The 700 Club – Evening Edition – January 3, 2012 –

September 11th, ancient Israel, and nine omens.
Author Jonathan Kohn reveals the supernatural secret to America’s future, on today’s
700 Club. Well welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to our
first program in this year of 2012. We’re glad to see you. We have marvelous time of
prayer yesterday. We’ll tell you some of the things that I believe the Lord told me,
as I’ve been on a prayer retreat for a number of days. And remember Shakespeare talked about
“full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Well today we’re going to see Shakespeare
lived out. The Iowa caucuses are finally here. After months of campaigning, the candidates
will stop talking, and Americans will start voting. But from what I’ve seen, and it’s
true, more people go to the high school basketball playoffs than show up in those caucuses in
Iowa. They sure do make a big deal out of it, don’t
we? They do, but if they get 100,000, it’s a
big deal, and here you’ve got a state of three plus million people. Well, maybe it’s the marker of Iowa. Because
going into the caucuses, a lot of those voters that were talking about say that they still
haven’t made up their minds, but there is one candidate that has been making a move
in the polls. David Brody has the story from Iowa. It is a media mob scene, and Rick Santorum’s
rising poll numbers put him right in the middle of it. We believed we would be, not the flavor of
the month, but the people that when they had to actually decide who they were going to
vote for, that we’d be the guy that they vote for. Santorum now finds himself in what looks to
be a tight three-way race with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, pretty remarkable for a guy
who languished at the back of the pack. Observers credit this newfound popularity to his debate
performances and a consistent conservative message. “Founding principles of this country in
free people, free markets, free enterprise, people being able to pursue their dreams and
do God’s will in their life. Santorum record in Washington is also becoming
a target: It’s a really strong work ethic there. For example, Michele Bachmann talked to us
about her differences with the former Pennsylvania Senator. Rick Santorum is a big spending Republican.
I’m not. Spending is a crucial issue in this race. Plus, it’s unfortunate, but Rick
Santorum has backed Arlen Specter and endorsed other pro-abortion candidates, including candidates
that support partial birth abortion. Now Rick Santorum doesn’t support abortion, but he’s
supported candidates who do. Bachmann, Santorum and Rick Perry could all
split much of the evangelical vote here, and that leaves an opening for Mitt Romney. Romney
isn’t really courting social conservatives. He’s focused more on independent Republicans.
His resonating message of economic competence and being the best candidate to take on President
Obama could have him poised for a big night. I remember after he was inaugurated, he went
on the Today show. And he said, “If I can’t get this economy to turn around in three years,
well, I’ll be looking at a one-term proposition.” I’m here to collect! I’m here to collect.
We’re taking it back. As for Paul, he’s the wild card out here.
His organization, devoted following, and libertarian message could pay huge dividends. This is almost like a real rally! This great!
Wonderful! There’s one issue that has made America great, and the issue that you can
answer all your questions on is “individual liberty.” That is the issue. Former frontrunner Newt Gingrich has seen
his poll drop, but supporters like former Congressman J.C. Watts are not deterred. J. I can show you stinky feet that all of
them have, but I think Newt, the fact that he’s still standing and is still registering
in the polls here, I think speaks pretty well for him. While voters in Iowa are still making up their
minds, they are clear on one specific issue: Teresa Gar And it’s very important that
we defeat Obama. That is my number one issue. We must defeat Obama. What we know about caucus voters in Iowa is
that they break late and they break hard, and Sen. Santorum is hoping to capitalize
on all of that and hoping that he is able to coalesce all evangelicals evangelicals
to his side, taking away support from Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry on caucus night. David
Brody, CBN News, in Newton, Iowa. Well, there it is. You know, Terry, those
caucuses, they can be on freezing cold nights, snowy and so forth. It’s getting colder,
and I think it’s going to be a cold snap. I was in a place I think spirit-like, it was
wind chill of minus 60. You talk about cold; I mean, it’s miserable. So in any event,
those people have got to bundle up, and they’ve got to find these places, and it may be the
address of Mabel Gotshoff in Pine Bluff, someplace. They’ve got to find her house. Then they’ve
got to sit around for several hours while the party hacks go do their thing. And then
they’ll finally get a chance to elect a delegate. It’s very, very difficult. It
isn’t like they go and cast their vote, they count it, and you’re gone. It doesn’t
work that way. On the other hand, I would say, as a mid-westerner
. . . . And you will! Thank you, Miss Wisconsin. And the fact that Iowans, I think, really
see themselves as the beginning of the big process, and so there’s a certain amount
of pride that goes with that. I think, even if it’s 60 below, that they will turn out
in numbers. Oh, sure they will, sure they will. All 80,000
of them out of three million. So all those prideful Iowans. Prognosticators, right, of what’s to come. Well, at any event, it’s very hard. Jimmy
Carter won it. The Des Moines Register backed him, and he catapulted that to New York, but
he had the backing of the Trilateral Commission and some of the big boys, and they used that
as a springboard. Look when Huckabee won it; he mobilized the evangelicals. But where’d
he go? He had a nice showing. He did very well, but . . . . So do you see it more as a leaning of the
pack so to speak? It’s the leaning of the pack. I mean, the
people that can’t survive. For example if Michelle, this is her home state, if she can
come out . . . . Yes. That’s surprising, isn’t it? . . . . in the top three, she’s over as
far as a presidential candidate, I think. It would be foolhardy to continue. I think
Rick Perry is maybe on his last legs, but he’s got a pretty good war chest. The guy
that’s got the money is Romney. And poor Newt; he’s been pounded by one of these
super pacs. They just pounded him unmercifully. From top of the pole down to, maybe, third
or fourth. He’ll come out of it. Of course, Ron Paul, where’s he going to go? He’s
got a hard core. They’ll be up with him in New Hampshire; they’ll be with him in
a few of these smaller states. But when they hit the big ones, that takes money and organization,
and it takes a lot of television to win. Well, it takes a lot of money to have strong
organizations in all of those ongoing places. This is just the beginning, and now we’re
talking New Hampshire and South Carolina, but when does the big push come? When do we
look at it and say . . . . The big push will come in South Carolina.
