The Ark of the Covenant found in Jerusalem — New meaning to prophecies concerning Christ blood.

for many years the Bible captivated the interest of Ron Wyatt and he had it in his heart to show people that the Bible is true that the miracles really happened and there is a God who we have to have a relationship with but his work was to meet great resistance from both fellow Christians as well as scientists who don't want to believe or relate to the Living God among the many discoveries he made was Noah's Ark where he was held captive by PKK terrorists in eastern Turkey and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that got destroyed with fire and brimstone he reached his own life and was imprisoned for one month in Saudi Arabia because he wanted to reveal to the world that at the real Mount Sinai there was archaeological evidence of the Israelites he also showed where the Red Sea crossing took place and Pharaohs army drowned and the several evidences under the sea the prove the story was true he showed the possible place for the Israelite camp in Kadesh Barnea where Moses struck the rock and the water gushed out here it was obvious that water had once come pouring out of the stone foundation and rained down into the valley yet nowhere in this vicinity is there any water supply most of those who knew Ron thought that what made the biggest impression on people was his genuine care for others and his humility almost 30 years ago one way out was walking over there between this one and the Golgotha is Gottman with an employee from the Israeli Antiquities Authority suddenly he raised his hand near to Golgotha Goffman and he said that's Jeremiah's grotto and the Ark of the Covenant is in there both of them were very surprised by this statement and one received verbal permission to dig their ron who had his regular work beside his archeological research traveled home to decide as to whether or not to accept this task was the Ark of the Covenant really hidden there and why after so many years did God want to unearth it again Oh Dave Oh myleeza waiting for mother father I say more than they watchful Oh for several thousands of years ago Abraham came to this country he was promised by the God of heaven that his descendants would have permission to live here Abraham was chosen to keep the truth pure at a time when myths about God were deeply embedded in Mesopotamia several hundred years have passed since the flood an event that was well known by the kings in Mesopotamia cuneiform tablets like this from the British Museum tell of the great flood the Mesopotamian kings claimed they were chosen and inaugurated by the highest God and their kingship could be traced way back to before the flood it is found in the Sumerian list of kings fewer challenged the kings claims their presentation of religion was seen as common knowledge history tells us the Mesopotamia spread their teaching about God to the entire Middle East Asia and Europe through their trade but what they claimed was a lie God have not chosen them but had chosen a man who lived in their midst his name was Abraham on God's command Abraham traveled from Mesopotamia to Canaan which today is Israel God promised him that his descendants would be as numerous as the Stars and in his seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed the Saviour that God had promised through Adam and Eve Messiah will be born from Abraham's seed Abraham was given the task of guarding the truth his descendants were to protect the truth right up to the coming of the Messiah and confirm the truth to the whole world God honored Abraham because Abraham honored God first God Himself said because Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my Commandments statutes and judgments many of the commandments of God had also been kept in Mesopotamia but they were selective of which laws they kept that can be seen on the law of Hammurabi and the shayan connections Abraham kept all of God's commandments the commandments that the others around him disregarded were those commandments that specified the true worship of God the first four Commandments in the Ten Commandment law these Commandments the king of Babylon throughout I'm sure you know the history the descendants of Abraham ended up in Egypt where they were suppressed by Pharaoh after they grew in number there they were forced to break the Sabbath commandment that was given at creation and the Abraham kept what Abraham taught them was now mixed with Egyptian teachings and the truth that they were chosen to protect was now darkened with a mighty hand God delivered them out of Egypt by his servant Moses to save the very people who would prepare the way for Messiah through their lives and teachings God even parted the Red Sea for them so they could safely pass through and safely on the other side they were led to Mount Sinai during the Israelites captivity in Egypt they mixed a great deal of paganism with the truth of God it was therefore necessary and important for God to teach them his truth and his commandments all over again so Moses climbed the mountain and received two tables of stone upon which God had written his Ten Commandments with his own finger this is the only thing we have on earth that God has written with his own finger the only document from the creator himself these ten words were called the testimony as it was God's testimony to the world beside the Ten Commandments there was another covenant they entered into and this covenant says if they were loyal to God then he will choose them over the other nations they also received civil laws to maintain law and order and it's important to separate the commandments from the civil laws the Ten Commandments is a universal law Moses was directed to build a sanctuary everything that he was to build he would build according to the design of the temple he was shown in heaven the ten commandments or the testimony of God as it was called was put into the ark and on this Ark there was a covering that was called the mercy seat it was a place of atonement after they built it they placed the furniture in the positions God showed them the altar of burnt-offering symbolized the sacrifice of the coming Savior in the bronze Laver that symbolized cleansing or cleansing of baptism and further on into the holy place we have the table of showbread with the bread that symbolized God's word which we should eat here on the other side we have the seven-branched candlestick that was a symbol of God's congregation and the oil that symbolized the spirit that God would send to his people and further on we have the altar of incense which symbolizes the prayers of the faithful sending up to heaven then in the most holy place is the Ark of the Covenant the Ark of the testimony that Moses was asked to make with the Ten Commandments inside this symbolized that it was God's Ten Commandments that had been broken and demanded a blood sacrifice the blood symbolized the Savior that would come and take the penalty for the people who had sinned against their creator breaking his Commandments through the sanctuary the Israelites were to preserve the meaning behind Jesus's mission to come and die for the world and preserve God's true Commandments the law that had been broken the sanctuary also showed how mankind could again be reconciled to God but the children of Israel was somewhat reluctant to carry this responsibility as the commandments would separate them from the rest of the world they were not allowed to have statues of God or pray before pictures or idols nor were they allowed to worship any other God and they had to refrain