Thankfulness – A Key to Contentment- 3 Minute Matters

hey thanks for joining me another week my name is Lucretia Renee Church this is three minute matters here I discuss topics from a biblical perspective within three minutes and today I'm talking about finding contentment I'll give you a key you want to know about it if you watch it let's go the other day I was walking to my car from the grocery store and on the other side coming towards the store was a little girl walking with the elderly woman now I noticed this little girl because of the size of the cart that she was pushing it was much larger than her but she was handling it just fine as they got directly beside me I watched the little girl look down at her sandals then proudly look up at the woman and say I like my shoes when I heard her say that I looked down at these shoes to see what why was she so grateful and I thought to myself there's nothing spectacular about my shoes but you couldn't tell her that now I don't know if these were brand new shoes or if this little girl just had a moment where of gratitude whatever the reason for her statement it made me think what if we look at the things that we had and just appreciated it you may not have the best car but you do have a car you may not have your dream life yet thank God for the air that you breathe most people are unthankful because they feel entitled to what they have maybe they worked hard for it I don't know but God gave the strength and the job unthankfulness is a bad fruit produced by the seed of entitlement people are constantly getting and getting and grabbing and grabbing for more and more all the while devaluing the the thing that they just had to have sometimes the Lord uses practical practical to get a message to us we've got to be mindful not to overlook them this simple revelation in a parking lot made me realize that it's easy to be ungrateful but if I take a moment to look around I find that there's more things of quality happening in my life that I can be thankful for starting with yes waking up now even though that little girl didn't verbalize a thank-you I could tell by her attitude that she was thankful attitude spoke louder than her words actually her attitude gave validity to what she said that little girl didn't look around and compare her shoes to other people's shoes it didn't matter if anyone else liked her shoes she liked her shoes let me ask you do you like your shoes now I'm not telling you to enjoy a job that is draining you or a relationship that is dysfunctional I'm saying thank God for strengthening you hear me strengthening you and keeping your mind when you could have lost it doing this can help you find contentment in God in his Grace's the Bible says in 1st Thessalonians 5 and 13 and everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you thankfulness produces contentment and contentment produces peace be thankful today and find your contentment

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