The 700 Club – October 23, 2019

22 thoughts on “The 700 Club – October 23, 2019

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  • I pray Gods will be done in the white house and his hands guide the leaders of our country 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • wasting time and money trying to convince ppl that the usa should be involved in any wars whatsoever in the mideast. we dont belong there. bring ALL of our troops home! we cant even protect our own borders, yet we are supposed to protect the rest of the world? why? why are people dying ( or worse) for this?

  • Democrats are running exploratory committees that are set up so as to curtail President Trump, the White House, and others their due process rights and also so that Democrats can subpoena people and leak info like a corrupt prosecutor trying to damage the defense while they intentionally deny the same rights to Trump. The question remains: is this illegal or immoral and unethical on Dems part?

    Republicans need to get on TV 24/7 and explain to Americans that this is at the very least immoral and unethical behavior on the part of Democrats, they refuse to go along with a sham that denies the most important thing, due process, and that the Senate will now vote to take no action at all concerning President Trump in the future if Dems in the House continue doing what they are doing as it is a mockery of jurisprudence. .

    If Dems who control the House counter that Trump, in their opinion, is unethical or immoral, then the House is a sham of a law-making body and we might as well bulldoze Washington D.C. if that is how they will behave or if it is their only way to defeat Trump.

  • As Trump said, we made no promise to protect the Kurds, so Pat needs to stop blithering about us not keeping our promises to allies, and BTW the Kurds aren’t part of NATO, but Turkey IS.

  • I stand w the PRESIDENT in the Turkey/Syria issue! Thousands of U.S. citizens killed in these wars. $8 trillion spent; still unrest!!!!. These people have been fighting since Ismael and Isaac! They have to fight their own fights wars or figure out how to get along! The only ones profiting from these wars are the deep state, etc. Mega $s! U.S. involvement started bc of interest in oil. Research other news outlets for a balanced view as to what is really going on. X22Report "b", for one.

  • I'm leery when it comes to Graham and McConnell. They turn like a rattlesnake on the President, too much, for comfort. Both known to be Rinos or at very least, bordering on that. Wish they could be voted out. Career politicians! I don't trust them! They change w the wind.

  • They really said "we want everyone to feel welcome in the same sentence as "Chic Fa La can't be here." LMHO!!! Hyipporactes! They don't want Chic Fa La or Christians, Jews, or Muslims to feel welcome!!! Because we recognize Homosexuality as evil.

  • Why aren't Hilary Clinton and all these false accusers who falsely accused President Trump brought to justice? How can they use all our taxpayer money for all the investigations into what amounts to no evidence at all of Russian collusion to further their cause, and not have any consequences for their actions?

  • As for the Bristish Chik-Fil-A closing because of protesters, they claim the reason was to be inclusive, but the whole inclusive ideology excludes a great number of people, ironically.

  • It’s NOT OUR FIGHT PAT! Your a chicken hawk! Your afraid to go to war but expect everyone else to go

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    And other. Two words
    Blurred. Wierd. Video. Strange .
    Wierd stuffing going on. Wonder waht it was

  • This pos program went out the window many years ago!!!! Pat is a crazed old pos that needs to be put down like a mutt!!! May god have mercy on his republican tainted soul!!!

  • Is this about God or your pocket sad you using God God is love talking care of the poor as Jesus you are hypocrites God the the God of and you named that thing the health care many people are in health crisis go be home sick People

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