from work on the Sabbath but the Israelites preferred to be like the nations around them and do what they did after a while they broke all of the first four commandments which described how to be loyal to the only true God they placed idols all over Jerusalem and on the high places and prayed to other gods to the Queen of Heaven and other lesser gods and they play symbols of pagan gods like the Sun in God's temple Oh Oh after the Israelites had deceived God who failed their tasks given them God allowed Babylon to conquer Israel and capture the temple allowing it to be destroyed but before the destruction of Jerusalem God saw to it that the Ark of the Covenant and the other furniture from the temple were hidden there have been several theories as to where the Ark was hidden everything from pagan temples in Ethiopia to caves in the desert but throughout all history God has never allowed the ark to successfully stand among pagan idols God struggled to mold the descendants of Abraham into the people who are to prepare the way for the savior was not over yet after their dispersion into other countries the children of Israel converted thus God returned them to their land and its capital Jerusalem many times when they were dispersed just as God for tongue he gathered them back again to their land they rebuilt the wall and the temple but were never given back the Ark of the Covenant so what was God's plan for the Ark of the Covenant and his testimony did he have another testimony that he wanted to add to the ark before the world would see it once again when 1-wire decided to begin excavation it wasn't as easy as he first thought but he invested any money he had to finance it here we will let him tell the story in his own words this was recorded in Zedekiah's caves in 1997 anyway I was walking along the cliff face behind this bus station back in this area well since you saw the cutouts okay I was walking through there my left hand went out without my brain doing it and my mouth says that's Jeremiah's grotto in the Ark of the Covenant cinema well I was dumbfounded this sort of thing doesn't happen to me in fact you know I resist that sort of thing because people that I consider wackos say they have those kinds of experience and I still think that most of them they say they have these experiences are white homies but sometimes in other words I don't feel comfortable with that kind of experiments but our tickets were due the next morning so we please home I told the man he said that's wonderful he says we'll let you dig there we'll give you all the help you need a place to stay provide you food through your laundry and this is a Israeli they don't do that was a parent that credible I won't name names as point so anyway we went home and I had no idea why the Ark of the Covenant been there I've never even thought about it and in old fiesty my cup was running over already with things that God has shown me and so you know I was not looking for anything else so I went home prayed nass Lord to help me understand why the Ark of the Covenant might possibly be in that place I was impressed to read the history of the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar evidences the Babylonian king at that time and in this second Kings chapter 20 I and the last part of that chapter it says the nephron Ezzor build forts against the city rounds about that in modern language is a siege wall now this meant that nobody could take anything out of the city are bringing anything in the city so the Ark of the Covenant had to be hidden in the city under the city or in the side the siege wall protects all right well we don't know for sure where the babylonian siege wall was located but we know for Titus this siege wall was located right catapults had the same range back in that commissioner's time as they did in Titus this time and they always build these seat walls out of range of the catapults city so we know where it had to have been and from that siege wall temple would have not observed you know Watchmen walk in the wall the siege wall couldn't observe somebody bringing something out into that clip I think over there so I thought okay that makes it reasonable we got it ready came back and started digging January of 1979 it had come a little wet sloppy snow that year I mean it was horrible this thing had been filled with garbage we found two dead cats in there I've got a picture of a moving picture of a cat that came up to where we were working and it stood there and looked at us for a bit and then it just turned and walked off like you know what are you idiots doing there but anyway in January 6 1982 it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon I found the article we would not believe the amount of stone and dirt and everything we had God kept our interest up by thinking that just any minute we offended you know for all of that time usually the carrot doesn't work for that longer period of time I think you know about holding a carrot and promise something so to get it to me so anyway we found it now I hadn't thought anything about the crucifixion site like everyone else I thought it was up by that Moslem graveyard on top of that cliff and fact I went up there looking when they pour it in a couple of Moslems kind of helped me officer out of the place my feet touch the ground about every 10 feet but anyway I didn't see any evidence up there but as we go down the face of that cliff we found those three cutouts now folks there was only one crucifixion site in Jerusalem and that is it not only that the place where they crucified people was the same place where they stones at a consulate right there's a very strong tradition in fact that I think church built out of there where they supposedly stoned the steamin remember the story in the Bible and he said I beheld heaven he says I beheld heaven open and I saw the Son of Man our Jesus sitting at the right hand of God and there's a special this is a special place up there there's a book for that title for sale in there and I suggest you get it it's a very good book so anyway when I found the cutouts we were digging along the rift phase and the pa'dar out here was beginning to threaten us all in all the same barriers so I went to the left took a shaft straight down and you know where that little bench that current advantage is sitting out there and that pillar by the way those are pagan symbols but they're doing in there in a Christian place and amazing but it's a symbol of some Sun worship and the pillar is a phallic symbol fertility symbol they're not right over the Ark of the Covenant buttons there I'm surprised they are even that close so as we tunneled along at the quarry floor at the base of the wall I found the cross hole and I worked around and found some more cross holes four feet lower on the real party floor I thought this was the quarry floor but actually it was a kind of a bench like thing where they hadn't taken the last set of locks out as they quarried their way down and so anyway I prayed Lord where shall I go now we had found the crucifixion place and I was quite excited about that but we were looking for the Ark of the Covenant and if I had had my way I would have found the Ark of the Covenant and I would not have found the crucifixion site cuz it wasn't looking as always God had more in mind than a head has more than any of us humans he says that he will give us more than we can ask our thing and I found that to be very true and of course you will find that to be very true to and some of you already have those that are sharing things with other people because today God is taking