Terence McKenna: Free Trade, Communism & Politics

yes you yeah that brings me to the point of wondering why our society isn't focusing on educating and developing the male as well as a female on keeping the psychedelics as well as the sexual education more sacred Wow because the society's is run by people who don't know what you're talking about no I mean the society is basically run by on a very conservative agenda we are not responding to the crisis I said this last night the response to the global crisis is spin doctoring and issuing of funny statistics everybody knows that we are destroying the planet and yet you know all this running around talking about free trade what do people think free trade is other than the right to peddle junk everywhere that's what free trade is free trade is the right to bring cm and to Turkmenistan free trade is the right to sell Honda's in Swaziland it's a complete cultural leveling and it and yet to take a position against free trade is thought to be terribly recidivist and unenlightened I think trade should be as difficult as possible I think it should be very very hard to move objects across borders and there should be a de-emphasis on the manufacturing and fabricating of synthetic objects one of the I mean when you look at capitalism there are only two things you can do with it you can either junk it as toxic fatal an anti human or the products of capitalism must become virtual if products were made of light rather than matter it might be possible to save capitalism but as long as capitalism is the dealing of physical objects it's a knife poised at the heart of the earth and the situation is getting worse because through the spread of a drug television we have now raised the middle-class expectations in the hearts of millions and millions and millions of people in the cities of Asia and Africa people are watching dynasty and all this and they want it but what do you saving them you who have it you say you can't have it it's impossible so I think that the whole struggle between capitalism and communism was a shell game and a sham and that the the real struggle ideologically is between capitalism and ecological values values that want to preserve the earth there are two kinds of people those who don't give a baby for saving the earth and those who want to save the earth now the people who want to destroy the earth they have the armies the engines of propaganda they own the corporations to stock everything it is you know contest that they're just going to win the only fly in the ointment is if they win everybody dies and they know that they know that I mean you think you're concerned about the earth imagine if you have the illusion that you own the damn thing how concerned you would be and in the boardrooms of these fortune 500 corporations that's the illusion they think it's their planet and when they leave that lease taken to their planet their investment it's falling to pieces it's running down it's being used up I don't know if we can put the brakes on fast enough to hold this process or not but that is the dilemma of the age we are practicing a suicidal cultural style it's ruining our future the quality of our environment everything is being destroyed by the toxic practice of this cultural style and yet the message is not being heard maybe it will be heard but at the moment there's a great gap between the real state of the planet and and the responses that are being put in place so we don't hear as I said you know I need to keep harping on this but the single act that the Catholic Church is not cooperating in the limiting of global population this is a crime against humanity nobody is immune from being held for crimes against humanity do you think you have to be a Nazi to be guilty anybody who commits crimes against humanity is as guilty as the Nazis were and to tell people in these enormous Li swollen third world cities that their eternal soul world is in jeopardy as big name of their family size is that is a historical crime about seeing proportions and yet if if one were to suggest that this be halted let alone that the people who propagate this policy be held to account and we thought to be a Spitfire unit of some sort why does that seem so probable to us yeah seems very completely that one percent of the people that are running the planet and screwing it up say the green heads and the power heads can actually sway 90 plus percent of people that are probably asleep and are educated and maybe several percent of us understand that something very strange is going on my question is what do you do about it you can't but yourself your head against the wall terribly to try to dislodge these people but you can't stand it morally there's like a major dependent I think the only thing you can do is get straight with the people around you and talk about it and the other thing is we don't have to be polite they don't have to be polite I remember expertly in the sixties the first time I mean I was a wide-eyed freshman and I took a big survey course in anthropology that had people of all you know freshmen sophomore juniors and seniors in this class and there we were and this professor some gray bearded great Hori with wisdom was holding for and somebody stood up and said and you could just hear a pin drop and then somebody else stood up and said yes this is and it's like the Emperor's and enclose the whole thing begins to unravel because so much BS is being slung so and you know it's hard to know where to draw the line but I think we need to be very very critical of our institutions I hate this whole Clinton thing because I don't like people to walk around assured that now the world is safe at last the four terming governor of Arkansas has taken you worry no more oh my god do you know what you have to be to be the four term governor of Arkansas what a blood-soaked the gangster creep you have to be to ascend through that you know what you would be like if you live in governor of Arkansas four terms can you in wrap your mind around the concept and there this is the liberal hope this is including why hope this is the good guy god forbid we should say anything about the bad government side and not to not Bill Clinton you know he's just some clown trying to stumble through but if this is people's idea of radical social reform if this is people's idea clicking the place honey imagine we need to limit the Earth's population back down male births legalize psychedelics get rid of atomic weapons move to a hydrogen economy so forth and so on and when they suggest closing an Eric about an airbase near Sacramento the California papers are full of articles about whether Western civilization can survive the shocker coming yeah real my friends I mean there are shocks on the way that will make closing an airbase not even register on the meter

19 thoughts on “Terence McKenna: Free Trade, Communism & Politics

  • McKenna is brilliant in any regard aside from economics. It is absolutely viable to have eco-friendly free trade. It is human beings that are misusing capitalism, not the other way around.

  • jesus these comments are a mess. for some reason so much of the psychedelic community tends toward this odd "youre this close to getting the point' reactionary populist thought. that governments are evil and the elites are oppressing us, yet somehow capitalism is absolved from any blame. WHY are these elites using their immense power to shut us normal people down? what gives them this ability? why do billionaires have the most say and effect on our ruling class? it all comes back to capitalism, an oppressive society allows this kind of control to be exacted by whoever ended up with the biggest bank account. think deeper

  • Television hardly posed any threats to developing nations, Terence. Not only does it boost the market to help them out of poverty, but it's also likely played a crucial role in pulling Islamic countries and the like out of the dark ages by providing a gateway to modern thought and morals.

    Capitalism in general has also greatly enhanced poor countries like Taiwan.

  • McKenna is onto a bigger theme that most of the commenters and readers don't understand.
    People caught up in the "free market" vs "corporatist" vs "crony" vs "classical liberal" vs "coercive" vs "anti-capitalist communism" capitalism arguments in these comments don't see the bigger picture.
    Industrialization is destroying our planet. Our world culture, our world expectations shaped through the process of industrialization during the 20th century to now is very destructive and wasteful.
    He is saying our culture is a net-lose game for everyone involved, but we can't seem to stop playing the game of arguing about "which industrial model of the 1800's will destroy us more slowly."
    Everyone arguing about what "capitalism" or "communism" is or has been is dipping into illusory conversation.
    It's a myth of the modern era, a powerful myth as being represented by these comments, but a myth nonetheless.
    Just as stuck in thinking as the "masters of the universe" are also stuck in thinking.

  • This subject is definitely Terence's weakest, and I kind of wish he wouldn't have talked about it. I believe he failed to see the difference between free trade, and corporatism / crony capitalism. The latter being the true destructive force.

  • These statements were very misinformed, but I have learned to just look past things like this and focus on the useful things people say and do my best to refute the bad things.

  • Excellent clip. Globalization and unhinged capitalism benefits, not the common people, but the corporations.

    As if we need more plastic smartphone cases in the world.

  • finally, something Terence McKenna said that I disagree with. the only alternative to free market capitalism is state-violence-controlled capitalism.

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