Texas Mother Vanishes Amid Marital Strife – Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen (Pt 2)

she was 18 when she married her former Uncle Joe Daniel Carrasco 29 when she said she was through started seeing someone else and according to family Joe Daniel found out of course he gives in her phone and he sees that there was less specific one that she talked to that was a Wednesday after that Joe Daniel took drastic action according to this text reportedly sent from Bianca to her sister Giovanna it reads Daniel emptied the account and opened another account without my name on it so I have no access to money except my credit card which is almost at the limit she continued I will not be controlled by a man in money it was just four days after that a Sunday when Giovanna would speak to her sister for the last time she talked about going to see a lawyer we talked a little about the kids what was gonna happen with them and she wasn't too sure because he he wanted the kids and they were kind of arguing about that the positive is that I didn't get to tell her that I love her what happened after that is now part of official police record Bianca Carrasco was last seen on May 1st and which was a Sunday night what we know is that her and her husband Joe Daniel got into an argument over her speaking to another man over her possibly wanting to leave him she walks out the door and goes down the street Joe Daniel picks up their youngest child puts her in the car drives past her leaves leaves the other two children in the house and then Bianca was gone it wasn't until late the next day that Giovanna found out Monday about four o'clock was when he let me know that they had gotten into an argument and that she walked away from their house and I said where are the kids and he said they're at they're at home there they were left alone Giovanna is suspicious so she just kept walking and left the kids that doesn't make any sense I called her phone well her phone was off totally out of character she's never turned her phone off there is something seriously wrong then after discovering that Bianca never showed up for work Giovanna texted Joe Daniel can you call your aunt and ask her if she's talked to Bianca Joe Daniel responds no sister just let her be for a little bit Giovanna she still doesn't have her car Joe Daniel no probably using that guy's he said she probably left with one of those guys and my my reaction to that was leaving her kids with no car that's not my sister at night just it's not her not her at all Giovanna took action texting Joe Daniel on the other line I called the police Joe Daniel responds call me when you're done instead Giovanna meets with officers to tell them what she knows you know something that just sticks out in my head is that one of the police officers he asked me why hasn't the husband called and I said I don't know I don't know and he said well give me his number I'll call him and he calls him right in front of me and he lies and says he has the wrong number after that Joe Daniel reportedly called police himself and finally made a report so then I believe it was that night they finally listed her as a missing person then police bring the husband and for questioning these cases and one of the first things we look at the immediate loved one or the relative of the missing person mr. Carrasco has been cooperative with our investigators is our understanding that he thought that the miss Carrasco was going to return home so he didn't raise really any concerns and felt the need that he needed to make a report Daniel tells police about Bianca's alleged affair and officers follow up by questioning the man but still no suspects are ever announced no clues to Bianca's whereabouts made public in fact no evidence of any crime at all some people they go missing they're adults they just don't wanna be contacted at this point we haven't had anything to show concretely that there was foul play involved but after nearly a year of searching police say they have assigned a homicide unit to the case and if you ask Bianca's family there's only one person they should be looking at I'm not one to try and point the finger at people but I know how much she wanted the kids and he you know at one point even told me that he just wanted her to leave it on the lawn I just think there were there were some reactions that maybe got out of hand and thought she was hurt I believe Daniel knows exactly what happened to Bianca I believe Bianca is put into some sort of chemical or in concrete that's what I believe bold accusations that demanded a response which our CBS 7 affiliate in Odessa Texas tried hard to get of course I wanted to hear his side of this story reached out to him several times the first time I called him he said it was in fact Jo Daniel every time I told him who I was with or what I was trying to do he hung up on me and then the last few times that I called him he told me I had the wrong phone number yeah hi Daniel no I remember Alexa was able to get an interview with Joe Daniel's attorney who denied any involvement in Bianca's disappearance he has been active in the case he has attempted to work with d FPS and the focus for him and for all of us working the case is to protect his kids that's our concern right now we still wanted to give Joe Daniel his say last time I checked or was made aware Joe Daniel was living here in Odessa with the three children I've been told he works in oil but this is West Texas everybody works in oil so it would be hard to track him down but after first trying to reach him by phone we found in address do you know what time he gets off no I'm with Crimewatch daily so we're here to talk to him could he leave me information okay so we did come back here y'all need to stay away with chrome washed away once again we were shut down but we had to give Joe Daniel his chance to respond so days later I flew back to West Texas where that night I found Joe Daniel sitting in his car as our security stood by Joe crime watch daily we've been trying to reach you for a few days what could I get a few minutes of your time the story is airing and I just want people to hear your voice I've literally come from Los Angeles three times to talk to you I just need two minutes we just want to give you a voice that's that our only intention because I don't want to air something without you Joe Daniel wasn't saying a word okay we're gonna leave you alone I just I want you to know I'm trying to get your voice out I don't want to air anything without your participation we would leave without comment from Joe Daniel so we reached out to his attorney who gave us the following statement the Carrasco family is deeply grateful for the kind thoughts and prayers of so many people as they continue trying to adjust to their new lives Joe and the children remain hopeful for Bianca's safe return for now the case remains open in every sense of the word we're not ruling anything out in this case there could be some foul play involved it's our hope that we can get some more information hopefully from the public or anybody else that knows anything about this case or miss carrasco's whereabouts to help us find out where she is because we know that the family is as grieving and – that there is no dispute just let her pick up the phone just let her pick up the phone told me she's okay I miss her really bad really really bad I feel like I've lost a piece of meat like a piece of me is gone and I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna get through life without her one more time here's a look at Bianca Carrasco she's 29 years old five foot one in a hundred and twenty five pounds with black hair and brown eyes she also has the letter B tattooed on her hip if you seen her or have any information where she might be please call San Antonio police that number two one zero two zero 77662