a strong hand in the mission his work anyway I was impressed break right through the clip not this clip but one that looked every bit as solid right well I'm dumb but I didn't think I was letting on so anyway I kept looking around for a place to give in that cliff I knew there were caves in there because honeybees were coming out of cracks and lying in so they had their nests in there so anyway my youngest son he says then have you prayed about this and I said yes you know I should prayed with my sons and we looked back and we've seen mistakes with me but he asked and we did pray together my own thing the bus I should have hurried right there anyway he said did you pray about this I said yes he says well did you get any indication of what to do I said yes I'm supposed to break right through that plate out of that and he says well let's do it and I'm good no way I'm not nothing so we worked for three or four more days and it was time to leave the next day and my older son was 9 my oldest son was down with me and we were handing the tunes out to my youngest son to store them and my older son is rather quiet person he said dad did you pray about this I said it sure yes I did he said well I said I was impressed breaking through that cliff right there and he said well let's do it and I said no that stick that I have not made my brains out against a cliff he says well that pardon my saying so but I've seen you do stupider things than exactly I said okay don't run it past the tools now if you look carefully you'll see a crack right here and it's not much of one but it is a fault line through that stone yes I hit so we went 18 inches over to this side took her hammers and chisels and started marking the stone up and down and up and down finally a big chunk pops out of there we should get off to the side look back in the bottom there was a small dark hole about that big I didn't look very promising at all I had my son hand me the flashlight we had had him sitting where we could see this was all down in a tone and so I put it up to that hole and there was a big cave chamber back behind that have you ever had goose bumps and all that sort of I'm just overwhelmed well that's what happened to me it didn't take us very long to make the hole big enough I'll get in I thought the Ark of the Covenant would be sitting right there that's awesome so since we had to leave the next morning and plug that hole we came back to the surface plug the hole everything up somebody could tell burner Rid then and left I had to go home work save up some more money to come back but eventually I found the Ark of the Covenant and it was in a chamber that I would not have bothered going in just like I wouldn't bother breaking through the wall my two sons had gotten very ill in 1982 I sent one of them home Christmas Eve the elderman home New Year's Eve I owed the hotel $300 I had no money at all as a friendly Arab Levin seated his restaurant and that folks to me is he you know he know there are some things that I'm not comfortable with and I was experiencing several of them that trip I decided that I was going to find the Ark of the Covenant or die in the hole may sound a little melodramatic but I was humiliated I couldn't pay my fill at the hotel I'd rather be dead and in the situation like that and that's the not good logic so don't go down to black buyers all that way so anyway there was a little air of God that was letting us eat at his restaurant he was a full grown man but he's about that tall and small it's the teegan's is there so as we went through this cave system he would crawl in to the chambers and I give him a light and shine it around and I peeked through the seat that looked like anything in there so we did this over and over and we came to this one hole a half-wit I mean he wasn't late for all we had gone in that cave however how many of you have ever many on the side of being paid Chambertin all hey you know what I'm saying we had just been all over the place Oh found different levels in at this point the time we have gone about 45 feet down and then backed up and here this hole was in the wall thought that big around and there was a stalactite hanging right my own little of it the only Latin kite I had seen in the cave that wasn't just little ones this was a big one and I have it in my collection of things so I broke it off that made the hole big enough for him to get in and he was crawling in there everything and I started to hand him the light so he could do what we had been doing you know whatever obey it he came tearing out of there was my eyes were big estate my knives and yet and he said what's in there what's in there on the back in there and I said well what did you see he said I didn't see anything it's not a thought well okay now he's been in tighter places still night and have not responded that so I got this little beam of light you know in the dark play experience and I thought that he must be buying terror you know that's super natural so I figured there's got that this either where the art in the Covenant is are it's the weight to get to one of the other life in God doesn't this fella know where it is so anyway he said he just said I must get out of here salty night so I made the whole thing up I may be giving I got into their box it was full of wrong things here up to within 18 inches or so we're gonna see about like if this young man had been terrorized in come scooting outta there like he did I would not have gone in that thousand is not my first three years so anyway I can crawl in there with flashlights and I crawled around on top the box and I shined the light down these between the cracks in the rock and they're a gold flat gold thing crouched reflected back at me so I moved over and shined down to another's almost two reflections one here one there and one over here so I knew it was a plaid gold top and I thought the Ark of the Covenant I forgot about the cherubim you know sitting on top bitumen poking up through the top of the mercy seat but anyway I started moving these rocks and I stuck them everywhere I could at the time I got down to that gold surface I had a and my shoulders leaning back against them and his attorney was the table of showbread well hey that's not a bad thing but anyway I was looking for the Ark of the Covenant and it was only then that I took time to carefully examine the rest of the chamber says they I had just probably into the weekend started checking down on the garage so as I move the flashlight along the walls I saw a stone box and he threw all about this low this much space between it and the ceiling stages the lid was broke in around and right above it was a crack when dark brown looking material at the bottom on the bottom of this crash and I was able to see the top of the lid of the box on both sides of the broken pieces who is more of this brown stuff all the sudden I realized I was sitting in front of the Ark of the Covenant yes I thought I'm everything and that Christ's blood I had never heard anybody preach anything about that sort of something it's too much when I regained consciousness remote is not watching and 45 minutes had passed from the time I crawled in the chamber because I figured I found the Ark of the Covenant in there I want to know what kind of clothes so see anyway plus two o'clock when I entered the chamber and after I regained consciousness and 45 I couldn't see him later run wire would confirm that this was the Ark of the Covenant and that the blood on the mercy seat was from someone who had only one human parent there were no paternal chromosomes except for one Y chromosome