The 4 Master Steps To Financial Freedom

hello and I want to welcome you to this
webinar 24 massive steps to financial freedom tonight we’re going to have some
great information in regards to just some things that you can start thinking
about start change your minds around when it comes to creating you know
financial freedom for yourself there’s a lot of people out there who are working
towards bad in or you know trying to come up with an idea you know how how
they can make it work themselves but I just got to do something that you are
contained about a place we can really start getting a foundation and other
things that you know I just learned over the years in your financial freedom
training so to speak but it is going to be some great information you can share
you can learn you can share master and so you know I’m really excited to be
sharing this with you you know over the last you know since 2002 since I’ve been
involved in in the financial freedom industry or anyone you know those into
individual taught how to how to do this I’ve always want to put this together to
give you all what you know what works for me and you know you can use it all
you can take pieces out of it and use it for yourself or not use it all but you
know keeping information from us so that was not going to be shared to anyone so
here we go alright so what is credited for freedom
and this is just my definition of it and I believe that financial freedom is
having an income that comes to you that is see exceed your total expenses with
exceedingly enough left over that allows you to live how you like without worry
about where he was going to come from what the cause of satellites that right
that’s what I believe financial freedom is I know as the elaborate definition
but I was trying to cope with something you know really professional #hangoutsonair Hangouts On Air #hoa but but basically that’s what he needs
you know just really living two lives in a having enough income to be able to
afford it went you-know-what out worried about you know the bills and about bill
today you know there’s always gonna be Raven even people that are you know they
have deals ok so it is really having that that that’s true you do do what you
like it was also my said you know you don’t you don’t want to be financed
because they can’t picture themselves there you know they’ve been beat down so
much by light and you know not happy what they want and so they all they all
they see is what makes a good deal they see the day they see that this drug and
they really can’t see the financial freedom in out there be because you know
they did to be down by life so much so because they can’t we can’t picture
ourselves being there so no financial freedom eludes alone so maybe every
single year and you know i i watch you know what individual doing nowadays what
they’re saying you what this money on what this focusing on like it we just
turn back the clock and it really starts to share his amazing individual you know
when there and and their formative years you know seven years old a eurozone nine
years old ten years ago when it really starting to kind of come into their own #hangoutsonair Hangouts On Air #hoa you know we could really start
implementing some of these some of these techniques so as they grow these
techniques grow with them in so they can waste they want to don’t worry you know
carefree and we’re all looking to get to that today area so I went to shares in the United
ok so while I’m such a challenging thing to gain maybe just maybe none of us were
taught how to be an ass ok I was a ninety percent of us not to be free most girls would start to
get jobs and a deal that’s all it is is you don’t you better get better grades
in high schools get a job a better job and that’s that it’s about pain pills
that’s all it is aimed at creating meals and paying bills ok so slavery is a real
thing I don’t mean I mean the slavery of the mom says we were five years old we
were taught to be blades are right in some way shape or form being dependent
on someone knows for income and when you’re doing everything in your life so
we’re going to give you some things that can help you break free of those change
in saying that I remember I’m gonna I’m gonna go to you know what to do greatest freedom freedom freedom
fighters back in the day was carrying it she said that I couldn’t read more
Slade’s if they only knew they were slaves are a lot of people don’t know
that they’re in bondage bondage into mine in and they just a realizing you
know how shared on blogs and some of them just don’t believe that’s the real
you know that that’s doubly worse today you know I don’t know anybody doing that
but they just don’t understand it they are the ones in bombings so over some of
this information to share with you all you can take a share of other
individuals they can be free as well alright so here we go well he’s a little bit about myself
alright just a little bit information since 2002 built 17,000 whole position and within a company had
you know consists of four figure and even five months and you know it in my
business and financial freedom process and mayor Ford arms as you can see why
they don’t smoke or daughters molter back there in the back and is it
just me here on this stage of the many times I’ve been on the stage being
awarded in this industry network marketing and it was this like this
where I looked out into the crowd and said you know what can we do to help
those out there who would never I may never get to the states really bother me
