Thankful for Financial Freedom

41 thoughts on “Thankful for Financial Freedom

  • Congrats on your financial freedom. At this point, it feels like nothing more than a pipe dream for me. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • I am grateful and appreciate you both, Clayton your podcast has contributed much to my real estate success and knowledge. Thank you.

  • Just started learning about real estate investing. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for teaching us newbies on your channel!

  • Such an amazing important talk! Thanks to you both for paving the way for families! Me and my husband just found you guys and are so excited and inspired to start learning everything about RE and start investing ☀️ Happy thanksgiving 🍁

  • I'm closing on my first duplex next month, right in your old backyard in West Lawn, PA. You guys started it all for me back in January when you mentioned your real estate investing on Leo's TWiT network. I did some more research, got hooked, found an AMAZING local mentor and now I'm working to finally get out of retail work and become a full time real estate investor. So this year I'm super thankful to both of you Clayton and Natali. Wishing you both a very happy thanksgiving. 🙂

  • I'm grateful that we are within two weeks of closing on our next property & thankful I found you guys.

    Struggling with what to do next. Leverage a income property and purchase another or slow our roll?

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING! MANY BLESSING COMING YOUR WAY . I am the person who is having trouble figuring out how to know if it's your company calling me. I live in Pennsylvania, and I have been looking to start and buy my very first property off of Craigslist. But it would be great to have Morris Invest help me step by step. I am a single mom with twin boys in their first year of college. I could really use your help please. Happy Holidays!!

  • So much to be thankful for. Thanks to both of you for the knowledge that you are sharing w everyone. You are changing people's lives in such a positive and lasting way!

  • The fact that you're teaching us your experience (being transparent), beats all the money that you, Letterman, or anyone could donate. Teach me to fish, and you fed me for life. Thank you Clayton, Natali, and Morris kids.

  • It's 5:30 AM on Black Friday I am up and on my way to work a 16 hour day job wishing you both a happy Thanksgiving and thankful for your channel and thank you for guiding me I am hoping to get my first rental property the first of the year and then build wealth from there to spend time with family friends

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for spreading the word about the freedom, flexibility, and independence that Real Estate Investing can provide.

  • I bought my first property with Morris Invest this month and I'm always thrilled to share my real-estate investing adventure. I've noticed that the negative people that I've spoken to all have something in common – They don't have the testicular fortitude to take ANY risk and have NEVER owned real-estate. I can't wait to talk to them again in a couple of years when I own 10 properties. No RISK, No REWARD… PERIOD

  • OK so Morris hey I have a question I'm in the process of using your service the question is let's say you buy a $50,000 house and use a lender nd put 20% $10,000 and the total cost comes to about $12,000, if the net rent income after all expenses comes to $300 a month $3600 a year, is that 30% yield good, and when you pay off the loan doesn't your yield on cost jump significantly? Why doesn't anyone talk about this big plus??

  • I've been following you guys for a few months now. I now have the cash to plunk down on a single property with you. My only hesitation is I want to snowball into multiple properties. Would you recommend waiting until I have the capital for 2-3 homes at once or just get in the game already with a single property? I know it looks more attractive to private investors when you already have a small portfolio and I'm concerned that just having 1 property won't be enough. I'd love to know your thoughts! Thank you guys for sharing your journey with the world!

  • Very inspirational. When I watch u guys I feel pumped, inspired. I totally relate. It's very cool that u guys r in the same range as my wife n I, n to top it off, from Jersey as well! Very neat! This educator is looking for creative ways to fund, n thus book a call with u guys. Cheers n thank u.

  • Love it, get a wife n things start to happen around the house, lol. I'm going to share that with my wife! Great vid once again.

  • Ha Ha! Clayton's MASSIVE finger at 15:53. I thought he was going to poke me in the face! Looking forward to purchasing a lot of properties from you guys.

  • clayton my struggle is being a 63 yr old single man , i have some performing assets since 1986 but i sorta stopped building my assets i think its better having a good companion partner for that support and help when your going thru tough times . . sometimes you think why do all this alone you have no purpose ? its all temporary anyway ? everything is temporary . because we die ? however poverty sucks , i do like passive income . my personal pension plan .

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