Jesus was God's only begotten Son just as he said he was the Bible prophesied that Christ's blood would be sprinkled in the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant but as it was to be kept secret until our time who is partially but not totally hidden in symbols Matthew recorded an earthquake at the cross which formed a crack in the ground below it John tells us that when the Roman soldier pierced the side of Christ blood and water ran out the blood and water apparently ran down the earthquake crack the prophet Isaiah wrote that Jesus when he was bruised and broken with sprinkle many nations Jesus himself said when he initiated the communion service that he would enter into a covenant with all people through his blood the blood of the Covenant the blood would confirm this covenant when Jesus became a sacrifice he sprinkled his blood himself and thus fulfilled the role of the high priest he then became both high priest and victim Paul told us that Jesus confirmed the covenant in the same way as Moses confirmed the old covenant with the Israelites in Exodus we can read how the first covenant was confirmed in his letter to the Hebrews Paul writes how Jesus confirmed the everlasting covenant in the same way that Moses confirmed the covenant between the people and God whereupon neither the first Testament was dedicated without blood for when Moses had spoken every precept to all the people according to the law he took the blood of calves and of goats with water scarlet wool and hyssop and sprinkled both the book and all the people saying this is the blood of the Testament which God hath enjoined unto you he took blood and water and sprinkled it upon the words of the Covenant this symbolized two things that these very words written in the book are the Covenant and the blood symbolized forgiveness for breaking that covenant as the blood from the sacrificed animal was always a symbol of Christ scarlet wool and hyssop represented the true mission of the sacrificial lamb in the Bible we told that wool symbolizes purity and Scala symbolizes sin so just as the world became scala thus Christ the innocent Lamb of God took upon himself our sin in the scripture hyssop is a symbol of cleansing Jesus took our sins to cleanse us from this ceremony we know exactly what to expect in the anti-type according to the type we can expect Jesus to confirm the true covenant by sprinkling his blood in water over what now makes up the Covenant while simultaneously offering himself to cleanse people from their sins these people he confirmed the covenant with were therefore asked by Christ to keep the very words of that covenant John reveals to us a secret he tells us that the blood and water is here on earth as a testimony and there are three that bear witness in earth the spirit and the water and the blood and these three agree in 1 if we receive the witness of men the witness of God is greater this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his son the prophet Isaiah is connecting Jesus's death on the cross to a time where he will sprinkle many nations Isaiah can't in use on to say that this will one day be revealed and we'll leave even the world's rulers utterly speechless thus he will sprinkle many nations Kings will shut their mouths on account of him for I have not been told them they will see and what they have not heard they will understand when the prophet Daniel was given the task of prophesying of the coming Messiah he made a clear reference to the mission of Jesus to finish the transgression and to make an end of sins and to make reconciliation for iniquity and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to seal up the vision in the prophecy and to anoint the most holy it's also written that when Jesus died the curtain between the holy place and the most holy place was ripped into but the Ark of the Covenant was not there Jesus when he had cried again with a loud voice yielded up the ghost and behold the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom and the earth did quake and the rocks rent right before the Babylonians besieged Jerusalem and destroyed the temple the Ark was hidden in the very Ark of the Covenant with the testimony of God or the law that the people had broken and that we need atoning for God knew where Jesus was to suffer and die for Humanity and 600 years before the crucifixion he hid the ark right under the Golgotha is God so what does this discovery tell us well for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son now whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life God really did give his son to take upon himself the punishment for our sins but this discovery tells us much more it tells us what God's covenant with us is and what law we have broken and need forgiveness for but it also tells us what the Covenant with us is not and now the excitement begins so watch God wants to reach everyone and in the past he has used object lessons to teach the truth when 1-wire asked when this discovery was going to be shown to the world he was told something very special that it would not be shown until the mark of the beast' law was passed the Bible tells us of a deception that will come upon the world the Antichrist will place himself in God's temple claiming to be God himself let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed the son of perdition who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that He is God one was told that the law of God will be shown to expose the Antichrist and to save the world from this deception how will this expose the man of sin I'll show you now the Ark of the Covenant is made up of two parts the bottom part is called the Ark of the testimony because it contained the testimony of God the Ten Commandments the top part was called the mercy seat and in Hebrew it is capa rep which means a place for atonement the law and atonement for mercy are the two main parts of God's covenant with mankind that's where we get the name the Ark of the Covenant in the Bible with other the sanctuary was made according to a design in heaven the one built on earth was a symbol of God's plan of salvation and Jesus's priestly ministry Paul describes in his letter to the Jews that Jesus is our high priest in heaven and the earthly priesthood has ended but a more excellent priesthood and our greater and more perfect Tabernacle began when the earthly services ended that's where Jesus goes with his own blood when he intercedes to God for people just like the high priests did with the blood of the sacrificial lamb on behalf of the Israelites the Bible tells us that Jesus is our high priest our only mediator and our only way to salvation and that he is the head of the church on earth and he is our king it also says that he has the keys of death and of hell after Jesus went into the heavenly sanctuary God would not allow the earthly one to be rebuilt it has been almost 2,000 years since it was destroyed and the Jews still to this day have never been able to rebuild it it is not the Jewish temple that the Antichrist will place himself in when Christ went into the true sanctuary God's earthly sanctuary was to change from being physical to spiritual Paul said that now the congregation every believer is now God's temple on earth know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you If any man defile the temple of God him shall God destroy for the temple of God is holy which temple ye are it is exactly this temple that Anti Christ wants to place himself in and seek to destroy we are the temple in which the Antichrist wants to show that he is God that means the