a small group of people make it stays for people who don’t but it could be due
from the ex a video then says but even if we don’t make it to the stage what
can we do they give them so that you know whatever that amount of help them
get their freedoms ok so but you know they always peachy keen for me I’ve had
two cars repossessed was crazy I mean absolutely crazy you see that stuff on television it
looks funny but what is happening to you is now 24 I big time $10,000 trying to figure that out almost
lost my family it was it was crazy times and then one day it is all came together
and share without murder him I said thanks a lot of my ninja warz out there
you know they really helped me with my mindset shift started learning how to
share power and it really changed my my my my my my approach when I’m sharing
when I do with individuals because my story or bad that you know that that wow
you know how can I be a part of that process be able to teach them how you
know how to become financially free so and so I start on that journey and how
we came to the poor masses steps financial freedom so that no one is
getting their income on a plane ok most people are able we called and
non-plan is that they will have a plan you have to be really don’t know what to
do with their incomes of days so they missed and most are living for the
weekend and is spending money on Daily Call of Duty a BBQ sake he wrote a book
called Rich Dad Poor Dad yet been rated pics you pick it up but he has called
judaism just don’t make any sense and apply it to make sure that the bills are
paid right you know don’t do anything different don’t take any risks and
you’re going to debt tempting to me it’s real I but what they don’t understand
that they’re creating their own my ride because they’re not on plan you know once once they get that
degree of that diploma is no plan after day you know I know that I’ve been
taught you know how to balance a checkbook I know he might do it anymore
talk about credit or interest rates how to buy a home or you know your your your
your credit score will have you know these things are or when you when you
getting out there in my butt is not being are being taught to still being
taught to nation building makes you had a job and then goes out the window so
let’s talk about getting your plan and the name of this process is called
financial details for shoes with me years ago everybody had this process I
am I gonna see just what went on a different mindset plans so you look at
your income a little different a ride is not about the weekend is about giving
you so so a place where you are comfortable so when I saw people and is
priced as is you know right now you can come right down all your expenses that
you have every right now you’re told Dad including your home a ride home is not
an ass it’s a liability for most individuals and then write down what
emerged fun is six months worth of your expense ok anywhere you know six to
eight or twelve month you want to do with only six months ok
now you want to do is get 10% of your income right to personal income and you
put it to the side and put it to the side and you want to be able to use it
to pay down debt and used to put towards emerged so and the financial needs prices were at the end of his
presentation but I know a lot of people have been wounded one little find ten
percent of eleven you know just but it’s getting mighty you know not to my senses
are below my my my income so what should I do for least 30 days write down
everything you stand money in it is not conducive to your new plan then stop
spending money on go golfing every Saturday hey want you cut back to two Saturdays
arise that had a goal for says a month and you know cut back on that you don’t
do it forever but why you and your plan ok yes says some cutting back because
guess what you do have two games right here that you need to take care of that on that emerged wright also what you
want to do is create yourself an additional income source for most
individuals during your income job and the job income in Barrie limits its
alright there’d be limited and is only so much you can do to increase it to
someone else control getting an additional income source coming in accelerated these two processes arrived
today and accelerating of the building of the emerging from which are very
important so creating yourself in addition income and in the financial
training there should be an access to get in are so you have access to the end
is going to give you information that an Excel spreadsheet was gone their
financial freedom income calculator way you cook the numbers is gonna a meeting right out for you so did I
mean this right here line I have access to this training is
going to change how you see everything I mean completely changes so this is
Kendall business owner he owned his own music business but he also works OK and
his goal is to be able to do his music business so I can go out for 74 message
that’s free get the whole the whole package and he got an income on a plan
he says he can now visit has become clear as well so because he now has some
trials so I’m did you have your pleasure to be as a pleasure to be working with
him and that he on board with with with with this crisis are right ok so this is something that’s a little
more specific but you know give me more money back on your job you know one
small change to be results that’s right here legacy for is your take what you
can from this you don’t live here in the united states where I live would you can from this process can be