That is the key swing state, and from then on out, it’ll pretty much be all over. You’ve
got Florida and a few of these other big ones, but that’s it. Romney should come out pretty
strong in New Hampshire, because that’s his home turf. He isn’t expecting to win
in Iowa; but if he does, it will be remarkable. Now you’ve had a lot of political background.
How influencing is it to the larger states like Florida and those that follow when South
Carolina takes a particular direction? A lot. It really is, because this is a major
primary in a major southern state. It’s remarkable. Rudy Giuliani was ahead of the
game a few times ago, and he bypassed some of these things and thought, “Well I’m
going to sit in Florida and wait for it to come to me.” It doesn’t work that way.
By the time you get to Florida in his case, it was all over. Well, it will be interesting
ladies and gentlemen but, as I say, don’t put too much stake in it. But if somebody
gets a twofer, if somebody wins Iowa and wins New Hampshire, the game’s over. Well, we’ll
have an update on the results from our Iowa tonight on The 700 Club, on the Family Channel.
And David Brody will join us tomorrow with his analysis of what that vote means, if anything.
Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories, Lee. Pat the head of Iran’s army warns an American
aircraft carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf. The USS John C. Stennis left the gulf
and passed through the Strait of Hormuz last week. It’s not clear why the general issued
the warning, but the US typically keeps at least one aircraft carrier in or near the
Persian Gulf. The general’s statement came today as Iran ended a 10-day military exercise
at the entrance of the Persian Gulf. Iran test-fired three missiles designed to sink
warships. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says it will
not recognize Israel under any circumstance. The group won big during recent parliamentary
elections. Now the brotherhood says they’re seeking a referendum to cancel the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian
peace treaty. A Muslim Brotherhood leader told the British based Arabic newspaper Al
Hayat that Egypt would never again meet and negotiate with Israel. He called the nation
a quote, “criminal enemy.” Pat. Well, that’s a shock, because we were all
thrilled when Anwar Sadat met with Menachem Begin, and they shook hands, and they made
a peace agreement, and Sadat went up there to Israel. It was really a nice thing, and
they opened relationship, and now, of course, Israel just beat the daylights out of the
Egyptian armed forces and spared one of their armies which they had trapped. They could
have destroyed it, and they didn’t do it. But the Muslim Brotherhood, as we told you,
was coming into power. And when they get into power, they are extreme Islamists. Make no
mistake about it. They want the Caliphate, and they hate Israel. So they are saying it
now. They’re not waiting to announce their intentions. That means the cauldron is bubbling
more in the Middle East. We’d hoped for some kind of a peace. The Muslims don’t
want peace. Lee. California Pastor Chuck Smith is battling
lung cancer. Smith is the founder of the Calvary Chapel network of churches. He told his congregation
about his condition Sunday at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. One of the pastors at that
church posted on the Internet that Smith is expected to have tests this week and surgery
later this month. His recovery is expected to take about three weeks, and Calvary Chapel’s
Facebook page, Pat, is asking believers to pray for him. Well, I’d ask the same thing. Chuck Smith
is a wonderful man. He’s been a stalwart pastor and Bible teacher for many years. People
love him. He says, “I have not smoked a cigarette once in my entire life. This is
not a smoking thing.” But I suppose breathing some of the noxious fumes around—of course,
he doesn’t live in Los Angeles. He’s down in Costa Mesa. South of there I believe. But he’s a wonderful
teacher. I’ve heard some of his teaching; it’s great. Well, please pray for this man because God
loves him. It has been warm here. We have had tremendous temperatures, and as a process,
most everybody’s gotten some kind of a virus. Now it’s gotten cold. It was freezing at
my house this morning, and I don’t know what’s happening, but we’ll have more
about that later. Lee, tell us about the weather. Pat, a winter storm is finally kicking in
from the Great Lakes down to the east coast. It’s bringing with it a blast of frigid
air that’s sweeping all the way down to Florida. Dale Hurd reports. After taking December off, winter finally
showed up. A winter storm sweeping across the eastern United States has brought freezing
temperatures and heavy snow in some areas. From New England, all the way to the Deep
South, many Americans are waking up to a mess this morning, sliding cars or cars stuck in
the snow. It’s the first major winter storm of the season. We’ve been very spoiled. It’s been nice,
so hopefully it’ll be short-lived. Get the cold temperatures out of
the way and get back to warm weather. The arctic blast is making it tough for drivers
returning from vacation or folks just heading to work this morning. The highways around
Chicago were treacherous: in Kentucky, a 30-car pile up on I-75, in Indiana an 18-vehicle
crash. In Coconut Creek, FL, they’re trying to save butterflies from the cold. Workers
at Butterfly World brought thousands of butterflies indoors. If it gets below freezing, they freeze like
little ice cubes. manager. But for skiers the fun has finally begun,
and vacationers at this resort in Tennessee say the cold and snow are just fine. We got the word there is going to be snow
and we can’t wait!” And the folks who shovel this stuff, snow
plow contractors, are pretty happy, too. It’s going to be less, taking a hit this
year unless it keeps snowing until April or something. If you live in
the East and you hate the snow and cold, go
West. They’re enjoying unusually warm temperatures in California. It’s a perfect day to go for a bike ride. Dale Hurd, CBN News. Economists around the world are focused on
two key issues as 2012 begins: the debt crisis in Europe and the massive federal deficits
here in the US. Paul Strand examines the impact of those two problems on the economy this
year. Most of 2011 was spent worrying whether the
economy would plunge over another cliff. 2012 could just ratchet up the pressure, or not.