Antichrist seeks to make himself a leader in our spiritual conscience precisely the place that Christ should have in our lives as our high priest in the Bible there is only one lawgiver God and anyone who seeks to become man's spiritual lawgiver places himself in God's stead and shows himself as if he is God he doesn't do this an open rebellion against God but in a false Christian disguise for such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ and no Marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness whose end shall be according to their works we are God's temple and the sanctuary shows Christ's work of salvation and his sanctification of us this is the work that Christ does for us and in US and the Anti Christ seeks to destroy to make this happen the Antichrist must take the role as the high priest among God's children and then systematically destroy their salvation Jesus did away with the earthly priesthood when he instigates in the heavenly sanctuary and his own high priestly service the Anti Christ heaped contempt upon Christ heavenly sanctuary and set up their own priesthood on earth instead today the Anti Christ is regarded as the highest Christian leader on earth he holds the majority of Christian support in the world and even leaders from other religions of bound before his throne and dressed in black attire a sign of submission he claims to have been given all power and to dictate what is and is not the truth the Pope also regards it his privilege to correct mistakes that God has made in his law and present a new and better law he calls himself father and the Vicar of Christ or he who stands in the place of Christ this is what the Pope and the Catholic Church has done to God's sanctuary while they claim to stand in the place of Christ they have destroyed every symbol in Christ's sanctuary and now we will show you how the Anti Christ has destroyed God's sanctuary follow me the Catholic Church give you the option to pray to Mary the Saints and even priests for them to mediate between you and God but these are false mediators that do not even possess the authority that they claim to have thus they hinder many people from having a direct relationship with the true high priest the Bible tells us that forgiveness is only through Christ's blood and his sacrifice this symbolizes the burnt offering the Catholic people try to obtain forgiveness through pilgrimages rosary beads and indulgences a Christ said that those who are not born with the spirit and water will not see the kingdom of God the symbol of baptism is a good conscience toward God and the putting away of your old life a new birth and a new life after the sin is taken away the Catholic Church has destroyed these symbols as well as their very meanings when they substituted adult baptism with infant Baptism and Confirmation the symbolism was destroyed resulting in the unbelief of many Christians the meaning of their so-called conversion being the beginning of a new life was totally lost Jesus says that God's kingdom begins inside us in the sanctuary we find the symbols that show us how God sets his kingdom inside us while we are here on earth the showbread represents God's Word as Jesus the high priest makes sure he enlightens us with the scripture the Catholic Church has a heat belt upon the accuracy of the word and laid aside portions of it regarding it as unnecessary they've also added extra books to the Bible during the dark ages the people were not permitted to even read the Bible many people were burned at the stake for just copying and distributing it the candlestick represents God's congregation in the Holy Spirit the conditions for receiving the Holy Spirit are obedience to the commandments of God but by changing the commandments they have denied people the opportunity to receive of this blessing that Jesus as our high priest has the power to give us the altar of incense represents prayer but the Bible says that whosoever turneth away his ear from hearing his law even his prayer shall be an abomination are turning millions of people away from the true law they have sabotage many of the prayers to God and thus it opens the way for God's arch enemy to answer them instead yet they still believe that they have God's favor the Ark of the Covenant represents God's covenant the atoning blood and the law but the Catholic Church has removed the second commandment and changed the fourth they changed the Saturday Sabbath the day that God sanctified – the Sunday that way they trick people into thinking that they have not sinned when in fact they have broken his commandment thus they have hindered people from receiving the atoning blood and are still under God's judgment the majority of Christian denominations have cast away God's plan of salvation in favor of a corrupt and distorted gospel Jesus died so that we do not have to die in eternal death he died so that we could eat the fruit of the tree of life and have eternal life and he died because he refused to give us up even though his own law condemned us to die but because he could not remove the law without permitting sin in the universe because the demands of the law should last forever Christ had to take our place this is the most amazing plan that has ever been put into action in the history of the world no one in the universe would have to lose any respect for God or his law and order sin would be eradicated and the substitute would die in place of the sinner thus neither the law nor mankind would have to be destroyed let Christ be your only High Priest because he is faithful cling to his priestly ministry because no other priest and no other sanctuary leads to salvation if Jesus is your high priest and your only Savior you're safe and God will take care of you that same God who sent his son because he loves you now we share these first John chapter 5 verses 7 8 and 9 with you on the bus battery there are three that keep record in heaven the father the word and the Holy Spirit these three are one or three that bear witness in the earth the spirit the water in the blood these three agree on one if we receive the lip man the witness of God is greater and this is God's witness and testimony out his son first Timothy chapter two verse five and six there's one God and one mediator between God and man the man Christ Jesus who gave himself a ransom for all to be testified in folks that's the place in what the Bible tells us is that this is God the father's truth to a lost world evening undivided mother and son by the edges of bothers pretty when people have seen this and become aware of this if they reject that there's nothing else to politic that is the arc in soul of the plan of salvation and he has told us though your sins be as scarlet make somebody else white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool in other words that don't matter what we've done in the past it doesn't matter how we lookin too soon for our nature Sahara see I Christ made provision for all of us need ice all we have to do is go to the father 90 bloodless son and asked for forgiveness did rehabilitation and so we become christ-like we'll be ready it is coming and folks when the Holy Spirit sets up housekeeping in our hearts we will develop a love for lost souls that will constrain us to do those things which are very inconvenient I'm concerned when they expensive and all of that and that is working for lost souls and when Christ comes instead of fleeing and time to hide from the face of endless that's always home we'll look up and say load this is all about we have waited for him and maybe we'll sleep and that's our choice

