Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 12 – Full Episode – 11th September, 2019

Oh, my!
I didn’t buy any for you. Can I have that one?
– What happened to me? Anger, what else? When did I get angry on you? You do. Alia!
– What? I’m your wife, I know. Have you ever seen me
getting angry? Look at yourself. You are angry right now. Then you ask
when do you get angry? Please give me a strong one and give it carefully, okay? This one.. Wait, I will give it to you. It’ll calm him in a jiffy. ‘Mom, please arrange for
the anklet somehow.’ The line is still engaged. Keep trying. It’s ringing.. Yes. Where’s the anklet? Shop? You had given for repairing? Is this the one? Yes.
– “Anklet..” Help me! Ma’am! Ms. Durga. Ms. Durga, what are you doing? What are you doing here? Pickle.. Stealing pickle.. First of all.. I’m not dead.. Mister, firstly.. You should have uttered.. Hey, old man! Sorry. Sorry, sir. I get carried away
when I’m angry. Let’s get her down first. We can talk
about the rest later. Yes, please.
– Fine, get her down. Get me down! ‘I found the anklet.’ ‘I will go to your house
and keep it in your cupboard.’ ‘You saved me today.’ The anklet has been found! The anklet has been found! What do you mean? Tara should say
that the anklet is found. We have ours with us. God knows whose anklet
was found in her house? But, our anklet has been found. Actually,
I went out to look for houses. What do you mean? Yes, I’m leaving the flat
I’d rented in Modern Society. Actually, the plumbing
in that house is faulty. It’s too much hassle calling
a plumber time and again. So, I thought of looking
for one in Teacher’s Colony. That’s also fine. If you don’t mind but may I use the washroom
for a minute? Why just a minute? God has provided
you the freedom for it. Use it for as long
as you want. Let me show you
the way. ‘Oh God, I hope mom has kept
the anklet inside the cupboard.’ ‘I won’t spare Alia’s mother.’ ‘We are childhood friends’! ‘We used to do it
like this in childhood’! She left me hanging
from the terrace. Let Abha come home today. I won’t let her enter the house. I’ll keep standing here
at the door. That’s Abha’s phone! Hurry up, Alia. ‘Why is she
disconnecting the calls?’ How come you both are
back early from school? Where’s Rohan? No, Mom.
We’ll go back in a while. ‘Oh, no!’ So have you come home
for a nap? No, I came here
to check something. Oh, okay. Tara! What are you doing
in our bedroom? Actually..
– She went to the washroom. She’s going to move
to our colony. You’re moving to
this colony? Well, I don’t know till now
but let’s see. I’m glad, you are here. I wanted to show you something. ‘Alia.’ Come. The anklet which was
found in your house wasn’t Alia’s because her anklet is here. Mr. Alok, you don’t
have to prove anything. Ms. Tara,
I have complete faith in her. and if you insist,
I’m sure you trust her too. But I don’t want anyone
to have any doubt regarding her. Let’s see. Alia.. “What will become..” Where are the keys?
– Isn’t the key there? “What will become..” “What will become
of you, Alia?” “Alia!” The key is not here.
– What? I mean, the key
isn’t there? Exactly.
The key isn’t here. Hold on.
I’ll check. There’s no need for this,
Mr. Alok. The key isn’t here.
It’s okay. I’ll show it to you later.
– It’s okay. The key is here.
I mean, it had fallen down.
I have found it. It was lying here.
Take it. We found it. “What will happen..” “What will happen..” “What will happen
to you, Alia?” “Alia!
– Help!” Take a look, Ms. Tara.
Here are Alia’s anklets. Mr. Alok, you didn’t
have to do all this. I was certain that the anklet
can’t belong to Alia. Never mind. Alia, we have pick
Rohan up from school. Yes.
We have to pick him up. You need not go anywhere.
I’ve brought Rohan home. Hey!
Show it to me. This is the same pair
of anklets which lead
to the misunderstandings. These are Alia’s anklets. I had told you, Mr. Tara.