To get an informed view of where the economy may be headed this year, We can here to Dobbs
Ferry, NY, along the Hudson River. This is where Mark Skousen, one of the country’s
leading economic forecasters lives and does his forecasting. This editor of the influential
Forecasts & Strategies newsletter worries Europe’s debt crisis will take down the
EU and could seriously hurt the US as well. What you’re facing is the possibility of
an unraveling of the euro zone. Bill Beach, a top economic analyst at the
Heritage Foundation, says if countries like heavily-in-debt Italy default on their debts,
it will likely kill many major banks in Europe, which could topple American giants. As major financial institutions from Bank
of America to Goldman-Sachs, Morgan-Stanley, all of these that are now banking operations,
begin to see their investments in those European banks extinguished. How bad could it get? It’s a major recession. It’s riots in
the streets. It’s a collapsing stock market, a stock market crash, all of the scenarios
that your worst nightmare is what people are in fear of. Beach is casting a wary eye on a whole other
region that could create problems for America: the oil-rich Middle East. Anything that disturbs the Middle East affects
the oil price which affects the course of our economy. He points out the Arab Spring may be producing
more radically Islamic regimes. The governments that are coming in are not
coming in as progressive governments that have a favorable view to Israel. So that raises a concern that if Iran and
Israel get into a military confrontation over Iran’s possible nuclear weapons, other Islamic
powers could also go after the Israel and turn this into a region-wide war that could
threaten the oil supplies and cripple the economies of both Europe and the US. Still,
the US doesn’t have to look outside its borders to find another source of problems.
Both Skousen and Beach worry if Washington politicians can’t agree to tackle the huge,
annual federal deficits and $15 trillion federal debt, America’s credit rating will fall
and shaky times will grow shakier. Congress was supposed to come up with a solution
and they didn’t come up with a solution. All of the financial credit rating agencies
are very concerned about it. Skousen, though, isn’t all gloom and doom.
He’s hoping the Federal Reserve may soon raise interest rates after keeping them so
low for so long. Skousen says that would be a sign that economic growth is coming back. If they raise interest rates, that will send
a message out to all the world that we’re back to normal, we’re moving back to normal. And Beach sees many positive trends for at
least one sector of America’s economy. I think 2012 will see the United States hold
and grow its dominance in the high-technology area. We’re seeing a lot of entrepreneurial
activity, new firms, new startups. Skousen says corporations have been making
record profits but have been frozen with fear that investing, building, expanding and hiring
may not be the smart thing to do, because if the Democrats win Congress and Obama, the
White House in 2012 and: If Obama remains an ideologue, then it could
be another, four frustrating years. Many seem to have their fingers crossed more
business-friendly politicians will win in November, wiping out liberal initiatives. I think there’s a real possibility that
if the Republicans gain control of Congress and the presidency, that a lot of this will
be reversed and that businesses will just load up and start investing and hiring people
and so forth. But remember, whether President Obama is elected
or Governor Romney or Speaker Gingrich or whoever, the main problem remains right in
front of us, and that is the fiscal mess of the United States government. So where will the American economy flow in
coming days? Could be up. Could be down. Much may depend on Europe and whether American
politicians continue to hamper or help American businesses. Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting
from Dobbs Ferry, NY. And, Pat, back to you. Thank you very much. Paul, good work, and
I’m going to be sharing just a little bit of what the Lord told me. I went away, and
I always speak very humbly. I think I hear from the Lord, and if it’s not the case,
but I have a relatively good track record, and I’ll tell you what I think’s coming
in 2012. Terry. Well, that’s all going to happen when we
come back. We’ll show you some of the highlights from our New Year’s chapel yesterday, and
Pat will share some of the insights that he just mentioned, and later on we want to be
taking your questions for Pat. So, you can join us in our chat room by logging
on to Coming up later . . . . . . . . September 11th, ancient Israel, and
nine omens. Author Jonathan Kohn reveals the supernatural secret to America’s future,
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to me. . . . . a mysterious illness . . . . She was in pain, and it was not normal. . . . . a desperate teen, and a supernatural
diagnosis. I had never heard of The 700 Club, never watched
it. Tomorrow. Well, every year, every new year, CBN and
Regent University come together for a time of praise, worship, and we pray together.