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    5th April 2019 I put new information under the drawing on top of my web-page, since I understood we are close to the first rapture.

  • after reading these comments i must say the only question i ever had about the catholic religion is why they pray to saints and mary? bible tells us to only pray to god and his son jesus christ. that should say it all. god bless

  • We couldn't see the extent of "it is finished" the earth quaked and the rock split at the foot of the Cross, Christs blood was released by the Roman soldier who pierced his side. While Six hundred years earlier The Ark of the Covenant was moved.. Solomon prepared for its hiding and Jeremiah moved it precisely under the cross yet future! GOLGOTHA.


    17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. The Rabbi's keep the tablets of stone and the blood (testimony) found on the mercy seat.

    I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourn for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

    ENMITY is what exists now the solution is in the Fathers witness!

    1 John 5:8 And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.9 If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son. 10 He that believe on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believe not God hath made him a liar; because he believe not the record that God gave of his Son.

    For it is by His grace we are rescued, through faith; and this is not of yourselves, but it is the gift of Elohim. (when opened). 9. Not of works, or else anyone glory (in themselves). 10. For we are His creation who are created in Y'shua the Mashiyach for good works which Elohim has before prepared for us to walk in. 11. Wherefore be mindful that you formerly were carnal Gentiles; and you were called the uncircumcision by that which is called the circumcision of which is the work of the hands in the flesh. 12. And you were, at that time, without the Mashiyach; and were aliens from the Devarim of Israel; and strangers to the covenant of the promise; and were without hope and without Elohim in the world. 13. But now, by Y'shua the Mashiyach, you who before were afar off, have been brought near by the Blood of the Mashiyach. 14. He is Himself our peace, who has made the two (become) ONE <– NO ONE TEACHES THIS !!
    and has demolished the Wall which stood in the midst, and the Enmity, by his flesh. 15. And in his flesh (the) enmity and regulations of commands (contained) in his commandments are ABOLISHED that in himself he might make the two into ONE, establishing peace. 16. And has reconciled BOTH with Elohim in one body and has slain the enmity by his stake(of execution). 31 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: 32 not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the Lord: 33 but this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. 34 And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

    Second Corinthians 3:6-18 THE VEIL.
    6. Who has fitted us to be ministers of the renewed covenant, not in the letter, but in the spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 7. Now if the ministration of death was engraved upon stones in writing, and was so glorious that the children of Israel could not look at the face of Moshe on account of the glory upon his face which vanished away; 8. How then will not the ministration of the Spirit be still be more glorious? 9. For if there was glory in the ministration of condemnation, how much more will the ministration of righteousness excel in glory? 10. For that which was glorious was as if not glorious in comparison with this which excels in glory. 11.For if that (condemnation) WHICH IS ABOLISHED was glorious, much more must, that which abides be glorious! 12. Seeing therefore we have THIS HOPE, we the more speak with boldness 13. And are not like Moshe, who threw the veil over his face that the children of Israel might not behold the termination of that (condemnation)which was ABOLISHED! 14. But they were blinded in their understanding because until this day, when the ancient Covenant is read, the same veil rests upon them; NOR IS IT MANIFEST (to them), that it (condemnation) is ABOLISHED by the Mashiyach. 15. And to this day, when Moshe is read, a veil is thrown upon their hearts. 16. But when any of them is turned to master YHWH, is the veil taken from him.
    17. Now Master YHWH Himself is the Spirit. And where the Spirit of Master YHWH is, there is freedom. 18. And we all, with uncovered faces, behold as in a mirror the glory of
    Master YHWH ; and are transformed into the same likeness, from
    glory to glory, as by Master YHWH the SPIRIT! 1 3/4 minutes 3 minutes 56 minutes

    There are glad songs of victory in the tents of the righteous:
    The right hand of the Lord does valiantly;
    the right hand of the Lord is exalted;
    the right hand of the Lord does valiantly. Psalm 118. 2018

  • It iis totally idiotic to claim the Popei s the anit Christ, This is also what evangelicals are claiming for Trump

  • There is a great contradiction, all the people in other continents and long before Jesus was born. It is plain unnatural to bluntly say:oh, those guys! They will be judged after their good or wicked mind, simple as piece of cake!
    …………………..But the concept of God is he sent his son to warn about hell and condemnation!
    The people before Jesus and in other continents could not be warned, thus they are not treated equal to the rest, and thus God and Jesus are unjust, we can not deny it!
    ……………………… There are truly something very wrong here, and not my logic, why? Because logic is universal and are base on the same principples that created universe! It means this doctrine is contradictive, unjust and discredit our Lord, he we know ows the universe!

  • If they have prooved blood with no man as father, just the woman, why do we not read about it in the News? What about the Chatolics and the Pope!? Did the Jews confiscate the prooves!? This is a little bit too much, it would be great if it was the reality, but you owe the world more than just making a video and som statements, after all it is the universe and the creation we talk about here!