I have full faith in Alia. Thank you..
Thank you, Rabiya. You saved me.
Thank you. But how did you
manage to do this? I found similar anklets
at Kanti Jeweller. I bought them
and kept them in your cupboard. Darn! Alia..
– Mom, where have you been? I’ve been calling you. I.. Well..
– I have understood. You had gone to
the sage, right? Yes. I told you not to go. I had told you that he
talks rubbish just to make money. I had told you
to have faith in Lord Krishna. You never listen to me. Hey! Mom..
Mom, are you crazy? Alia!
Quiet! We pray to God
when we go to the hospital but it’s the doctor
who treats us. When we can trust
the doctor then why not the sage? Anyway, teachers,
sages, doctors.. They all are the agents
of the God. Anyway, the sage
has given me a warning. No.
Don’t tell me about it. I don’t want to know.
– Listen.. Hey! No, Mom.
– Listen to me once. He said..
– I told you not to tell me. It just creates baseless doubts. All right.
Don’t listen to me. But you can watch it.
I have recorded everything. I will forward you the video
and you can watch it. Come on, Mom. Oh, God!
Alia! What happened?
– My phone is missing. Where did it go? I don’t know.
I can’t remember. You are unbelievable.
Where did you drop it? I don’t know.
– Ms. Abha! Is this yours? Is this your phone? Yes.
My phone is with you. How come? You had left it
at the sage’s place. Yes. Mr. Sahay!
Even you visit the sage? My dear, when bad times fall one feels compelled to go. I should suffer
indigestion at this age, right? But I’m suffering
due to debts. I don’t have a job.
How should I repay my debt? My house is mortgaged. I thought of visiting
the sage. The sage won’t be able
to solve it. Whatever he says,
never comes true. No, my dear.
Don’t say like that. he sage has told me that my luck is
is about to get better. It’s always the opposite
of what he says. Shut up. No.
Don’t pay heed to her. She is mad. If the sage has told you that
your luck is about to get better it’ll surely happen. Hail the sage! Can’t I get a job
in your school? I can teach English. Yes, I can. There’s already a lean
and beautiful English teacher. Lean and beautiful? What kind of
a qualification is this? She means, a new English teacher
has been appointed at our school recently. So, getting a job might be..
– Excuse us. Excuse us for a minute,
Mr. Sahay. Alia, come with me.
– What happened? What if Mr. Sahay replaces Tara
as English teacher at your school? All our problems will be solved. Right! As if it is very
easy to get that job! There is no need for you
to worry about Tara now. I told you,
she’s no more a threat to me. Nonsense! Mr. Sahay, there are no
job opening at my school at the moment. But as soon as there’s
a vacancy I’ll immediately
contact you. Okay? Poor Mr. Sahay! After hearing
the Sage’s forewarning I am actually
feeling sorry for you. What! – I’ll forward
the video to you. See it for yourself. I’m sending it now. I’ve sent it. All the best! Thank you. – You’ll definitely
win this time. Alia, do the ritual properly. Rotate the plate
in clockwise direction. Okay. Here you go.
Be victorious. By God’s grace,
may you become famous. Win the first
prize on the stage. Mom, my students are
supposed to win the prize. I am only their coach. Whether your
students win or you win it’s all the same. You’re the one who
honed their skills, right? What are you guys
talking about? About you. You are putting on
weight day by day. Hey! So, where are you off to? Well..
– Mom, have you forgotten? Alok is going to Mumbai
along with his students. Is it? – A big badminton
tournament is going on there. That’s wonderful! I’m sure you’ll win, Alok. Listen, if you happen
to meet Anil Kapoor don’t forget to get
his autograph for me. As if he is dying to sign an autograph for her! Okay, guys.
I’m getting late now. I’ll leave for Mumbai directly
from school. God bless you.
Win the first prize. Be victorious.
– Let’s go. Take care. Alia. Did you see?
– See what? Silly girl! Did you see the video
of the Sage that I had forwarded to you? Mom, please stop it!
