That's Democracy

if why would you rely we realize that a king is only a king if the people say is ah and if they don't well he's just a man with a metal hat who's only in charge because his father wore a metal hat before him which is pretty crazy if you think about it he's got a point it is pretty crazy so didn't we came together and asked ourselves what if there was a different way of doing things a bit away but Farrell know we've been trying something new in the Dominion that says you went Oh way with no King upon the throne we've all been left alone to build a new tomorrow here today right what if every single soul with an opinion got to have their say if on every point of no reason it's a car but wait today so the butcher gets a vote yep the big ego to vote yep and everyone who couldn't vote before except of course the women and we won't let him or him in we mean everybody else at the pool progressive for the Middle Ages then we vote on every pressing public question either yeah nice everybody gets to choose us to you know if you'd like to make a statement or suggestion simply stand and every person counts the same cept of course the lame and the lepers and ginger and the Witch and the heathen Tommy's and hippies and although the fair and square tomorrow well not per se just the ones who learn not me the landings the wealthy the pious and healthy straight one has to pay eleven we only mean the mail wave you're all of the above then you're okay well that is intriguing voting who to fight

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