Techno Control To Critical Mass In Military,Economy,Society,Mueller To 'Testify July 17

who exposed two days ago by James Oki and his company and she said that the videos didn't really they everyone that's been exposed and veritas says the same thing there is just streaming video they're not selectively edited and she's still not fired what would her the creator of alphabet Sergey Brin say mister fifty billion dollars and his sister-in-law who controls this channel YouTube okay the numbers are locked they're not going out and that's what's going on we have big news we have Mueller going to testify on July the 17th and for the Congress um Adam Schiff shifty chef who has his bill saying that you can't accept any information from outside sources any political administration can't accept any dirt from outside sources but he accepted millions of dollars from El Chapo being the errand boy of MS Pelosi speaker Pelosi so yes basically you know one rule for them another rule for something else we have talking about July the 17th is the Mueller testimony we'll see what comes up we we have Amazon has control of all 17 agencies privatizing our defense system on the cloud we have big man big tech and big act all their earth is going to a residential zone according to mr. Bezos and all industry will be taken off planet where are they going to have it a Mars Saturn the moon where are they going to have it vaccines have our untried and experimentation on your child also my dogs which I think I'll two of them to the rabies vaccine and within a six-month period that's very very suspicious right there okay we have Trump talking about our Iran being very ignorant they're talking about that they could destroy all this stuff when they're really being sanctioned financially and they're not doing well okay but of course the black ops are probably talking for them being the clowns in America and trying to initiate a war but it's not going to happen and Trump also tweeted that the ETS is and the EF peas which killed over 2,000 Americans and we have not forgotten that Iran okay yes we have social now the critical mass happening socially which means the libraries are being pushed to have porn on their computers and also they're basically gaming in porn sites and of course our beautiful you know Planned Parenthood is giving out Lube to little boys and straps for little girls just drop the breasts and so they can have a change to little boys yep it's a little confusing for all of them anthem that's what's happening with basically pant flat parenthood giving out lube and straps breast drops two little girls loops to the boys financially advice is to get out of the banks and I could name them a couple chase City Bank over that is controlled by the Vatican and go to your credit unions get all the banks if you can something bigs gonna drop today according to Sean Hannity something bigs gonna drop as now Project Veritas is exposing that Google is targeting jar Jordan Peterson and Dennis Prager as Nazis calling them Nazis Allah Jang Jin RI g that closed her Twitter account okay we have this companies circle which we've been talking about that is getting our taxpayer funds and they're doing a lot of you know social and geoengineering and you can study more about them if you go on DuckDuckGo okay we have portland demanding that the campus police disarmed because one of the students was fatally mistakenly shot so now they want no guns on campus and the part of the reason why the head of Homeland Security Kevin McCann Annan quit is because he did not want to arrest 15,000 pedophiles and murderers he rather quit and do that of course he leaked out all the locations of them the bus of all the different rates for the mana currents and many migrant criminals throughout the country many in Colorado and the only way that they're getting their oil is from creating war with Yemen and and basically stealing their oil to sell where as all oil production is up up okay okay also you know there was a recent all refinery firecracker that them that that um happen there was a big firecracker in Pennsylvania as I mentioned during the 1.1 million dollar cocaine bust they will there are two more firecrackers planned for two more oil refineries and that's up and coming and so basically we need to be aware of the Mueller testimony coming out oh well cog what about Michelle Levon Robinson well Michelle LeBron Robinson has been exposed to be in a higher high rank than her his husband DHL and the one that ordered all the the firings of all the generals many many criminals that were fired also linked to the you need to watch my previous videos also linked to the Sri Lanka happenings and of course the Norodom happenings involving pop star blue and black and Beyonce okay so that I answered your question about Michael Levon Robinson born 1964 Chicago okay so I think we're caught up for now I should be home on Monday and bully will be getting back to normal on our telecasts please stand in there they have now locked my subscribers and still waiting for that black out which hasn't happened I don't know why the military you know is not doing anything about it but yes the military is also involved with the chemtrails and many nefarious things as they don't seem to be owned by the American government they seem to be a corporation owned that we have to a struct from we have to extract from they okay well I don't know why Michael Levon Robinson Obama's not arrested what about the many others I think who needs to be arrested as the head of the sharp a government mr. Brennan a.k.a lotion the pumpkin his pet name first as he's the mastermind of everything they go report to him so if you want you know Michael to get indicted or have problems you need to arrest the head of the snake which is mr. Oprah and not BHO don't give him that much credit the mastermind is the head of the shadow government and the head of two two groups of the CIA who took seven billion dollars of government funds when he was head of CIA still charge of two two groups s ad and another group that do tortures and exit people okay so yes Keep America great and there we hope that the blackout comes soon because this channel severe is pressed and we hope that the creator of alphabet which owns Google which owns YouTube Sergey Brin is enjoying his fifty billion dollars more than ten times what a POTUS is worth where we go one we go

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