– Listen.. – Bye. Listen.. She doesn’t understand! Very good!
– Very good, Neeti. Very good. Superb, Neeti.
It was superb. Wonderful! Perfect, Neeti!
Billiard! Billiard! God!
It is brilliant, not billiard! Sir, I think we’re fully
prepared to go to Mumbai. You can go,
but don’t come last in the tournament.
– Sir, what are you saying? We’ll win the tournament. Our school stands last
every year. I am the badminton
coach this time. Our school has stood last
since past five years. The principals of the
other school make calls
to ridicule me. Sir, have faith in me. Of course, faith is all he has. The trophy never comes
to him. This year we will
win the trophy, sir. I am the sports teacher
this year, sir. Don’t you have confidence in me? No, Alok. I don’t
doubt your capabilities. I don’t know
about the students. Our school has stood
last in the tournament since past five years. Students from reputed schools
come to the tournament after undergoing
rigorous training. Students of our school
are not that well trained. Sir, even MS Dhoni also was
from a non-reputed school. It is not the school,
but the intention that matters. Sir, I have seen
Neeti and Vikas play. They are good players. And I’m sure we will win the
tournament this year. Sir, if Ms. Tara says so it will surely happen. Seal packed, deal done. No discussion,
never mind. Okay? We win. Oh, it is already time for
us to leave to Mumbai. Where is Vikas?
– Vikas. Mr. Alok. Where were you, Vikas?
– Sorry, sir. But I won’t be playing
the tournament. You won’t be playing?
Why not? Mister, I’m telling you,
I don’t want any of your plans.
You get that? Do let me know
if you’re looking for a house. Dad. Did you tell your coach? Sir, he won’t be taking part
in any tournament. That’s it. Hey, Alia!
– Yes. – Alia.. What happened?
– Your mom shared a video. What are you both up to? Don’t be silly.
Mom must have sent the sage’s video.
– You mean the sage is starring
in videos now? Listen, making videos
is far better than what those sages do. Mom is just impossible.
I didn’t watch the video so she sent it to you.
– Let me watch it. – No. I’m telling you,
you need not watch it. Your mom was insisting.
Why don’t you watch it? I said, no. It must be the sage
talking about horoscopes again. It’s disturbing, I don’t want
to watch it. Oh, Aliya You’ve stopped
following the sage’s advise? That’s right. I’ve shut him out completely. He’s useless. None of
his predictions come true. He told Mr. Sahay
the other day that his luck is about
to get better. Just look at his condition.
He is neck deep in debt. Poor man. Look there.
A live example. The sage told him that
he’d never go to Dubai. And look what happened.
his Visa got approved the very next day
and now he’s celebrating. Mr. Nandan! Give her some sweets.
She’ll believe me only then. What happened, Mr. Nandan?
Why are you crying? Are they the tears of joy? They’re the tears of depression. I’m contemplating suicide. The sage’s prediction
came true! My permit to Dubai
got cancelled. What!
– I can’t go to Dubai now. Are you sure you filled the
form correctly? I had filled in every detail
very carefully. Oh, Mr. Nandan.
– Here you go. Have some sweets. Sure. But you’re distributing
sweets for such a bad news. Can I have one more? These sweets are not from me. It’s from the Hindi teacher.
– Why? His brother cracked
the Civil Service Exams. He’s qualified to be
an IAS officer. That’s why.. What!
– But he failed in his tenth three times.
– He cleared IAS? – Exactly! The sage had predicted
he’d be an IAS officer and it came true. Another of his predictions
came true. That’s true.
Then, give me one more. Take what you want at one go! I’m sorry. I get carried away
when I’m angry. Sorry. Alia, you were saying
the sage is useless. All his predictions
are coming true. ‘Alok is destined
for two marriages.’ ‘Alok’s second marriage
is confirmed.’ ‘Alia! – As per the position
of his planets’ ‘a woman stepping into his life
is confirmed.’ ‘There’s a danger ahead.’ ‘I’m warning you. Be careful.’
– “What will” “become of you,

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