– Do you wanna know what real wealth is? Real wealth is waking up every single day and doing whatever the hell I want, every second of everyday. What do you aspire to? What do you really want in life? Most people think they want money, but that’s not really they want. They want freedom and autonomy. (upbeat music) I would much rather make $56,000 a year and be able to do whatever
I want whenever I want, than make millions, yet have to show up to work every day, have to please a board,
have to have employees and just do all these million things that you have to do, that typically come as Biggie Smalls said, “Mo Money Mo Problems.” One is basically going in handcuffs, and then one is really
control your destiny. What people try to do is, like I say, moving up the corporate ladder, you figure that more money,
more power, more this can make you happy, but
it’s just really strange because you actually get less time and less flexibility in
life the more you do that. You make more money, but
you’re paying for it. You’re paying for the time and the lack of autonomy in your own life. It’s so backwards, it’s so absurd. What I want you to do from this video, the point of this video, is I want you to really value
what you’re trying to do. Even if you wanna travel the world and do all these crazy
things, you can work remotely. You could be a copywriter, you could write emails for companies, you can be a social media manager, there’s like 10,000 things you can do where you could work as a freelancer and be able to travel
anywhere in the world and not have to be a millionaire,
not have to be wealthy, but basically live like you’re wealthy. That is what I want you to think about. What are your actual goals,
what are you trying to achieve? For most people, in our
new knowledge society, in our remote society, because of this awesome
thing called internet, we can live the way we really wanna live, on our own terms, anywhere we want, setting our own schedule
and still have jobs. Or still just make a little bit of money. We don’t have to be millionaires. It used to be, if you want
to enjoy, like, houses and boats and planes and all these things, you have become super wealthy and then you coulda buy these things. But it’s like, within a gig
economy, and a sharing economy, you can literally rent all those things, in fact a lot of rich
people do rent things, they don’t buy expensive
toys, they rent them. So in 2019 I want you to think about, and really spend your
time writing it down, focusing on, figuring out what
are you trying to accomplish. I literally wake up every
single day of my life, whenever I want. I do whatever I want. If I don’t want to take a meeting, or if you have a meeting
I don’t wanna go to, I’ll cancel it. And this isn’t something
that is willy-nilly or to brag or… I’ve set my life up in this way. If there’s toxic people in my life, vendors, suppliers, employers,
whatever, they’re gone. I don’t deal with it. I don’t have to deal with it. I’m not giving up anything
by not dealing with it. I don’t get any advantage
by dealing with it. In fact, I have more advantage
by not dealing with it, because I can focus on
the things that matter. I cut out toxicity from my life, I cut out redundancy from my life, I don’t have redundant phone calls or redundant meetings
and all this nonsense that people try to suck from your life, they try to monopolize your time, because, oh that’s how you
do, it’s business whatever. It’s complete utter BS. I set my terms for my
life, and you should too. And what’s amazing is when you do that, people get to know that
that’s just who you are, and they might not like it at first, they might kick and scream whatever, but then it’s just who you are. And then in fact most people
actually respect you for, and they look up to you for. What I think every human
should really aspire to is to have autonomy of
their life and their time. If you don’t have full
control of your time, I don’t care how much money
do you have in a bank. To me, you’re so poor.
You’re poor in time. You’re poor in flexibility.
You’re poor in 100% control. Getting my money, you could
like, go to your place in the hands of the weekend, and like, do fancy things whatever, but I would much rather
wake up everyday of my life and do whatever I wanted to do. And I think for most of you, that’s probably what you want as well, yet you’re confused by all
the flashy Lamborghinis and the nonsense you see on social media. To think that, that is
the path to happiness, cause it’s not. For almost all of us, purpose,
autonomy and community are the pass to happiness. All of those are based on foundation of controlling your time,
controlling what you do. My name is Colin Stuckert
and I approve this message, but even more than approving it, I want you to do something with it. Don’t just watch this video and feel aspired for two minutes, and then go back to
scrolling on Instagram, doing some other BS nonsense on YouTube. Actually do something, say,
“I’m gonna write this down, “I’m gonna make a plan.
Tomorrow I’ma gonna set an hour “and I’ma block out all the tractions. “vision board, I’m going to goal set, “I’m going to pro and cons list, “I’m gonna do these things, “I’m gonna…” just, think about how, “I can get out of my current shop.” Or how, “I can outsource myself.” Or, what most people don’t understand, for a lot of businesses,
if you’re a producer, you can work from home
or anywhere you want. Your boss might not like it at first, so you say, “I’ll do one day a week “and and we’ll see how it goes.” “I’ll do two days a week
and I’ll see how it goes.” Eventually you can work
remotely all the time, never have to go in the office. When you produce value for a company, that is all that matters. You showing up in the
office means nothing. If you show up in the
office every single day and you don’t produce for a company, what do you think is gonna happen? You’re gonna get fired. If you don’t show up every single day, and you’re getting results, what do you think is gonna happen? You get promoted or
you’re given more to do. Do something with it. (upbeat music)

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