44 thoughts on “Texas Mother Vanishes Amid Marital Strife – Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen (Pt 2)

  • Evil man. And very stupid woman.
    1. Dates him while he is still married going through a divorce.
    2. Marries her uncle!
    3. Has 3 kids with him even though marriage is rocky and full of strife.
    4. Stays with him for years even though it is clear he is abusive and cutting her off from family and friends.
    5. Posts that she is divorced on Facebook, knowing he can see that, and will be checking on her as any abusive partner would.
    6. Flirts with other men knowing her husband's temper and controlling ways.
    7. Fails to leave the residence, or file a protective order, or do anything to protect herself.

    How stupid can you be? All the signs were there. She risked her life and lost it to that evil thug. The problem with most victims is they are in denial about their spouse/ partner's ability to harm them. They think that someone who knows them so well, has lived with them so long, cannot possibly harm them. Dead wrong.

  • This is a form of Darwinism; survival of the most intelligent. For this 18 year old – and other members of her family – to be so unintelligent as to marry her uncle that used to be married to her aunt is stupidity on a mind boggling level.

  • I don't think is the right way to point to the husband, if he left with the small kid how did he kill her? At what time he did it? What about how he felt when he saw his wife slept with someone else? Did anyone think about the person she was sleeping with? A men cheats for animal instinct but when a woman cheats is because they know what's on the table including their kids and sometimes they are willing to leave everything behind to find out the man they been dreaming a new life is married. Facing this who knows if he kill her and not the husbamd

  • He definitely killed his niece/ children's mom and he still has custody of these innocent children I wonder what they think

  • Why aren't the police doing anything? They act like its perfectly normal for a MOM to walk out on her kids and disappear. She's so good at it, no one can find her. Sad for her family and kids.

  • Shit, I guess I can't control myself to burn this Joe Daniel if I live there… if there's no justice at all, I wish someone else can do something

  • I'm sorry. No one deserves to he murdered, but she was an adulteress, plain and simple. You don't treat your husbands/wives like throwaway luggage.

    I personally put my faith before my marriage, and therefore have more self-worth than to become murderous if cheated on. However, you cannot act surprised when you are caught being a whore by your husband, and someone who doesn't have self-worth or faith explodes violently.

    God puts the sin of adultery into the same vile category as murder.

    Don't cheat. Don't murder. It is easy, folks. 6,000 years of clear instruction.

  • Check in the oil tanks!! Now that the Watt’s murders have come to light I think they need to investigate this case more.

  • She married her uncle , so there , she obviously wasnt well in her head, a very disturbed Bianca .
    The uncle was not man enough for her aunt n Bianca thought what hmm , that she'd make him man enough for her , change him to some prince charming ? But unfortunately that's not the case , these sociopath freaks never change .
    Now look Bianca is gone with the wind n evaporated into space .
    Marring a family member is never good

  • I honestly don't feel sorry for her…she was bad. Her own mama's sister and she didn't mind shitting all over her happy not so happy home. 🙄Serves her right

  • She should’ve never started seeing other guys! That’s what women number 1 thing is to get other men involved and end up with a crazy fucker why because they can’t keep their legs closed

  • He made his self guilty by not talking to them. An runing. He knows she not coming back thoes poor kids may never kow there true mother.

  • He did it.. If yall wife was missing im sure you be upset about it or something he doesnt show any emotion at all. I mean why would u have to say wrong number to them if ur innocent
    The guy is a loser for taking the mother away from her kids like tht
    And the lawyer says we gotta protect the kids
    Than get the kids to there grandma or there aunt or protective services u moron cause the sorry ass loser isnt there safe place
    Karma a bitch and i hope he rots in it

  • The San Antonio Police Department is just too damn lazy to do their damn job and rather allow a murderer to have, enjoy & keep precious moments that his wife will never be able to do which is just horribly sad and then I have to wonder…? ? ?
    Talk about "KARMA" coming and biting you in the ass! (Her uncle? So it was either her mom's brother or her mom's sister husband, right?) If…that's the case? it didn't just bite her in the ass, it buried her ass!!!

  • Regardless- she didn’t need to die. And completely f’d up family incest situation. This world is shit

  • Guess I didn’t hear correctly!? The positive is that I didn’t get to tell her I loved her? From her sister?

  • No offense meant but why would she get involved with another man when she's still living with her husband??? And she married the ex husband of her aunt, now that is kinda off. I hope it's not karma catching up with her, for the sake of the kids. Playing with fire is never safe!

  • Why does everybody here continue to focus on the fact that he was her uncle (by marriage)? We get it. It's gross, creepy, and just plain odd. She still didn't deserve to be murdered, and we know that's most likely what happened to her. I'm hoping the investigators aren't as focused on the incest aspect as everybody here. If so, that's probably why this case still hasn't been solved.

  • who messes with their own Uncle, lays in bed with their own family member? nobody sees anything wrong or that?

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