some good things in here in a wide somewhere where you are but here it is
this a lot of people way was to learn about is when they learned about this
and they got the entire training program they say oh my gosh they had no idea
that this is something that they can do already know I did something they can do
so for most people the biggest tax you know what task every day paychecks taxes aren’t taken nap already
before you get your money ready gone awry an amount of tax you pay depends on your
tax bracket in a way to get it today training but there’s a small change you
can make this from now this right here is going to blow you away especially in
the business that are still work full-time job and looking to do so that
now there’s a phone call W full and there was a sign when a starting job and
we started at WGN computer I W and he just talked about you know your
exemption W W decides how much taxes taken from
your paycheck or kept on their right to get his colleagues in what you didn’t
know there’s a change you can make on your w-4 would you give more your
paycheck unless it’s a lesson tax I when I found this out I was like OMG out that
all my good everybody needs to know I couldn’t believe how awesome this is
available to everybody in the United States job this is available and body
but they just don’t know about that leaving behind said well you know how do
you keep information away from do you do you keep information away from people
who you keep them blinded you don’t talk about things like but I’m sharing with
you I’m gonna be the one to share with you you take this information and share
with someone else right what this is aw aw for an exemption I’m talking about in
line ok talk about the number of dependents
now you can change this number to as high as now as high as nine you could
put this number of new and the house number the morn since you are in a nest egg on
your pic all right now did and I know it’s and they will tell you yes these changes
but there’s something that you’re going to have to do right now to order to this
to be legal and it is legal to change what would it be to be legal always do
when his tax time is something that you must write extra income is not to
support so nice that is so you can create financial freedom extra income all your checks they were making a 52
week and then you make your existing shade you now to send you making 55 $50 it did you talk about a raise or
bonus that’s a few dollars is the change your w-4 now testing is this something
you’re going to have to do with it which is very very important but is also very
end of his presentation you gonna find out how you can get access to this
entire trainers and tired training his soul how powerful that you gonna do you
gonna look differently extra job is not gonna be my gosh I got a little work is
set myself free ok I can use my job to set by so you gonna want to tell
everyone else that you work with about this process right now this area’s
Walker areas go it’s a live streaming app but I was on periscope doing
training about the W for change as she was on on that bet she’s having a login
that day on that train and you know it on the phone in and I we connect issues
that you meet all the time and they using its financial freedom and she was
like yes and so do the same areas Mason changes and it’s just that some old
sayings and changed her outlook and you know that devastated you know her
daughter got differently now when she goes there
every week every week or two weeks receive pay that extra income seniors
back to her financial freedom prices in yes areas got the entire for masses for
massive steps to freedom package and that investment she made herself has
completely changed her process completely change things about her
income in in which you were right so now that number three ok their source of income so if you
remember back as 2001 when I was talking about the financial D stands for us says
about the financial details price says adding another source of income another source of income is about
another source of income to to accelerate your process so income its financial suicide by nine
people do it piece of advice that I wanted to be with
don’t let this be another job especially if you already have now that’s a is
wrong with having a second job but from a lot of individuals the job you have
now and hopefully after watching step number two at the washing September 2012
that’s a bit but having a job you don’t just mean extra gas you may have two
principal clothing and maybe some day care costs involved a loss of sleep loss
of social life is so much lost their but I’m si not to do it this is just my ok now 10 will suggest that you additional
source of income should allow you to drop alright alright because prices are
better than wages properties are better than waiting so wages are you living
which is fine but crosses fortune which is derived from the way you know you do
something improper you earn a profit back to you and your best income you
earn profit back so your disposal income should be a problem so having multiple
source of income is like having a safe working away those alright you can focus
on another one to grow you can be that other source of income so my suggestion
if you haven’t already is to start or join a bit because there’s so many great
things that you have access to when you start a riot did something very powerful
about starting starting a business or even joining a business today you know I’m talking about taxes we’re