And then Pat also shares what the Lord had shown him about the year ahead. So, let’s
take a look at part of his message from yesterday’s prayer meeting. The Lord said, and I’m quoting, “Your
country will be torn apart by internal stress. A house divided cannot stand. There must be
an urgent call to prayer.” I think that’s one of the things CBN has got to do this year
is just urge people to pray. But God says at the beginning of this is, “Loose the
bonds of wickedness.” I don’t know what we’ve got to do to get people free, but
there are people in bondage, people in slavery, people in all kinds of situations. Just imagine.
Basically God says, “How can you be content? How can you be content when there are millions
of people going to Hell around the world?” And God’s heart reaches out to these people.
His heart is moved with compassion for these who are His creatures. That’s our job. God’s
got it under control. That’s the good news. God’s got it under control. Of course, we know that, that God does have
it under control, but yet, He calls us to pray. He sure does. I mean, then in 2nd Chronicles, that’s very
clear that the onus is on His people. That’s right. “If my people, who are called
by my name, will humble themselves, and seek my face, turn from their wicked ways.” Talk a little bit about where you see things
going. What God’s spoken to you. I spent the better part of a week in prayer
and just saying, “God show me something,” and I’ll share with you. Some things I’ll
share with you. I think He showed me about the next president, but I’m not supposed
to talk about that. So I’ll leave you in the dark. Probably just as well. Probably just as well. But I think I know
who it’s going to be. Alright. I’m going to read just what I wrote down, as if I’m
hearing from the Lord these words. “Your country will be torn apart by internal stress.
A house divided cannot stand. Your president holds a radical view of the direction of your
country which is at odds with the majority. Expect chaos and paralysis.” Your president
holds a view which is at the odds for the majority. It’s a radical view of the future
of the country, and so that’s why we’re having this division. “This is a spiritual
battle which can only be won by overwhelming prayer. The future of the world is at stake,
because if America falls, there’s no longer a strong champion of freedom and a champion
of the oppressed of the world. There must be an urgent call to prayer.” Okay, and
then the Lord said, “A time of maximum stress and peril greater than at any time since the
CBN ministry began. This country will begin disintegrating.” Now I thought, when did
we start this place? I started CBN in, I think, 1960. You think of all the things that went
on. You have the assassination of presidents, assassination of Martin Luther King, you got
a war in Vietnam, you got all these things. He said it’s a worst stress than before.
So I’m saying, “God, let me give you some suggestions, and you tell me if any of them
are right.” You know, pick one. So I said, “Is it an EMP blast?” No, that isn’t
it. “Is it a cosmic or solar radiation blast?” No. “Is the Mayan galaxy alignment?” No,
it’s not that. Which will shock many. “Is it Iranian or a North Korean nuclear
threat?” No. “Is it an earthquake or volcano?” No. Is it a massive power failure?” No.
“What is it?” It’s an economic collapse. And God said, and I quote, “This is not
My judgment. They’re bringing it upon themselves.” Yeah. It’s almost like we are in a morass
that we can’t extricate ourselves from. It’s incredible! Here the economy is like
a boat going over a waterfall, and people are rolling against each other. One group
is rowing to try to keep from going over the fall; the other is saying, “Well, let’s
just take it easy and let the thing keep flowing.” So in any event, that’s the other. There
are so many things that the Lord showed me, but let me see here. The next president, the
Lord said it’s going to be like a pilot in an airplane who takes the controls as the
plane is going into a steep dive and grabs control to try to bring the thing away from
a crash. We’re heading for a crash, a financial crash of major proportions. And the next president
is going to be like having to grab the controls and do all the things he’s . . . . Try and straighten the thing back up. But it’s tough to do. Yes, it is. Because the machine doesn’t want to right
itself; the momentum is so bad. All right, the next thing, CBN will have the best year
ever. We’ll have an amazing harvest of souls. Now, we counted yesterday in the prayer meeting,
620 million people have recorded, somewhere or other recorded, have been marked as accepting
the Lord, a greater harvest than ever. This year is going to be fantastic. It will be
in the United States and overseas what we’re going to see. The Lord showed me something
that I think is very, very important. I read carefully about Galatians, and the apostle
Paul is talking about the works of the flesh. The Greek word is sarx, the flesh, and he
listed the works of the flesh, and you see some of the things in there. Of course, you
have immorality and sensuality which we see so much of. But you’ve got enmities, strife,
jealousy, dissensions, factions. All of this is party spirit. We’re seeing it in more
graphic detail than ever before in our history, and God says very clearly, and I want to read
it, “Such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.” That’s not a word from here; that’s the
word from Him. That’s a word from Him, and it said “You
will not inherit the Kingdom of God,” so don’t tell me about your party spirit. It’s
sinful. Now he says the fruit of the Spirit, listen to this, is “Love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” Last, on self-control. That’s
one of the problems in our country; we don’t have self-control. We don’t have control
over our spending. We don’t have control over our eating. We don’t have control over
our drinking. We don’t have control over our sensuality. There’s no self-control.
