunch what I want to mean what covers is freedom for me so I'm not sure if your niche is what is well why I got in it same as mine but whatever it is for you keep that drive and motivation want to continue being this business potentially push forward this is all free like free so make it work make it happen while it is free and you in an industry that's making gonna be include these dollars get your hands in the money theme this is why we all in this together okay we're in it together so come to these meetings make time for the meetings video meetings that we'll be having cat you watch it but be a group meeting I want us all I have you'd agree meeting we are going to have more a lot of meetings I need to make time for meetings my company's training to these three stuff that's in this video now you're mine count your money in your training in order to have those platforms with blocks and that social connects your social media platform you have to finish in my account but on the information first so that's why I could say my account first all your personal information and your money account and in your training those three things I will I might have another video and it might go through other things so watch out for the third video but this is the video for your back office a short video on three days that is imperative for you to join your back office and I'm going to look at anything in this book on this training video if you have any questions please contact me and I'd be more than happy to answer your questions that you may have again this is Tamika Smith and this is video number 2 for my team prosperity have a good day you you

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