going to get to that in a little bit you can create some opportunities equal
opportunity for Europe for your family or your spouse children started doing
business as your additional income source right so if you decide to get his
entire program it we’re going to we’re going to give you a low income source
that you can you can choose from a menu that wow you know there’s so many
advantages and I was like I didn’t know I had to do but it’s it’s work work
right so why don’t people being forced into being something that isn’t talked
in awhile while we always talk about you know sandy’s disarm of the day you know
jobs and tax job every politician we’re gonna have goals
and there is always the same wide open about their jobs and tax because they
know that the people that are working two jobs pay the most texts they know
this so hi how do you how to keep the same as late as they misled you keep
them blind to the information to real information away from ok but what
happens when somebody who who knows information for sharing their jobs don’t
know what to do but but it stick with them or know somebody was scared to take
risks when the owner has the biggest risk is that taking on the biggest of
them all is that they just plain leads are right they just don’t want to get up
and do anything in a hope that things change in the economy change is Boz because more generous they hope bad
politics changed it will be the next president going to give more than 100
whomever the next big league they want to just sit around being lazy oklahoma City won a lottery or something
like that but guess what i don’t realize that big but I have to make those to
learn what they have to do good day good thing is that there’s information out
there today it had access to police have a stark right of this one the biggest
reason I want to put this together is a dishonest are you know maybe I never
thought of that I had us so many aha moments since 2002 you know just being on a on a
presentation nine days or you know sing down the individual you like you realize
that you don’t know everything and that you always have to go in and that’s what
this is for you you know what I thought about you so
that you can take that build from there ok so this is one of my mentors mister
real busy long time showing how was your income and it was her home based
business is extremely well in his busy me a solution the way oh i’ve seen a
speaking tour I miss you do you know well $100,000 a year but she realized
that something could happen to income income status or something happens to
the company I’m working with everything that’s gone so she made his decision she
added three more incomes rise to start her own business group because from this
business she she created a nice following she wrote a book in that book
you know told her story another source of income she became a public speak out
right I’ve seen her speech several times she she took some risks use they well
you know this may happen to this and it’s a more sturdy income today those
risks 3 ok how many people you know right now who have you know high five
state you’re in 62 jobs in and they all use gonna last forever but guess what
some are you there were there were times where you know the top executives were
we’re losing the big jobs and that’s the top executives are you know many teens
say they never thought they would be in but at that time it was gonna last
forever but guess what they would have known talk to about this ad income guess when when when this one
away it could be a big build on this and keep things rolling power behind having
multiple streams of income and gain access to this entire training this entire training so they
did you have some some places you can start building up our ride or ride we
are having a good time on this webinar I’m really having an awesome time with
you all so thank you for being here before taxes so again more us’ the city
but whatever you know where you need a ride as to what you’re tryna what’s your
your tax situation in the United States this is something is very huge Rights
Act ok so what I learn about mister Romulo
he said when your tax deductions and credits York tax saving and returns will
increase those results in a paid rates ok you can give yourself a raise make some small change a right to the
information that one of the things that the wealthy do they do great whale and
want to keep more of their income is because they understand and I’m not
talking about Indies do the wrong when i text pages that need to understand how
the same on tax and that’s a report deal especially those who are working
two jobs so how do we actually say on tax well I’m gonna give you at least a
few examples one of the simplest waves with those you still working on a
full-time job or or not you know maybe you’re now working on base business the
key word here in business is one of the easiest way to save on tax when you’re
working or not will you working or not having a home-based business are right
the greatest way to say on tax when you are you every business you but you have
a job you pay taxes you pay your bills and
then you paid you when you have a business you pay you pay your bills
become business expenses and then you created when you working full-time job i
right person than you paid your bills than you paid you are right but we have
a business you pay you and they allow those bills now become business expenses
and then you pay your tax so that’s why this is so powerful but simple ways to