There’s not a government big enough, so the liberals want to put in more, and more,
and more, and more controls to do what only God Himself can do for men. Because there is nothing in—once we’ve
given that part of ourselves away, there’s nothing to make us want to take it back. That’s right. We really need the Spirit of God to do a move
in our land and in our hearts. And then when somebody tries to warn about
it, they’re then condemned. Yes. All right, so that says, “Those who belong
to Christ have crucified the flesh with the passions and desires.” So ladies and gentlemen,
I’m just telling you right now, that great things are going to happen in the spiritual
world. It’s going to be good. But I’ll also tell you that the country we live in,
and we love so much is entering a period of maximum stress, and it’s there because of
conflicting points of view about what is the way to save the nation and this mounting debt,
and were out of control. We don’t have self-control as citizens, and we want more, and more, and
more from the government, and we’re not willing to trust in God. So we’re going
to pay the price, and again, God says, “This isn’t my judgment. This is yours. You’re
bringing it on yourself.” And yet in the midst of that, we will see
the Spirit of God move. You know, after our New Year’s prayer meeting, we walked over
to the grounds of Regent University—we’re all kind of connected here—to dedicate a
new chapel being built there that’s going to have tremendous implications. Let’s take
a look. We dedicate this place to the King of Kings
and Lord of lords. We have over here a scroll. So I want to sign this. All right and if my
dear wife would come. This is going to be a gorgeous chapel, is going to be a classroom
building for the school of Divinity which is now one of the largest Divinity schools
in the country. This little scroll will go into this cornerstone. It will be sealed in
concrete. (Praying): Father, in Jesus’ name, you’re the only cornerstone. You lay in
Zion, a precious cornerstone. Let this be the cornerstone of your planting. Use this
building, this chapel, these classrooms, for your glory always. We dedicate it to you in
the name of Jesus. Amen. And amen.” A new chapel here on our campus. That’s
going to mean a new building for the Divinity school. We have a wonderful Divinity school
here. We do, and we have close to 1000 students,
and more, and there’s a great demand right now. We don’t have enough classroom space.
We’re jammed up. It’s going to be an amazing presence on
the campus. It will be lovely. It’s a gorgeous building,
and I just think it will be a center of prayer. The students want something to pray. So, yes,
in the midst of problems, we’re building. Yes. That says something. Exactly, the promise of God. Well, still ahead,
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Cancer Treatment Centers of America: care that never quits. Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are meeting
face to face for the first time in 16 months today. But expectations are low for any progress
in the talks being held in Jordan. Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas says he hopes that the
United States won’t be paralyzed during this year’s presidential elections. He says
it’s unacceptable that Israeli and Palestinian negotiations could be ignored during the election
cycle. Palestinians have refused to talk to Israel unless it halts construction in Jewish
communities in the biblical heartland of Judaic and Samaria, otherwise known as the West Bank.
That’s where the Palestinians want a future Palestinian state. Nigeria is in a state of emergency after a
series of deadly attacks by a radical Muslim sect. The emergency declaration by the country’s
president allows security forces to make arrests without proof and conduct searches without
warrants. The president also ordered all international borders near the attack sites be closed. The
attackers targeted churches as well as the state offices of Nigeria’s secret police.
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diagnosis. I had never heard of The 700 Club, never watched
it. Tomorrow. Well, we just turned the corner on a new year,
and what does 2012 in the years beyond hold for America’s future? Well according to
author Jonathan Cahn, it depends on the ancient mystery from Israel’s past. Just watch this. Nine ancient omens. One hidden biblical prophecy.
Revealed through catastrophic events in America’s past and present. It sounds like a plot for
a movie, but in his new book, The Harbinger, messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says it’s
a sign of the End Times. Rabbi Cahn combines biblical prophecy with historical events that
began in America on 9/11 to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Folks, I was fascinated with this book. It
was sent to me by the publisher in an advanced copy. Jonathan Cahn, it’s called, The Harbinger,
the Ancient Mystery. I read it from cover to cover. It’s a fascinating book, and it
ties the events of 9/11 to the prophecy released by Isaiah in the ninth chapter. We have the
author with us, Jonathan Cahn. He’s the Rabbi, I believe, of the largest messianic
congregation in America. Jonathan, I’m glad to have you here. Thank you. It’s a blessing to be here. Thanks. All right, now The Harbinger, a harbinger
is like a robin is a harbinger of spring. So a harbinger is something that kicks off
what’s coming later. You found in Isaiah, what drew you to Isaiah 9? How did happen?