  • So the Jews hid the Ark in a cave under the place they used to crusify people, did the Jews believe their Messiah was going to be killed on a cross!?

  • About 15:00,Ron say he normally concider people who say they have such abilities are whacos? Yes, I was going to a half year of duty in UN South Lebanon, and had a party together with some friends, they asked about the situation down there. I said the truth, I did not know. Then my mouth started talking without I wanted it:well, as sure as I sit here with you, Israel will invade Lebanon in a coule of weeks after I have arrived!
    ………………………Sure enough, one evening position 9(big boss) called 9.8(all positions), the message was one word only:RUBICON! the word for Israel are going to invade in a matter of days only! Yes, about fourteen days since I arrived Lebanon as a UN soldier!

  • I have experienced similar reactions in my body and language, I suddenly start talking and seconds after I wonder what the heck happened now? As time went by I learned to trust these "abnormal" behaviors, now I just learn back and know it will happen!

  • O found it it's in Hollywood. It's holy portal to other realms and dimensions Harrison Ford Steven Spielberg Tom cruise and Tom hanks. I'm the home alone mom! Access to every holy person's mind that has ever existed. I was tortured for 33,000 hours for something. Their back again denying us housing, efucation, marriage normalcy. The royal family stole from roots, color purple they denying not. YoU have to pray again! It's his film where other races are combined with bl k holy souls! They put all my kids in different regions to keep us from maintaining normalcy! Separate foreigners zip codes to weaken the family code. It's Noah ARK! God saw that men's hearts was only evil continually!! the ark is a escape route a portal into others dimensions of protection! ask for a law suit for family from Hollywood. Seek a lawsuit damaged for my children I prayed a perfect life dreams snatch away.

  • Apostle Peter and Pharisee Paul struggled for the same souls and Paul was such an adept liar that his inferior church grew while Apostle Peter's church waned. Learning to spot a false teacher is the very reason Paul is in the Bible. People misunderstand Paul because Paul calls himself an Apostle of Jesus. Paul has always been a "religious" man being raised by a Pharisee father that follows Abraham. He brags that no one knows his religion better than he does. So Paul is very adept at wiping the outside of his cup clean with impressive showings of how righteous he is. People do not understand the basics. First, people that are human sacrificers to their God say Jesus is the final sacrifice that removes their sins so no further sacrifice has to be made to God. These same people will go to the grocery store and buy slaughtered animals to please themselves. So Jesus is their money saving meat coupon? If God was accepting dead birds and lambs etc., Jesus had to be tortured and killed so animals did not have to die but people like lamb chops and fried chicken and will not stop killing animals? Why not keep offering animals to God and save Jesus?
    When Jesus was angry in the temple and threw over the money changers tables, the anger was over the evil concept that sin can be transposed onto something innocent: the innocent had to die so the guilty could be set free and God could be bought off with money like a corrupt Mafia boss. Jesus was teaching God does not accept any form of sacrifice. Sin removal can not be bought. 1 Peter 1:18 Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; " Listen to Peter! NO redemption happens with money paid to remove sin. Jesus was bought for 30 pieces of silver and people say that his slaughter removes their sin. NO, it doesn't! It makes people mentally ill in need of a physician, a psychiatrist! They need to repent from murder and become a water baptized disciple of Jesus! VAIN tradition=producing no result; useless. Jesus did not come to support sacrifice, Jesus came to completly remove belief in it because it NEVER removed sin.
    The Father of Jesus is NOT the God that Abraham worships! Abraham invented Lord God so he as a Lord could rule as a God. Genesis chapter 1 is God. Then after our God, the Father of us all, said creation is finished, the creation story of Abraham is presented that is as real as the stories attached to Zeus to make him appear real. The Hebrew religion had already been formed by Abraham and believed and that is why God had to send Jesus and John the Baptist to stop it. There will never be peace on earth with a religion that says their blood is the only holy blood and they will kill infidels= everyone that disagrees with them because they want to rule earth.
    Jesus was sent to remove belief in all pagan religions but was to focus his efforts on the WORST one, the human sacrificing, Mafia set up called a religion that gang leader Abraham invented with that story of his that has a magical talking snake, rib woman and dirt man that became a God for refusing to obey God because that talking snake has the power to make Gods. Abraham called his sons, GODS. Jesus says no they are not, Abraham never heard anything from God. Jesus called Abraham's sons VIPERS because Abraham is that talking serpent.
    Jesus was murdered and no Apostle or disciple of Jesus wanted Jesus to die because they understood what Jesus taught and their sins were already removed with water baptism. God does love Jesus more than sinners and that is why God sent John the Baptist, the saved Lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the world with water not blood. Jesus is the Sheperd and John is his Lamb that is the witness of Jesus that what Jesus teaches is true. John recognized his leader when he was still in the womb and when adult, John introduced himself to Shepherd Jesus, "Behold" your Lamb that you come to save by teaching truth, that will follow you! Just having sin removed does not save, one must worship the correct God and Jesus taught people were not worshiping the true creator, father of us all. Paul taught Abraham is the father of us all. No he is not! Paul taught Jesus is a son of David. Jesus says no he is not. The Father of Jesus was alive before Abraham was born, how is Abraham the father of Jesus? Joseph did not beget Jesus. Paul curses the Angel that told Mary her son is the Son of God because Paul teaches Abraham created Jesus. Abraham is the unsaved Lamb that was slaughterd by his own hand when he invented his own religion, his own God and murdered people to gain power and wealth.
    There is no covenant from God with Abraham but the sons of Abraham do "rule" earth as they all lie dead eternally unconsious, as the result of nuclear winter, the great ICE AGE that ends strife on earth forever. They will lie dead in the streets covered by the fire of hell forever. They are the dead that buried the dead. Jesus is not a killer but warns of men that are killers that will come claiming to BE him, Jesus the savior. Nuclear War is the 8th Head and it wins by deceit because man thought he could rule earth with nuclear war when it is radiation that is the king of kings and lord of lords and it will cover the globe on the jetstream and rain fallout like the flood of Noah. It is an Abomination because it destroys the God created DNA in all biological life and it is desolation because nothing survives it. WW3 is the fall of man and the meek that inherit earth are atoms, the basis of all life that were benign without the hate and greed of man. The kingdom of God is not here and never will be.

