Teen Held in Prison Camp DIES OF FLU

These are the final moments of life for
sixteen-year-old Guatemalan migrant carlos Hernandez Vasquez the video is
not only disturbing to watch it calls into question the official narrative
released by Border Patrol after the teens death in May the security footage
was first obtained by the investigative team at ProPublica in the surveillance
video from the early morning hours of May 20th the Guatemalan teen who was
diagnosed with the flu and 103 degree fever can be seen inside his cell at a
Border Patrol station in Weslaco Texas time stamps have been added by
ProPublica at 1:20 a.m. Vasquez is seen laying on a concrete bench appearing to
be in pain four minutes later he collapses on the floor face down
clutching a Mylar blanket after more than ten minutes and with seemingly no
one responding the teen picks himself up and appears to prop himself against a
toilet inside the cell his feet can be seen flailing for minutes before the
video abruptly ends at 1:47 a.m. according to welfare check records
obtained by ProPublica Border Patrol says an agent checked on Vasquez three
times over the next four and a half hours the log does not indicate how
those checks were done at 5:48 a.m. the video begins again officials did not
provide an explanation for the gap Vasquez still hasn’t moved in an
official press release by Border Patrol the agency says Vasquez was found
unresponsive during a welfare check but video shows it isn’t until Vasquez his
cell mate wakes up that anyone realizes something is wrong several agents are
then seen tending to Vasquez but it’s already too late

2 thoughts on “Teen Held in Prison Camp DIES OF FLU

  • I can't describe how horrible this is. Btw, Anne Frank died of typhoid fever just days before the camp was liberated and typhoid fever is spread by lice, which has been frequently documented at the ICE concentration camps.

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