Suddenly it exploded in your mind, and here it is. Well, when 9/11 happened, our ministry is
nearby, when it happened I was drawn to Isaiah 9 and 10. I was praying that particular point
in Israel’s history that was linking up with this. At the same time, I found out later
that David Wilkerson, at the same time, was led that there is a word for America, at the
same time, and it was the exact same words, exact same verse. So later on I was standing
at the corner of Ground Zero, and I noticed an object that drew my attention that began
the unfolding of a mystery that kept unfolding and getting bigger and bigger and really mind
blowing until it got to this, which is an ancient mystery that is behind what is happening
in America, what has happened in America, behind 9/11, behind the economic collapse,
behind the crash of Wall Street, even that has determined that the actions and actual
words of American leaders, a mystery that goes back two and a half thousand years and
is a warning of judgment and a call of God, a prophetic call of God. Well, Isaiah 9 was a judgment call. It was
a rebuke . . . . . . . . and you pointed out so clearly, the
bricks have fallen. Tell us about that. That was a rebuke. What happened was, and this is really the
first sign or one of the first signs of a pattern of national judgment, and that is
God removes the hedge of protection after calling a nation, and calling a nation, finally
to wake them up. Israel had known God, and Israel had turned away from God. So He called
them, and called them. Finally He allowed their hedge of protection to be removed. He
allowed a strike to come into the land, the enemy to make a strike. It was temporary;
it was limited, and it was to call them back. And then there was a grace period when they
kind of hung in the balance. But instead of repenting, instead of turning back to God,
they made a vow. And the vow in Isaiah 9:10 says “The bricks have fallen, but we will
rebuild with quarried stone, hewn stone. The sycamore has been cut down, but we will plant
Cedars in their place.” So they defied God. We’re coming back stronger than ever, and
so what happened is that seals the course of their nation and of judgment and ultimately
years later, Israel will be destroyed. Well, you know, I said this, that the hedge
of protection had been taken down, and people said wasn’t that a horrible thing to say?
Well, I said this is the first time we’ve been struck since the war of 1812. We’ve
never had anything like this, and yet what do we do? How do we respond to 9/11? Well, here is the same, exact same pattern.
Now America has known God, and America is turning from God. We know that it has turned.
And so God is calling. So finally He allows the same thing, same pattern. He allows the
hedge of protection to be removed, and enemies strike. It’s limited; it’s contained.
It’s just a warning, but it’s a grace period. And 9/11, remember everybody flocked
to the churches and said “God bless America. God bless America.” But there was no real
repentance. There was no real turning and saying have we done something, no turning?
And the problem is, it was the response was the same as ancient Israel’s. It was the
response of defiance. We’re going to come back stronger than ever, stronger than ever.
So the thing is that when Israel did this, there were nine harbingers of judgment or
omens, as you said, that are warning Israel, that appear. And those same nine harbingers
of judgment have are reappearing in America on American soil with precision. It involves
American leaders. Some are in New York. Some happened in Washington, objects, reenactments,
almost ceremonies. It happened exact, it’s exact, precise reenactments. It’s chilling. I noticed you played a big
thing about, “We will rebuild.” That’s what the Jews said, the Israelis. What does
it parallel here in our country? It’s exactly what America did in view of
9/11. It wasn’t, again, repentance. It was, “We’re going to come back stronger than
ever, stronger than ever.” Leaders start chanting the same words as in ancient Israel.
And they said we are going to rebuild. Isaiah 9:10 says, “We’re going to rebuild, and
rebuild stronger than before.” We’re going to come back and we’re going to keep going
away from God, but we’re going to be stronger. That’s exactly what happens. They set to
rebuild as Israel did, just as Israel did. “We’re going to rebuild the towers.”
But stronger than ever, with no repentance. That’s the problem, not the rebuilding.
And everything that happened in ancient Israel, specifically, I mean, there’s a tree involved
in this, there’s a stone involved in this. Everything they did was repeated by America.
For instance, there was a stone, one of the harbingers is a stone called the Gazeet [phonetic]
stone, a stone of judgment. And they take a quarried stone and have to put it, they
put it where the bricks have fallen, and it says we will rebuild with quarried stone.
And there they vow, and it’s a stone representing defiance. It has to happen in America. In
American after 9/11, they take a stone, the same thing that answers to the Hebrew Gazeet
[phonetic] stone. They take it. They put it down on Ground Zero. They have a ceremony
around it. The American leaders are gathered, and they pronounce vows over that stone. Another
harbinger is that of the tree. It’s called the shakam tree in Hebrew. “The sycamores
have fallen,” so a tree has to be struck down by the advance of 9/11 according for
this to happen. That’s what happened in Israel. So what happens, this freak event,
as the last tower comes down, it sends out a beam, it sounds out a force, and it strikes
down an object that happened to be nearby. It’s the tree. It’s the sycamore. It has
the same, exact name as that in Isaiah. Well, you mean in America, we had a sycamore
tree that was struck by 9/11? Yes, and in New York. What are the chances
of that? In New York, right there, the same thing. Every single thing that’s in there,
and these nine harbingers have happened with exact precision. Where was that tree? Your book makes it so
amazing, that tree. The tree was at the corner for Ground Zero.
It was at the courtyard of St. Paul’s Chapel where there’s another whole mystery with
that with the founding of America. Yeah, it was right there. And then the other harbinger,
they have to replace this tree with another particular tree. That’s what happened in
Isaiah 9. That’s exactly what they do. They lower another tree. It’s the exact kind
of the Bible, of what’s said in there. Come on! It was a sycamore tree? The sycamore tree was struck down as a sign
of national judgment, and then it’s replaced with what’s called in Hebrew the éréz
tree, a certain kind of tree. That’s in Isaiah 9:10. That’s exactly what happened.
They replaced it with the same tree and the same soil. They have a ceremony around it.