say all the right now only be home date is doing your home network marketing
business from your home any busy in and from your home now when
it comes to things like consulting services day care services were heading
home to make sure that you have the proper documentation a ride that you
doing business from your home is just a marketing company and best attached to
each other or you know whatever business you have to it now will cause it to you
as the business so by having a home business on the season that you could do
we have a home base you can text from your purse extensive business experience
around first hole yes that cow sits down on your children and your spouse and get
huge tax bill of rights for one second one of my mentors have known for years
he said you know parents don’t want to start a business once you start a
business and hire your children go out there and fight for john paul bowles
million people out there trying to get that one job why don’t you create a job
for and was sitting there you go just like I
never thought about how to keep us there was no information away from you keep
them blinded to a real information huge tax but you could turn it changed into
business trips and there how to write them all and you can get a second read
bond on tax return did you all already filed yes you can yes you can you get it
once you understand how this works you missed out yes you can be fun on a text that you
already wow right now there’s a book out there down access to you want to give
you just so you can get a free as well as soon as I mean this book is
absolutely phenomenal his call home base home-based business tax savings babe I’m
gonna give you look so what we do is do you want to copy this to a print screen
you are you’re on your own you that somebody could judaism but it says PRT
essie easy hit that button and then you can go into a Word document and paste it
on the word doc that way you can have this is to read just a little bit
information to to lead up to something you can have free but this book is this
book is absolutely absent dads third time just to make sure I get all the
information but is the first peso and enjoy your phone what’s on your phone do
a screenshot how how are your phone allows you to do a screenshot do the
screens ok how do you do this screenshot alright so I’m gonna give you so there’s there’s the escapades of you
saw on your computer you PRT capital P arent each capital S C
screen and then you can copy it kinda constant screaming of pace in a Word
document and that way you have any information all right you can just read December
amid this is just leave this is another pays your phone you would do a screen
share do a screenshot on your phone right here the next page and write
screen and then pasted on the word document your phone to a screenshot IRA
or yet rated yet within the prescribed but are a screen grab of the page right this was really good stacy is this
right here start reading about this is really good
really really moving a lot of it is that ok now right just great three values for
you cause I’m a nice guy but alright is one more page alright make sure you take
a picture this grain screenplay or screenshot screenshot on your phone
right and one more page was last 10 case OJ as they go on at this presentation
just read through it and it’s gonna start clicking wow this is really really
good stuff i mean absolutely now home-based home business tax savings
made easy all right mr. Ron Buehler accidents book
is the best test and was booked out there did you want to get himself you can go to decide right here to buy
you narrow down and it click on tax savings and that’s my coupon code right
there the value near the value nearby coupon code that way you get a text book
now want to show you how you can get this book for free right for me for
writing a book ok now these this some bones areas I
want you to start thinking about the start really looking into is having an
investment and retirement investing plan is that you know why you’re the only
freedom DD’s a plan to invest into is going to help your your money grow a
right and these are these be so simple things like civil case in self-employed
accountant things that you’re going to want to start placing increments and a
working for you and then have a retirement plan is to insurance examinations will help you know save for
later years now these areas are important as you work at 23 one day you
can relax enjoy your work and have your money or now I’m not a professional
areas although I do know someone that is in connection with you do your research
on these areas and give official help but look it’s now absolutely right now
and if you decide to get the entire program going to give you access to one
would be best individuals in this area and that’s what is credit a ride is one
of the reason that the middle class disappearing is about eighty percent of
people crazy day it was always said it was all a setup to get to this point you
know behind his house in in everything from crumbling down because all all is
that there were telling them to get it so now that you know of course I as the
rich get richer but I’m here information to help bring bring his area
bet it’s a process called filtration rate the bed is not credit
repair tracey is something a lot of people
don’t know about it when I found his body needs this is called raise your credit score points in the
first 90 days and even if you know even if we do that opening line of credit card debt series