  • YALL JEWISH LIE TOO MUCH,,WHAT IS THIS the found it in africa kenya where the real mt sion

  • Ron Wyatt was a con man and a liar. Its so funny all these christains are sucking his dick so hard over cons this guy made up

  • this was interesting, but I wish they did not sing so much in this video. i think it is interesting that the ark of the covenant was. found under golgotha where Jesus was crucified. ron I think that Ron Wyatt was led by God.

  • Theres something odd about this man , can anybody leave a comment if they know about Masonic Masonic hand gestures and body language

  • Those people who were talking while Ron Wyatt was talking are just plain RUDE! Shame on them! It would have been better for them to go out and talk outside rather than competing the Speaker with the talking!

  • The Ark of the Covenant was brought to the Stairway To Heaven-Dog Head area at Last Mountain Lake Sask. Canada straight west of Stonehenge by Jeremiah in 582BC. Pilgrims came here to see it including Jesus Christ in 62AD. Hi, I'm the legal Second Jesus Christ my legal wife is from Israel, Elihana Elia, Revelation ='Elia V Tenor' and she is a Christian singer. I bought another bible yesterday a HOLY BIBLE NELSON REVISED STANDARD VERSION 1952AD. Many of the verses in this bible are identical to other bibles. It has a double check system in it using the last verse in the bible. Let's find the saints. The Second Christ is 'David of the bright morning star' in Rev.22:16 and the bride is Elihana Elia, the reincarnation of St. Bega-Bees as the USA eastern coast lands was called named after her, Norumbega-Virginia on the pre Columbus maps.
    REV 22:21' The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints' Amen= THEN THEM, WFE ST.ELIHANA ELIA-ST.THOR JESUS C. LORD
    22×21=462 PSALM 46:2
    PSALM 46:2 'Therefore we will not fear though the earth would change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea.'
    The I is missing for Elia, 22-21=1, Key of David King David =Viking DAD ICELAND =ELIA CND [CDN] short for Canadian
    Stairway to Heaven ='He at Norway,It save', 'It save' is the ancient Adonai Elohim's City of the Gods built inside the mountains as King David left a legal Layline from Moses Lake Wash State through the heart or Iceland to Vesteralen Rost Kommune Nordland Norway,King David born 7 10 1053BC used mostly Psalm104 for 104 Long and also he was going to be reincarnated 1040 yrs 3 months later as Jesus Christ in 7BC 10 9 from 17×9=153, 117×9=1053,217×9=1953,317×9=2853 from triangular number 153 in this legal biblical code.
    So 22:21 is 22.21 Longitude in western Iceland and 462, contains the Latitude numerals 64:2 Lat runs through southern Iceland which has active volcanoes and earthquakes and is shaped like a human heart which King David knew 3000 years ago at Mount Zion in the City of David when he wrote this. Check out Iceland on google!
    KING DAVID =VIKING DAD=KING DAD IV or VI Roman numerals 4&6 from 462
    Stairway To Heaven + Jacob's Ladder = Dave D. Boyce Elihana Jot Star Wars, do you like the movies, Indiana Jones is based on me to as I was a registered Historical Archeologist in Sask.

  • The Anti-Christ will return with the Ark from Ethiopia before the Great Tribulation and after Millstone of rev. 18:21 destroys Rome, the Glory of God has fussed with a man in 1995 after spending decades or centuries hidden in the cone of a mountain called Blandares on the Dutch island of Bonaire the painting of the Glory of God is still painted on a wall from the school in Rincon, from 1969-'70.

  • + Dan Ward ..You have explained this with Gods VERY words. How anybody can scoff at Rons discovery ? To me is unbelievable !
    Ron was used by God like no other in these times of trouble within Gods children .
    WE ALL MUST REPENT ! Because The Father,s Son ,Our Lord Christ Jesus is on His way to judge all.
    Dan ,your explaination was superb ! I only hope people will grasp the severity of denying the Father and His son Jesus .
    May God bless you and your familly for opening up many peoples eyes and showing the reason why God used Ron .
    God found favor in Ron . He was a God fearing man who loved the Lord with all his heart .
    I personally wish i could have met Ron , but we all will some day .
    All praise goes to God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ .AMEN

  • I agree with the comments under mine but only to say it's not for everyone to up hold his laws it's really only for his chosen people an everyone thinks he talking about every race mmm.wrong his talking about only his very own that was scadder threw out the four corners of the earth an now that he is waking them up the rest of the nation's of race will have to pay a very hard price for all the wrong that's been done while he has been gone

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