It’s a defiant thing, same thing. And then there’s the vows itself, one of the harbingers
is that the leaders of Israel had to say this vow, “We will rebuild with quarry, all this
thing. It has to happen. So for this to come true,
it has to happen in America. American leaders have to be able to say this vow, proclaim
this vow which really seals judgment on the nation, and do it in the capital city which
they would have done at Samaria. But the thing is who in their right mind, what leader would,
in their right mind, do this, because it’s pronouncing judgment on the nation. It happens
on the very day after 9/11. On September 12th, America gives its response to God. It’s
not repentance. What happens if the Congress gathers and on Capitol Hill, the Senate majority
leader comes to the stand . . . . . . . . and he actually voices the exact vow
of Isaiah 9:10, the ancient vow of Americas leader. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Nobody had any idea. And it is pronouncing judgment on the nations. It’s linking America
to ancient Israel. That was Daschle! That was Tom Daschle. The day after. The day after the exact verse. It’s to the
world. I mean, it couldn’t be more precise. But he doesn’t realize what he’s doing.
It is setting the course, and it’s even prophetic, because he’s saying things that
are going to happen. He says this is going to be the course of America. We’re going
to follow Isaiah 9:10. He says that in effect. That’s exactly what happened. For the next
years, we sought to defy and beat it back. But the problem is, without repentance, you
cannot solve the problem. They even linked to Isaiah 9. Didn’t it?
Was it Biden? Daschle quoted it exactly. He says, “I believe
there’s a word and it’s from Isaiah that speaks to all of us at times like this.”
And then he say, “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with dressed stone. The
sycamore, the biblical fig tree, has been struck down, but we will plant cedars in their
place. He doesn’t realize, as he says that, what it means. And he doesn’t realize that
there is an actual sycamore tree that was struck down. He doesn’t realize that, prophetically,
years later, they’re going to put the same thing in. It’s like he’s prophesying without
realizing it. That sycamore. You pointed that after they
had signed the Constitution, they marched across to that church. Well, there’s a biblical principle that,
with Israel, judgment came to the Temple Mount. That’s where the nation was consecrated
to God, dedicated to God. So judgment returns to the consecration ground. So in American
history, the first day of America as a fully formed nation was April 30th, 1789, with Washington’s
inauguration. And, as I said, they go over and then after the inauguration, he leads
them to go over to dedicate the future of America at this ground. So that’s the consecration
ground. So where was it? The first capital of America wasn’t Washington, it was New
York City, lower Manhattan. So where did they go? They went to dedicate America, commit
the future into God’s hands in what is now Ground Zero, the corner of Ground Zero, St.
Paul’s Chapel. It still stands. They dedicated America. The judgment returns to the place
of consecration, and that’s the soil where the sycamore was growing. That’s the soil,
Americas consecration ground, where the other tree was planted, and where these harbingers
appear. And so, it’s a warning. With God, He was calling Israel back, saying, “Remember
your consecration. Return to Me. Return to this ground.” It all happened. And on 9/11,
there was only one place that was protected on the perimeter of 9/11. All the buildings
were destroyed or charred. One was protected; it was the ground where America was prayed
for, the consecration at St. Paul’s Chapel. And on that day, a shockwave went forth from
Ground Zero, the place of consecration, and it struck federal hall, the place where Washington
was sworn in. That’s where the government began, and it cracked the foundation on that
day, of Americas foundation. And also on that day, Washington gave a prophetic warning. What did he say? It’s what he said. And I’m paraphrasing,
but he says basically, “If America ever turns away from God, if a nation turns away
from God’s ways, God’s rules, the favor, the smiles of Heaven, or the favor of God,
are going to be removed from the land.” He does it on that day, goes to where Ground
Zero is, and then, so now it is there where the favor or the protection was lifted up. But the federal hall was cracked, the foundation
was cracked? Yes, on 9/11, from a shockwave from Ground
Zero. You have the place of dedication, and you have the place of the beginning of America
as a nation. But they have rebuilt, I mean, they planted
a tree, a new tree. I mean, they rebuilt it. They put a dressed stone, and then what kind
of tree did they put in? They put a Hebrew éréz tree which is a cedar
tree, it’s has to be a Panache tree. That’s the most exact definition of the Hebrew cedar.
So they put in a tree. Nobody planned it. Somebody just donated it, said, “Okay, put
this tree in.” So instead of doing another sycamore, they do the exact tree, so they
plant it and they have a ceremony, and they call it “the tree of hope.” They make
all these things into symbols without realizing it. It’s the exact tree in the Bible. It’s the exact Hebrew definition of that
tree, is éréz tree, which is a Panache tree. It can be a cedar. But it’s also an evergreen
conifer. Panache is the exact tree. And nobody plans it! It just happens. And then it goes
on, because a the harbingers, we’re just touching on them, but there’s more. But
it goes on to effect everything, the economy, the crash of Wall Street. There’s the mystery
in America history that the beginning of Americas rise to super power, financial rise, there’s
a sign that appears at the beginning. It reappears on 9/11. It is the—we get the word, you
know, Wall Street is called “Buttonwood,” because the covenant was signed under Buttonwood
tree. So what is the Buttonwood tree? It’s the sycamore tree. It’s the sign of American
power. On 9/11 that tree is struck down. Even a foreshadow of the striking down of Americas
economy, which happens years later; the tower strikes that down. There’s another mystery
in it of three witnesses, that in the Bible, there had to be two or three witnesses to
confirm a fact or a matter of judgment. So we mentioned Tom Daschle. He’s the first
witness. He links Americans to ancient Israel. He pronounces it. That’s not the only one.