of balls to have to be filed on these laws are followed by that credit or a
new member its field training out for ever and I said what’s so you got to
keep his name is late information away so I’m here to give it to you this
information and access to debt filtration alright so let’s recap 10:01 a.m. on a
plane right up there not plan to test results all your paycheck all rights
that i three extra income source source for say tags and a bonus this year as
you get access to those two ok so now here’s your opportunity to get the
entire program right when I just gave you was just something that you can use
it you can use it you’ve been following log you can you know you know the
screens away have you really do some things to think about when you start
using a research opportunities the entire program where every step is going
to go into everything in more depth at least 200 videos on each level how to
make this work ok you gonna have the most in-depth
training four steps right module one I get your plans for a financial d through videos played the second edition
no complete with the financial calculator spreadsheet bad that’s why
the BB yo and into the numbers are you doing any writing you get a chance to
see your mean that matches your investment program will be absolutely
important I’m sorry about that that alone is work around two is that
you gonna give the complete plan to what you do with your increased paycheck at
UW this is how you know once you get this training and learning why you gonna
do most are looking at you know those individuals to work you can be your
guests are looking at we were just a little bit differently just just just a
tad bit differently and now have a plan to what this place is not to get on my
nerves have a plan that you’re going to want to share his body I’m tell you
right now because I’m pretty sure is a lot of people you know what you were you
trying to talk to a certain things and they just the london-listed you start
speaking people to do what she had to say whatever you need to have but the power of Newmarket you know why
so many people get some balls and why everyone should have a network marketing
business wondered if it would take really good a lot of great ideas to
think about some place that you can go from those moments like oh my gosh I
never realized that I could do something like that but did this module will be
good and then pieced together in Acts home based tax business information I
gave you this entire book is so you invest in yourself don’t go any further
without giving information now you can get into that ago still on here have a good I still am
i right now you can get access to this entire training alright who are $47
one-time payment of $47 17 employees have access to all four miles it is
going to have access to a month do there every month a newsletter goes out to
some some amazing value that’s going to help you in your financial freedom
transition right and every month since new new value not the same as that was
going to be something that you can access to great information information
information but one time only $7 but to this training module and you would
definitely make sure you get your hands on this alright alright we get this
programming you sharing your own personal be sharing and other business people get
the program from you and I was saying you this book for free around the scene
to book or for any and will you be able to have access to this information out
of people other individuals they got their books
for free so i didnt make use of your interested and is a member right there
at the University input is such a pre-tax book ok and I make sure that you
know you and that way you can get your book 43 ok so I’ve never been watching
connecting am working with you remember the best you can make is in units that
you can make it in your so that’s the very best investment so I hope this was
very informative to you within one second going to as you are a couple questions
that you could call me you know did you give a value from this let me know that
you know as in to keep moving forward I make this better for everyone it it was
ok but deputies wanted you know make sure that what I share with was bad and
I did not go back to the drawing board areas that I can improve but one thing
that you want to make sure you do is pick up the train you def you want to
have access to the complete training each module has free videos they’re
going to be going to get creative amazed that you can start using a share in your
life alright so let me know I really
appreciate you all being on here I am I have opened up the checks of anybody has
any questions about anything feel free to write the poll is out there so that
shed is open why did he want to thank everybody for
being on with me look forward to speak with you all very soon appoint decked
with you all right but again if you want to be if you want to get this program
you can email me there at the meetings and you know once you have your program
you want to see how you can get your free or you just sell as well if you
don’t want to wait on that but again everyone thank you all for being on this
presentation I really appreciate you attending and no one has any questions
we are going to get out of here know that these things to do but thank you
for being on here I am on Facebook back / warranty her or her
LLC in that way you can reach me on Facebook but again thank you for being
on here and we’ll be talking with you also

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