Three years later, on the anniversary of 9/11, another national leader is in Washington.
He gets to his podium, and his entire speech, he says, “We have a word here now.” And
he starts reciting the ancient vow of judgment, the same verse of Isaiah. And he builds his
whole speech around it. It is John Edwards. Yes. Jonathan Cahn: And the whole speech is built
around—and he has no idea, still, that it’s actually happening, the sycamore. He’s saying,
“We’re going to do this.” He’s speaking figuratively. He has no idea. And then the
third witness is the president of the United States, and that is Barack Obama. And this
is not even 9/11. This is after 9/11, the economic collapse happens, and he gets up
to tell the nation, “Hey, we’re going to come back.” And he makes the center of his speech—he
says I want every American to know these words, basically, “We will rebuild. We will recover.”
He actually says the exact words that Tom Daschle said from the pulpit, the third wing,
in the same place, Capitol Hill. One said it on one wing of Congress, the other says
it on the other wing of Congress. So even the economic collapse, even the very day of
it, even the very days were ordained in an ancient mystery in the Bible. It’s amazing.
The crash of Wall Street. We all saw this. There’s a mystery in the Bible called the
Shmita, or the seven-year mystery. Every seven years Israel would rest. On the last day of
that year, they would wipe out their credit in debt would happen on a specific Hebrew
day, the 29th of Elul. And so it became, the nation’s financial accounts are wiped out,
and this is a blessing, but they turned it into a judgment. They turned away from God
so it came back as a sign of judgment. So the Shmita to or the seven sabbatical year,
becomes a sign of judgment against a nation that has driven God out of its life. That
has put money above him, and it strikes the financial realm of it. So when did the financial
collapse happens, it happens seven years after the first shaking, comes the second shaking.
Seven years after 9/11, September of 2008. Seven years to the month, the second week
of September, seven years to the week, when America is commemorating 9/11, it actually
the second calamity is set in motion, and when did the greatest day of the collapse
happen? It happened at the end of September, great stock market crash in American history.
When did it happen? It happened on the 29th day of Elul, the day of the Shmita, the day
of the judgment on an ancient financial realm that has driven God out. And one other thing,
if you go back seven years, not only do you find 9/11, but you find the other greatest
crash in American history up to that point, and when did that take place? It happened
on the exact same Hebrew date, the 29th day of Elul, the day of judgment of the nation’s
financial realm that has turned away from God, driven him out. It’s mind-boggling, mind-boggling.
And there’s so much. But the call is: God is calling America back. How soon do you think the final blow will
come? Is there timing in the Hebrew that you found? Well, with ancient Israel, it was 10 years,
which we’re around there now. Ten years. With Judah—it’s the same pattern. There was an
initial strike, and there was a total collapse—it was 20 years. So we can’t say exactly. There
is a pattern, but with America, the things that we are now in this period of hanging
in the balance, and certainly if we say after 9/11, have we returned to God? No. It’s turned more away from God. And so God
is calling America to return. God is calling His people to return. You said earlier, and
that’s the word I had. He is calling America, the people of God, we have to pray. “If
My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray.” He is calling
each of us to consecrate ourselves, to pray for America—the time is late—and you turn
away from whatever we have to turn away from and get back to Him. Be light, spread the
word. Without question. You know, it’s an amazing
thing that George Bush as president said the way to deal with this matter is to go out
and everybody shop and spend money. Yes, exactly. Shop. Spend money. Exactly, Yeah. And that’s exactly an end.
I mean, we couldn’t even go into it, but he was actually the Federal Reserve that took
actions right then. They took an action on the day of that first collapse after 9/11,
and the action they took—there is an Isaiah 9:10 effect in the book saying that as the
nation seeks to come back without repenting, it’s going to actually bring about the next
shaking, the next collapse. Exactly what happened, as America said, “We’re going to cut the
interest rates,” that actually produced this house of cards. 9/11 actually produced,
actually brought about the economic collapse. Amazing. Phew. Incredible. How did God give this to
you? Was this is sort of a revelation? I mean, did the Holy Spirit? It just happened. It was like one step after
the other. I didn’t know where it was going. It just kept leading and leading to the next
step until it just opened up and exploded. Well, Jonathan, I tell you, this is one great
book. Ladies and gentlemen, you want to get this. Can we get this book. Is it available
now? The official release, I think, happens to
be today. It wasn’t planned. It happens to be today, and I think it’s available everywhere
Amazon, everywhere. Well, you don’t want to miss it. The Harbinger,
folks. This is a read you need to make, and maybe our leaders will read it. So the answer
is national repentance. We’ve got to come back to God. Absolutely. As a nation and the people of
God we are accountable. There are people who are just handing it out to everybody, just
to get the word out. But we must return; we must return. And we’re in the days of danger. Well, it’s a prophetic word. Thank you so
much. God bless you. Thank you Pat. We’ll be back with a few questions after
this. What an amazing guest, and what an amazing story! The Harbinger, folks. It’s time for Publisher’s Clearing House
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And I said, “God, I just ask for these things,” and I ask them over and over again. And for
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